Grudge of the Vengeful CEO

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Grudge of the Vengeful CEO

By: Anna Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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“Why”“You have always been an obstacle ““And you have to be cleared”“After everything I have done for you”“Baby there is one more thing I need from you”Saying that , she ruthlessly pierced his heart with a knife into his heart.He open his eyes,He was reborn back to the day his nightmares began.But this time he is going to change it,Since destiny has given him a second chance ,he will use it to his full advantage. And this time he will make things right.It about betrayal, revenge and love.Let’s journey with him on this quest for revenge.


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403 chapters
Chapter 1 : Prison
Somewhere in a prison ,A young man was lying on a bed ,staring at a ceiling.Wonder just how his life was messed up.He loved his family so much that he will sacrifice anything for the family.But the family that he had sacrifice everything and so much for ,Doesn’t even see his worth,They have never visited him after his arrest .He didn’t even have anyone to complain about how difficult life was in prison.This is a sacrifice he is making out of love . But it seems he had actually dug a pit for himself.A pit that no one can get him out of, except himself.His prison mate came in to see him lost in thought.“Hey , everything ok” he asked“Visiting time over?”“Yes”He sighed like he was expecting such reply. But he couldn’t understand just why have not visited him all this while.“But I’m surprised, that the family you talk so highly of, had never visited you before ““Nagid, are you sure they will still get you out of here?”He kept his silence for a while and wondered if they wo
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Chapter 2 : Alive
Green leaves peak loomed ,hidden behind surrounding clouds, dense tall trees hidden covering the high slopes as they swayed under the wind. The mountainous woods are seemingly tranquil and quiet and on this dawn… However, deep behind within the remote and desolated woods a cruel and bloodied scene unfolded at that very moment A young man dressed in a prison uniform was being held down in a kneeling position with his arms twisted behind his back by two burly men in black. His hair scattered on his face with blood gushing out of his face he looked up to the ones responsible for this untimely suffering as the blood drop off unto the ground and slowly seeping into the earth. “Why” he asked with much difficulty “Why ? Well it’s because you have to die for me to be happy , you remember you promised you would do anything to make me happy ,so just do this thing for the sake of the the love you have for me” “So, everything was not enough , taking the blame for your mistakes ,going to ja
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Chapter 3 : The Considerate son in law
“No this can’t happen”“This can not happen”Nagid heard his mother in-law Cecilia shout from the hall.He got up and showered. Went to his wardrobe and looked at the things in it and smiled at himself and wondered why did it never occurred to him that he didn’t even own more than 10 clothes.And he was having no new clothes too.Is this really the life of a rich son in law?He took the best out of his clothes and went out to join the family.Back at the hall ,the whole family was present with a woman crying uncontrollably,This was Cecilia the mother of Emma ,Nagids wife .Tony ,the father of Emma was present with her twin brother Kendrick.One could see the worry on their faces at that moment.“This can not happen, we will have to do some thing ““Something has to be done “ Cecilia cried uncontrollably“Don’t worry ,I will think of something “ said Tony consoling his crying wife.“This all your fault ,how could be so careless” Tony roared at KendrickHe just could not understand
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Chapter 4 : The woman
Kendrick was sent abroad that night. Nagid worked efficiently that , his father in law praised him to no end. Cesa company ,is one of the most influential companies in the country. All thanks to Nagid, the managing director of the company, With his ideas and cleverness. But one would never believe that ,the brains of this company was actually the managing director. But not the CEO . Nagid stood in front of the company, and wondered,he has spent most of his life getting the company where it is today. He walked into the company ,as he always did . While taking the stairs ,as he couldn’t take the private elevator. Which was reserved for on the Sam’s family, he as the son in-law was not allowed. When asked why he couldn’t take the private elevator. The excuse that was given was. “Father ,I’m fully part of the family now”. “Why can’t I take the private elevator “. “Son ,you are to be a leader one day “. “And as a leader ,you set examples for your worker”. “That is to enco
