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By: Becky Anyanwu Ongoing

Language: English

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PessimistCrazyBoss / CEODarkCruel

Philip Cruz falls in love with a lady, Clara Hamilton and later finds out that she is the daughter to the family that maltreated he and his mother a long time ago. Then he becomes obsessed with revenge. Will he satisfy his desire for vengeance or will he realize how much he loves Clara?

7 chapters
One wrong swift, Vengeance awaits. Alexander popeNot many people could hear the loud voice of Maria's mistress, down the street on a rainy night in a mansion. The woman of the house was acting violent and her servant, Maria received the results of the violence with cries and pleads. Maria thought it was a dream when she was dragged out to the sitting room by her mistress and received heavy slaps with intensity. She couldn't endure the slaps, so she cried out and pleaded with the woman to forgive her for any wrong she might have done.", please! Have mercy." Maria cried as she felt the impact of the slaps on her bare cheeks. "You ungrateful bitch! You tried to steal my husband away from me, after all, I have done for you and your son!" Her mistress yelled. She tossed Maria's bag outside while her husband and the servants watched the drama. The Mistress's baby was carried by a nanny who was disappointed at the scene."Por favor ten compasion!" Maria pleaded. Sh
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Clara shook hands with Manuel and Henry. She could feel Henry's eyes on her as Manuel and Dr. Mathew conversed in Spanish. Her heart beat faster when Philip came in and walked toward his father. Philip whispered something in Manuel's ears and Manuel nodded."It's time for me to make my speech, I will talk to you later on." Manuel said and walked to the stage."He is so full of energy." Dr. Mathew said to Philip."Mmm...He is trying his best to be strong." Philip said."I would like to thank you all for attending my sixtieth birthday party! I would like to thank my beautiful wife for her support and I would like to thank my son, Philip Cruz for his hard work, and also, my sweet handsome son, Henry. They have been there for me, so please appreciate them for me and enjoy yourselves!" Manuel said and everyone applauded cheerfully."You guys should talk together, I have to talk to your father." Dr. Mathew said as he walked toward Manuel.Philip noticed the way Henry stared at Clara, so he
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Philip didn't ask too many questions as he drove but Clara was not used to the quietness. "What can I call you? I confess that it's a little uncomfortable to call you by your name." She said."It's okay to call me by my name, I'm not your uncle." He replied with a smile."Oh...but it's strange for me to call my boss by his name.""Just take it, that we are friends. No formality...well, except at work.""That's fine by we are friends?""Yes, we are.""I can't wait to see your paintings." She said.Within some minutes, he arrived at the studio."Here we are." He said as they got out of the car.They went inside and entered a room where Clara saw Philip's paintings. She moved closer to one and touched it gently."I'll see you within some minutes, I need to talk to my manager." He said and left the room.Clara looked at his works, they were all special and exclusive, but he hadn't shown them to the world yet. She looked behind and saw an unfinished sketch, which she guessed that
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When Phillip arrived at his house, he sat on the couch and sighed. Although he did not spend much time at the party, the day seemed long to him. It was already evening and he had to prepare his completed work for the exhibition tomorrow or he would be dismissed. He was familiar with statistics and corporate principles. They had no interest in knowing if he was the next CEO of the CRUZ enterprise. They would simply reject him if he did not respect their laws or principles, and Philip had learned to recognize this.Clara overheard a knock on her door after showering. She immediately put on her clothes and went to the door to unlock it."This package is for you, Miss, it's from Master Philip Cruz." A man said."Oh...yes. Thank you so much.""He also told me to give you this as an extra." He said and gave her a card."What is this...?""I have no idea, my job is to deliver.""Okay, thanks."The man walked away and Clara locked the door. She turned the card to its other side and screamed w
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"How are you mom?" Philip asked as he kissed his mother on her forehead."I'm fine...and you?" "Okay." He said and sat down beside her."How is dad responding to the treatment?""He isn't responding well, he's dying fast."Philip kept quiet for a while and turned to his mother, "Why didn't you tell me that dad was sick?""I... didn't want to make you sad. It would have interrupted your life.""It wouldn't have interrupted my life. It's because you didn't want me to fall short of your desire. That's really cruel.""You wouldn't have been able to cope with the news.""You can't decide that for me. Even though you are my mother, you can't decide how you want me to feel."Maria looked at her son with obvious anger in her eyes. "I suffered for you, I did all I could to bring you to this point where you are. So I have the right to decide what goes on in your life, I decide what stays and leaves in your life."Philip stood up and walked out of the house without saying another word. He knew
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Three days had passed since Clara's interview with Philip. She knew Philip had to take care of his problems first, so she didn't disturb him. That evening, she heard a knock on her door and went to open it. It was Philip's secretary, Carmen and she was holding a letter. "I was given the task of delivering this letter to you personally. Maestro Felipe wouldn't let me say it over the phone. He said I needed to give you the letter." Secretary Carmen said, giving the letter to Clara."Thank you very much." said Clara enthusiastically. He asked me to apologize for the belated response. He also told me to let you know you have to start next Monday."Yes! I appreciate your effort in bringing this letter to me.""No worries, I was brought here by an official car.""Thank you!" Secretary Carmen waved to Clara and went off. Clara saw her get into the official car and the driver led the car away. She closed the door behind her and opened the employment letter, her name was written boldly on
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"Now you have your son to deal with, don't you? Mujer codiciosa." Tara said and left the table. "You need to bring him back or else, all of us know that the CRUZ company will fail woefully." Dr. Mathew said and left, followed by Daniel and Henry. Maria was the only person who has not left. She became infuriated at Philip's audacity knowing that, without him, the company would not function very well. In her pride, she decided to assign someone else to take the position instead of apologizing to her son.Philip sat down on his couch and sighed. He was stressed out these past few days, at least he showed his mother today that he couldn't be controlled by her and if ever she decided to call him back, she would have to decide not to meddle in his affairs ever again. His mother was a proud woman, so he wasn't expecting any apologies from her whatsoever.After he had freshened up, he lay on his bed to sleep, and then, he got a call from Clara. He was in a very bad mood so he didn't pick up
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