Ashton's Empire

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Ashton's Empire

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Ashton Blaise is a young man who is from a wealthy family but because of the way, his family operated he wished to have a life just for himself and his wife Emile Chris. Emilie Chris his beautiful yet ungrateful wife who cares about nobody but herself, goes further to reject him in front of everyone and embarrasses him so badly that he couldn't show his face to the world. But what happens when she finds out he is the CEO of a big multi-billion company which she would never have? She begins a fight with his new woman and goes to the extent of wanting to harm her but Ashton has to make things right, who would he choose? Is it his high school sweetheart Emilie or his best friend at the restaurant who stood by him all the times he was not appreciated?


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CHAPTER -1“Come clean this area you slob, why are you staring into space?” The restaurant manager asked as he had found Ryan looking into thin air while on duty.“I am sorry sir, I’ll get on it” he scurried off but his other male colleague put his leg on the way and Ryan fell on his face with the glass of water he had been asked to give a customer.“See sir, I told you he was a clumsy one” His colleagues all laughed as he got up and tried cleaning the area where he had spilt the water and broken glass.“Ouch, he yelped in pain realizing he had a piece of the broken glass embedded in his hand.“Here, let me help you with that” Stacy his friend at the restaurant, butted in and tried to help him with his bruised hand.“I can do this Stace please go focus on the duty you have been given” He urged her but Stacy was a stubborn brunette.“I am done with my work for now, and please Ryan don’t let these douchebags treat you this way,” she said frowning.“But…” Ryan tried to say but Stacy stop
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Quiet! The flowers still on the floor but no sight of the money.After coming home from his quiet moment he noticed his wife had packed her things and had not even had the courtesy of leaving a note as they always did back then when he was still in love with each other.He tried calling her but there was no response.He took a bath and went to his work place and he was not fine, his wounded hand still hurt but then again he had to work to make a living. His thirty first birthday was around the corner.“Hey Buddy, what’s wrong with you?” Stacy asked .“I think my wife is cheating on me Stace and I can’t seem to take it because it is very much hurtful” He lamented to his friend who was feeling sorry for him.“Why would you say so?” Stacy asked and that was when he explained all that had happened and how when he even when she had been confronted she didn’t deny of accept anything but it was obvious what he had found out.“Whose boss gives those many gifts to an employee without havin
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Just when he had thought he would be the food for those preying at night a car light was pointed towards him and Ryan stood there waiting for death to take his life because of cause he just wanted to die at that very moment but God had sent him a Good Samaritan.“What are you do in this kind of secluded area by yourself, you are alone and its dangerous get into the car” the man said.“How do I trust you?” Ryan asked the man as he made to leave the place where he was standing.“If you leave this place you would get into the hands of the bad men” the man persuaded and that was when Ryan gave up and entered the car, there was no way he could deny death anymore he had already been killed a million times the moment his wife had rejected him in front of everyone.This was one of the men sent by his grandmother to come make sure her grandson was okay, seeing that they had been watching his every move and given that his thirty first birthday was around the corner the age for him to take over
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Ryan was shocked at what had happened and seeing the riches which lay in front of him was something which made him so emotional, he knew he was from a rich family but he didn’t “Am I expected this to be so on seat impromptu?” Ryan asked as he looked around.“Of course, you’ve got to be on your seat there is a lot to take over but first. (she did a double take at his dressing and he rolled his eyes) we need to take care of your appearance” his grandmother completed.It didn’t take long for a female worker to come into the room where they stood and she was given instructions.“This is my grandson, and I would want for you to make sure he has a total makeover, he has to be classy and has to look chic for the kind of lifestyle he now has, am I clear on that?” she said in a calm yet firm voice which screamed authority.“Yes ma’am, sir, please this way,” the female said as she showed Ryan the way to the room he was expected to go to for his makeover.It was all surreal and everything was mo
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After contemplating what Emilie had said in the phone he decided to leave and went to the house he had an irk he didn’t want to go back to the house but he had to take his uncle because he was the one who had accepted him when he had decided to live a simple life.“I have to go somewhere grandma, I’ll be right back” Ryan excused himself after they had finished all the introductions and entered one of the cars as the valet at the company parking lot gave to him.In the highest speed imaginable he drive the car and within minutes he was at the front of the house he once shared with Emilie.“Why are you outside Uncle?” Ryan rushed towards his uncle as the man was seated at the porch and shivering he seemed to be sick.Taking him inside Emilie had not noticed the new accessories her husband now had she was bent on being bitter.“Stop right there, I just wouldn’t allow you bring that man in her no more” she barked.“He is my Uncle the one who once helped us when we had nothing Emilie” Ryan
