Grudge of the Vengeful CEO

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Grudge of the Vengeful CEO

By: Anna OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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In this gripping tale of betrayal, revenge, and love, we follow the journey of Nagid, the male protagonist. Nagid's life takes a tragic turn when a woman he trusted callously stabs him in the heart, declaring him an obstacle that must be eliminated. Miraculously, Nagid awakens to find himself transported back to the day his nightmares began, armed with a second chance to change his fate. Determined to rectify the wrongs committed against him, Nagid embarks on a captivating and enticing journey of vengeance. As he explores the depths of his newfound power, Nagid unveils the true nature of the betrayal that had plagued his existence. Along the way, he discovers allies and adversaries, testing the boundaries of love and loyalty. Driven by a burning desire for retribution, Nagid becomes a force to be reckoned with, utilizing his second chance to its fullest potential. With each step he takes, Nagid meticulously plots his revenge, leveraging the knowledge of his past to shape a different future. But as he delves deeper into his quest, Nagid must confront the complexities of his emotions, grappling with the delicate balance between justice and his own humanity. As the story unfolds, the twists and turns that Nagid encounters on his path of redemption. Will he be consumed by vengeance, or will love and forgiveness prevail? Join Nagid on an epic journey through a world of treachery and redemption, as he seeks to unravel the mysteries of his past and forge a new destiny.

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    Great book can’t wait to continue to read more. Great app

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    The story is good, I wish to continue reading it until the end,and I hope there is Wonderful plot and twist in the story.

    2022-11-24 15:01:58
  • Sandy


    Great story, i love it

    2022-08-22 04:41:20
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    This is a such a great story ...️

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    2022-08-16 09:45:18
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    Nice story

