Roshan breathlessly ran into the huge field panting like he just ran around the whole academy well technically he did.

Who knew that the library was this far from the test field.

His muscles felt like they were dipped in a pond full of crabs each one of them aching him.

With his palm on his knees, he began to relax his heart beat and breathing when someone walked up to him.

“You came late” Bahr said as he looked at Roshan.

“ahh…ahhh…I didn’t….ahh…..ahh…realise the time was already far spent” Roshan said as he finally relaxed himself.

“Miss Hera just left to get you, you are going to be in a huge trouble” Bahr swallowed his laughter as he said to the boy who was resting on the wall.

Before Roshan could even speak up.

“Roshan! Where the hell have you been?” Someone shouted rushing to his side.

Roshan wanted to instantly land a punch on his face but he was too tired right now as he just glared at him.

“Woah….why the hostility?” Kade awkwardly smiled as he looked at the boy.

Without waiti
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