Returned Warrior!

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Returned Warrior!

By: KMyay Ongoing

Language: English

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Commander Michael's majestic high figure always puts people under indescribable pressure. This is California's warlord, and no one knows his true identity. Everything about Lord Michael the chosen is in the confidential file, and only two people in California can open this file. "About the city of Los Angeles?" James's face is a little blurry. "Right. Let's go tonight." Commander Michael made a firm decision, turned his back to the company, and prepared. Looking at that dignified figure, James didn't understand a little, but thought of something as clear. A few years ago, Commander Michael was harmed, lost everywhere, and even his wife left him. Now he's famous all over California and wants to go back to the wife he left behind, resume his old love!


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Chapter 1: Returned Warrior!
The smell of blood lingered in the air.Winds carry the smell of death Oh, God, that blows endlessly."Mr. Lord Commander Michael, the enemy. They've withdrawn from the territory. They've retreated inside."James is very respectful to report."Tell John, stay and handle the rest. And you follow me back to Los Angeles."Commander Michael, a tall, majestic figure, always puts a lot of pressure on people.This is California's god of war. Who knows who he is?Everything about Lord Michael the Great. It's just a secret file. There are only two of them in California. This file can be opened."About the City of Los Angeles?"James's face is a little blurry."Yes. Leave tonight."Lord Commander Michael is determined to make a decision, back to the company, and get ready.Look at that magnificent figure. James has an uncle. He doesn't understand, but he thinks of something as enlightening.Everybody knows the reputation of Lord Michael, the God of War, but not many people know this god has a p
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Chapter 2: Leave The White House. (1)
There's no mercy."Bad cheek! I have the right to teach my son. Who the hell are you?"Alexander White, despite being pushed back by Andrea Mark's pressure, was not weak at all, showing a high figure in the sky."A worthless fellow like you, even more unqualified."Every word of it, like him, wants to beat Andrea Mark.Alexander White wanted to make it clear that his dominion was inviolable."I will not let my wife and father-in-law suffer harm if I am useless."As he said, he pushed the cane out, and he purposely used his strength to shake Alexander White.He was barely able to stand up.His heart flared with anger, feeling ashamed of himself in front of White's descendants."Hey, I'll tell you what, Andrea Mark was a great age. Didn't she end up being beaten as a beggar?"Rosa's throbbing voice, Elain White's wife, was also the second child in the family."Why don't you go now, come back and eat at White's house?"Elain White glanced at him and said something contemptuously.The old
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Chapter 3: Leave The White House. (2)
"Dad, I don't need it."Looking at her like that, Flora White breaks her heart.“Flora White, you should remember who gave your father medicine. No, White's family won't have you, think about it. Master Paul or leave here, from now on, White's family with father and son. You don't care who lives and dies!"Alexander White held up his cane to the ground, wanting to threaten Claude White."Come with me. Okay?"Andrea Mark doesn't talk much, and she doesn't want to stay in this dirty place much longer.While Flora White was hesitating, she looked at her father, and she understood Alexander White was right. Her father's medicine amounts to hundreds of millions a month.Without White's House, she was afraid her father's life would be gone.If she stays, they'll be forced to make toys for Master Paul in return for the benefit of the house. Tribe.What would her father do if he left?"No, I can't. My father...""Can you trust me? I'll take care of you and Dad."Andrea Mark interrupted Flora
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Chapter 4: "My Wife Is Priceless!"
Hearing of the XT, this is the best international hospital in Los Angeles, Claude White hesitated a little because the prices were relatively high.But before he could say no, James quickly got ready and took him away.Flora White doesn't have an opinion on this side. However expensive it may be, her father still needs a thorough examination.Andrea Mark and Flora White had just walked in the door when staff came to say hello.The surroundings are magnificent, showing the level of this place.Not to mention, the employees here have very different temperaments. It is a very forward-looking place, and Andrea Mark secretly has compliments."Hello, gentlemen, this way, please."A young employee came first to greet her with great joy.If you look at the name tag, she can see that this is a probationary employee."Yes."Andrea Mark looked attentively at Flora White, wanting to go shoulder-to-shoulder with her. For many years he was no longer in a graceful manner. Instead, It's angled sharpn
