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By: Daniz OngoingUrban/Realistic

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The growth journey of an introvert to the height of her basketball career and academics. It portrays the power and influence of the girl child

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"She is beautiful" Daniel said as he held the little child in his hand, tears forming in his eyes. Lauretta obviously exhausted from just giving birth could only manage a smile as he mumbled some inaudible words to the sleeping baby. She could still remember how much Daniel had wanted a daughter even from their relationship days. "I will dance with her", " I will sing together with her", "We will play football together" were some of the words you could hear from him anytime she was together with him. His texts wasn't left out of this craving as he would always include it sometimes in his morning or night text to her. Finally being able to give the love of her life what he has always wanted brought joy to her soul as well. Those sincere smiles on the already soft crying eyes of Daniel spoke a lot to her as she soon found herself crying too. Daniel noticing the gentle sobs of lauretta moved closer to her, she simply turned her face to the wall and cried out her lingering sobs. It was
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"Why would you want your first child to be a girl na" Crystal, Daniel's best friend asked as they arranged some files on the table where they had just finished the conpiling of data recorded during one of their annual state events. "Well, daughters are loving, caring, good organizers and home keepers and groomers unike most sons who are simply wayward, naughty, careless, showing apathy to home grooming as well as tyrants to parents. I can't place the future of affairs of my little home in the hands of a son. Moreover the girl can take proper care of the boy as the older unlike the boy who won't give the girl proper care and attention" He replied looking at an office pin not sure whether to dispose it or keep it arranged. Crystal smiling at this silly act of his took off his hands and kept it inside the office pins box. " Well I can't argue with that seeing how you were unsure of what to do with an office pin that was just used once" She said sarcastically as she folded the materials
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"Your Dad won't like this at all, why would you want to deny him the honours of having his first grandchild bear his name" Victoria told Daniel after having recovered from the shock that there would be a change of surname for her granddaughter. "Yes son, why would you want to change your surname from Nwosu, the name has been in existence in your lineage from time past" Lauretta's mum questioned sincerely. By this time the atmosphere in the room was getting heated as even the little baby in question started to cry, yearning to leave the room and the discussion that was about to occur. She wanted nothing to do with the issue of her name, all she wanted now was her mum's breast and a different room. "Have you told your dad about it or you and your wife just decided on your name without informing anyone?" Mrs Victoria asked further with some form of anger in his voice after Daniel had played deaf ears to her earlier question. Lauretta knew this way her que to leave the room as the whole
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