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“I need you to be by the office by tomorrow morning” the voice echoed into the phone.It was Emilie’s boss, the one she was sleeping with to get all the benefits she was getting.“Hey, what is this important matter is there something of importance that needs to be done at the office tomorrow, remember I don’t like stressing myself up” she said as she tried to cajole the man with her seductive charm but it seemed he was not interested in that for now because what they had to do at the office was an important stuff so he didn’t dilly dally.“I need you to represent us at the new merger office be on your best behavior and stop being a baby” he said through the phone and immediately she had mixed feelings.“Really, I would be extremely excited to represent the company and I promise to do our company justice” she responded.One was being happy for being selected to represent the company and the other was simply hurt he didn’t fall for her antics as she had planned.Ryan stood there and he
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After his Uncle’s wounds where cleaned and he had a change of clothes, Ernestine returned back to the office to le his Grandmother know he was going to take the rest of the day off because he had something of importance to attend to and after this Ryan drove his Uncle to the restaurant where he used to work.When Stacy saw him she was surprised and flabbergasted and she didn’t know what to think.“Ryan?” she called as though she had seen a ghost.“Hey Stacy, how are you and.” before he could finish what he was about to ask her she embraced him then she pulled back.“How come? This morning was something else how it that you have all these expensive stuff and the car is and who is this with you?” she asked all at once.“Stace, you have got to try breathing in between monologues and also it is a long story, I would explain to you when we get the chance to do so okay?” he said.Everyone whom he had worked, everyone whom he had somewhat embarrassed him and made him to believe that he was a
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When all of these happened the old Uncle standing behind him was more than the word confused too and surprised at how the sweet boy he had taken in some years back had changed so drastically.After receiving the slap for talking rude to the CEO of Ashton Empire there was nothing the manager could do at this point but carry himself out but he had somewhat of a plan because deep down he still didn’t believe the worker whom he had been insulting ad making his life miserable was the one sending him out of the restaurant he worked for the past years so he went in to pack his things but also to call the real owner whom he knew so as to get the story straight.After trying for long and the previous owner was not picking up he took it as an opportunity to attack Ryan once more as he tried but his hands were held and he was pushed back hard to the point where he met with some tables and couldn’t help but stay there for a while and no one rushed to help him up.“You should stop joking about buy
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As Emilie dressed and spritz the night orchid perfume she had recently fallen in love with at the shop after her last shopping spree with Teddy she walked out of the house whilst there was a car from Teddy Gustave waiting for her outside as she entered the faith she was going to do the presentation properly.Her phone began to ring and it was Teddy calling.“Hello baby, I am already on my way to the big meeting” She squealed excitedly.“Don’t go there first, come to the office I have something of importance to tell you right now?” Teddy said and she had to tell the driver to make a U-turn and she couldn’t wait to hear exactly what he wanted to say.“Hey, Teddy… I mean Sir” Emilie corrected herself as she was among the other employees and though it was no secret that she was dating him she still had to pretend sometimes that everything was professional.“My office now,” Teddy said in such a hard tone because he had somehow warned her many times not to make everyone in the office so wis
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As everything happened Ryan was enjoying what it was that was happening and somehow he let out sinister laughter because well he was happy to see Emilie confused and not knowing what it was she was supposed to have gotten but it had just slipped out of her hands just within the slip of the moment.He loved the look of disappointment on her face and with the way he saw her answering the phone, he knew that she was in big trouble.He remembered how humiliated he had been a few days ago and he felt that he was not going to back down from making her feel bad about this.After she had gone a reasonable distance away from Ashton’s Empire she told the driver to turn the car around so that she could be able to go beg once again.Rushing into the office she was almost causing chaos where she was.“Please Miss, I beg of you don’t just let me go like this, if I leave like this I will lose my job and everything,” she said as she looked deep into Ernestine’s eyes with tears in her eyes but she cou
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