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Chapter 5: Buy The Most Expensive Villa!
Andrea Mark's deep voice makes people all the more excited.Flora White was also unconsciously stunned, speechless by Andrea Mark's words, and she looked at him, taking off one's eye a little confused.What Andrea Mark says makes people around he feel like a fool."One night, two nights... and many nights. The wife is still yours, and the garage is yours. What's wrong? Or you? Your wife is worth only one more. It's just a bit of business. Haha."Gloria Paul felt that the man in front of her probably didn't understand the problem, deliberately emphasized it, and didn't forget to mock the joke."How about you, young Paul?"Layla Lily heard the other word, and she wanted it herself."I repeat, my wife is priceless. That little substance is unworthy!"Everyone was surprised to see Andrea Mark.The new employee secretly looked at him with admiration.Layla Lily looked down at Andrea Mark, feeling that this man was just a good face.And the more Gloria Paul laughs at it, the less she cares.
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Chapter 6: Buy Two Expensive Villas Together!
Seeing the others preparing for a fight, Alma Joan was a little scared.The leader of the security team was a little confused.Layla Lily was so upset right now, that she didn't believe her ears."How could you? You're lying, aren't you? How can a coward buy a house, a nickname? Self. I don't believe it. What's that for? Give him a beating."At this time, a man in a suit, calmly walking up and looking over, seemed like a manager.He ran to Andrea Mark, crouching."This guest, please come into the VIP room for formalities. Please tell me if you need anything."People who were out of their mouths watched manager Henry stoop to greet Andrea Mark and Flora White."Cousin…here…""Shut up! If you can't do it, you can't do it. Don't hurt this precious guest."Manager Henry didn't hesitate to show Layla Lily's face, he just scolded her directly in front of everyone.Also, because she usually takes some of her own money for sales, he opens his eyes to the grave look at her mess.But who is thi
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Chapter 7: Be In A Sulk!
And only these two houses are considered expensive, although the chatbot is not uncommon in other amounts, they are also reluctant to buy them.Why? The tree is high in the wind, which is common sense.Inexpensive, luxurious places, it's also a particular place, unless you're someone no one dares touch.If they don't, it'll be hard for others to see."Pay the card, buy the house."Andrea Mark still doesn't talk too much."What?"Edith Henry and Alma Joan stared blankly at each other.What is this? A guest bought two villas at the same time.It's also the most expensive villa in the world, and no one dares touch it."Just put it like that one."Andrea Mark has just finished speaking, and Flora White is a little speechless."You're crazy. Why are you buying again?"He clapped Flora White's hand, wanting Flora White to rest assured.But you seem to be too impatient."Don't be greedy based on someone else's reputation, don't be impulsive."Edith Henry and Alma Joan looked at each other, k
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Chapter 8: Muriel Richard's Parent.
Andrea Mark feels there's something to do this time."Andrea Mark, everything's fine. It's just too big, too wasted."Flora White just arrived."It's all right, father's illness needs rest, around this area is the most beautiful location, not to mention good which Even the air is so fresh. Healing is the best."Andrea Mark explained.But speaking of feng shui, Andrea Mark felt the decor of this villa was very good.Although it's downtown, it's drawing a lot of energy from the surrounding villas.The master of feng shui here is also a fascinating man.Andrea Mark is delighted."Everyone is tired today, so take a rest. You and James are tickled to go out and talk about a man."Andrea Mark makes an excuse."But it's late..."Flora White is a little suspicious."I'll be back soon, but I need to buy something.""Okay, early."Andrea Mark quickly goes out with James.Looking around, Andrea Mark whispered."The Wind - The Forest of Battle.""You mean someone who built the villa according to
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