    2022-12-26 13:09:36
Latest Chapter
403 chapters
Chapter 1 : Prison
Somewhere in a prison cell, a young man lay on his bed, staring up at the ceiling. He wondered how his life had become such a mess. He had loved his family so much that he was willing to sacrifice anything for them. But the family he had given up everything for didn't seem to appreciate his worth. They had never visited him after his arrest, leaving him with no one to share the difficulties of prison life with. The sacrifice he had made out of love now felt like a pit he had dug for himself, with no one but himself to get out of it. His cellmate entered the room and noticed him lost in thought. "Hey, is everything okay? Visiting hours are over," he asked. "Yes," the young man replied with a sigh, as if he had expected such a response. He couldn't understand why his family had never visited him all this time. "Nagid, are you sure they will still help you get out of here?" he asked, his voice filled with doubt. There was a moment of silence as he pondered the question, wondering if hi
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Chapter 2 : Alive
.Hidden behind the surrounding clouds, the green-peaked mountain loomed, its slopes covered by dense, tall trees swaying in the wind. The woods appeared tranquil and quiet on this dawn. However, deep within the remote and desolate woods, a cruel and bloody scene unfolded.A young man, dressed in a prison uniform, was forcefully held down in a kneeling position with his arms twisted behind his back by two burly men dressed in black. Blood poured from his face, his hair scattered across his features as he looked up at those responsible for his suffering. Drops of blood fell to the ground, slowly seeping into the earth.With great difficulty, he asked, "Why?""Why? Well, it's because you have to die for me to be happy," came the reply. "You remember you promised you would do anything to make me happy. So just do this for the sake of the love you have for me.""So, everything wasn't enough? Taking the blame for your mistakes, going to jail for your brother, spending a part of my life in pa
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Chapter 3 : The Considerate son in law
"No, this can't happen.""This cannot happen."Nagid heard his mother-in-law, Cecilia, shouting from the hall. He got up and took a shower, then went to his wardrobe and looked at the limited number of clothes he owned. He couldn't help but smile and wonder why he had never realized that he didn't even possess more than ten outfits. It was clear that this was not the life of a wealthy son-in-law. He chose the best clothes he had and went out to join the family.In the hall, the whole family was present, with a woman crying uncontrollably. It was Cecilia, Emma's mother. Tony, Emma's father, and her twin brother, Kendrick, had worry written all over their faces."This cannot happen. We have to do something," Cecilia cried uncontrollably."Don't worry, I will think of something," said Tony, trying to console his crying wife."This is all your fault. How could you be so careless?" Tony roared at Kendrick. He couldn't comprehend his son's behavior; he only seemed to cause trouble."So you d
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Chapter 4 : The woman
Kendrick was sent abroad that night. Nagid worked efficiently that night, and his father-in-law praised him endlessly. Cesa Company is one of the most influential companies in the country, thanks to Nagid, the company's managing director. His ideas and cleverness have played a significant role in its success. However, it's hard to believe that the brains behind the company are actually the managing director, not the CEO. Nagid stood in front of the company, contemplating how he had dedicated most of his life to bringing the company to its current position. He entered the building, as he always did, opting to take the stairs instead of the private elevator reserved for the Sam's family, to which he, as the son-in-law, was not allowed access. When asked why he couldn't use the private elevator, the excuse given was, "Father, I am fully part of the family now. Why can't I take the private elevator?" His father-in-law replied, "Son, you are meant to be a future leader. As a leader, you
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Chapter 5 : The Fox
The next morning, as Emma descended the stairs from her room, she couldn't help but think about the events of the previous night. She noticed a change in Nagid's behavior. He had always wanted to share a bed with her, but yesterday he had turned her down, something he never did before. It seemed like he was avoiding her. Had her charm lost its effect? That couldn't be possible because Nagid had always been drawn to her.Lost in her thoughts, Emma failed to notice a banana peel on the floor in front of her. Just as she was about to step on it, something pushed her out of harm's way. Grateful for being saved from a fall, she was shocked by what she saw. She let out a scream, shouting for help and trying to get away from the figure.The servants in the house rushed outside, alarmed by their young mistress's distress. However, they too froze in fear upon seeing the creature. Cecilia, Emma's mother, came out to investigate the commotion and berated the servants, questioning their ability to
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Chapter 6: The Accident
"Nagid was at a loss for words, unsure how to explain himself. "Nagid," Cecilia began accusingly, "Did you plan this? You orchestrated everything, didn't you?" Shocked, Nagid did not responded as she continued , "If you had told me that your wife wasn't giving you attention, I would have done something about it." Cecilia blamed him for something he hadn't even done, and Nagid couldn't comprehend it. "So you think I planned this? And why would I do that? You think I would harm my own wife, the person I cherish above everything else?" "You might want more attention, for her to care about you more," Cecilia suggested, clearly seeing things differently. Nagid felt hurt by her words and responded, "So that's how you see things. Mother, I thought I meant family to you, but it seems I am still considered an outsider. You raised me, and you know me very well." Desperately seeking an explanation, Nagid asked, "Then how do you explain how you knew about what happened before we went there?"
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Chapter 7 : Divorce
Anna got out of a cab and entered an apartment building, feeling exhausted after a stressful day. She had dealt with a difficult old man, saved a man's life, and even received scolding from a friend. As she took the elevator to the second floor, she mustered the energy to ring the doorbell of Room 32. A voice from inside asked, "Who is it?" "Just a minute," the voice replied. Anna wondered why this person always took so long to do anything. The door finally opened, and the person inside let out a high-pitched squeal, causing Anna to cover her ears. "Anna, you're here!" the person, named Bella, exclaimed. "Bella, can you just shut up?" Anna responded in frustration. Bella tightly wrapped her arms around Anna, exclaiming how much she missed her. Anna complained that she couldn't breathe, and Bella apologized. Anna then asked if she could come inside or if her new room was at the entrance. "Of course not," Bella replied. "Then why are you still standing here?" "Come in, come in,"
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Chapter 8 : WHY IS IT YOU!
"Emma, I want a divorce," Nagid repeated in her mind. Alarm bells rang in her head as she realized the gravity of the situation. She knew Nagid well enough to understand that when he made a decision, he rarely wavered. Feeling a sense of urgency, Emma realized she had gone too far. Nagid was still valuable to her and their family. How could she let him go when he was still useful? "No!" she shouted, desperately trying to change his mind. "Nagid, please don't do this. I'll change, I'll do whatever you want. Please," she pleaded, fear lacing her voice. Nagid's voice was filled with a mix of sadness and determination. "Emma, I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry, but I can't be with someone who doesn't see my worth. I see it all, and I don't want to be an obstacle in your way anymore. Let's just get a divorce, so you can be happy," he said, as if making an agonizing decision. Emma felt a surge of panic. She realized that without Nagid's guidance, the company would suffer, and her father w
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Chapter 9 : He knows
"Family?" Kendrick was puzzled. He had no knowledge of Nagid's family. He had always believed Nagid to be an orphan, as he had been told since... "What family are you talking about?" Kendrick asked, confused. "You know your life is in my hands now," Nagid warned. "And I won't tolerate any lies here." "I promise you, I don't know anything about any family," Kendrick pleaded. Nagid began to feel confused. Had he miscalculated? Why did Kendrick have no idea about his identity and family? Could it be that, in this lifetime, they were unaware of his family? Wait, Tony would definitely know. That old fox. He remembered Emma telling him that Tony was the one who informed her about his family and identity. It meant that Tony was the only one in the family who knew about his identity. If Nagid wanted to know everything, he would have to start with Tony. "You don't need to answer if you don't want to," Nagid declared. "Nagid, for the sake of the love you have for my sister, please let me g
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Chapter 10 : Apology accepted
At the Central mall, two ladies were arguing over a dress. "I really like the red one," Anna said. "It makes you look more feminine and dominant." "I don't like this," Bella complained. "I prefer the black one." "Why are you so stubborn?" Anna questioned. "You never wear anything apart from black, and it's becoming like a signature look." "A signature look?" Bella pondered. "I like the sound of that." "Anna, I'm being serious," Anna emphasized. "I know," Anna replied. "I'm sorry." "Okay, to make you stop complaining any further," Bella offered. "I will only accept anything you pick for me." "Are you sure?" Anna confirmed. "Anything," Bella affirmed. "Yes, anything. I promise you'll love it," Anna assured. "Ah, I'm beginning to regret it already," Anna sighed with rolled eyes. Anna waited for some time, but Bella didn't return. She started to wonder if her excitement had caused her to forget Anna's dress choice. Anna wondered how someone could get so engrossed in choosing ju
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