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Chapter 5 : The Fox
The next morning, Emma was walking down the stairs from her room, Thinking of what happened the previous night, She noticed something different with Nagid. He always want to share a bed with her, But , he turned her down yesterday. Something he never does. It looked like ,he was avoiding her. Has her charm lost effect ! That can’t happen. Because she has always known Nagid , As someone go always want to be around her. But ,he turned her down yesterday. Has he noticed something. With all this going on in her head , Emma didn’t notice a banana peel I front of her. As she was about to step on it, something pushed her out of the way. Wanting to thank the person who just saved her from falling, she was surprised at what she saw. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” “Get away from me” “Get away” “Somebody help me” She cried The servants in the house run out of the house to get whatever was frightening their young mistress. But they stopped in their tracks ,the moment they saw that thing
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Chapter 6: The Accident
Nagid was lost of word on how to explain himself. “Nagid “. “Did you plan this, you did this right”. “If you had told me that your wife was not giving you attention,I would have done something about it”. Cecilia blame him for something, he something he didn’t even so. “So you think I planned this”. “And why would I do that”. “You think I would do something to harm my own wife”. “The wife I cherish over everything “. “You might want more attention, for her to care about you more”. “So that’s how you see things “. “Mother ,I thought I meant family to you, but it seems I am still considered as an outsider “. “You raised me, and you know me very well”. “Then how do you explain , how you knew about what happened before we went there”. “Yes ,Nagid tell us” Emma demanded. “Emma ,you too”. “Well ,I got up earlier than I always do”. “And you know my window is facing the garden, and you know my habit of standing at the window to look at the sunlight every morning “. “I found t
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Chapter 7 : Divorce
Anna walked got down from a cab and walked into an apartment.Her day has been nothing but stressful.Dealing with a difficult old man.Saving a man from his death and being scolded by a friend.She realized her day has been nothing but stressful.She took an elevator to the second floor.And rang the door of room 32.“Who is it” said a voice.“Just a minute” the voice said again.Anna wondered why ,this lady always keep long in doing anything.The door open to someone’s squeal.“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.Anna covered her ears to avoid it from being deflected.“Anna ,you are here “.“Bella , can you just shut up” Anna said angrily.“I miss you , come let me give you a hug” Bella rapped her arms tightly around her.“I can’t breath” Anna said.“O sorry “.“Can I come in now ?”.“Or my new room is at the entrance “.“Of cause not”.“Then why still standing here ?”.“O come in , come in”.“I just missed you so much that I forgot to invite you in”.Bella made way for Anna as she entered the room.
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Chapter 8 : WHY IS IT YOU!
“Emma I want a divorce “It kept repeating itself in her head.An alarmed rang in her head.She knew she has over done things.She knew Nagid too well ,that when he decides on something.He sticks to it,it doesn’t change.She had to act fast, he was still useful for the family and herself.How can she let him go , when he is still useful.“No” she shouted“Nagid ““Honey , Honey , please don’t do this ““I will change I would do whatever you want from me”Emma said with fear in her voice.“Emma , I can’t do this anymore ““I’m sorry I can’t be with someone who doesn’t see my worth”“I see. I see all of it ““Honey I don’t want to be an obstacle in your way anymore ““You are free, let’s just divorce ““So you can be happy “Nagid said like he was making a very difficult decision.“Since you can play let’s all play “ he said to himself with a smirk.“Nagid I…”“Emma , I have decided on this ““I’m going to tell mom and dad about it ““I will leave the company and everything behind
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Chapter 9 : He knows
“Family?”What family was he talking about.Kendrick was very confused .He knew nothing about Nagid’s family.He had always known him to be an orphan.And that’s what he has been told since ..“What family are you talking about”Kendrick asked confused.“You know your life is in my hands now ““And I won’t tolerate any lies here”.Nagid warned.“I promise you, I don’t know of any family “.Nagid was beginning to get confused.Is it that he had miscalculated?.Why does Kendrick have no idea about his identity and family.Or is it that ,in this lifetime,They do not know about his family yet.Wait ,Tony would definitely know.That old fox.He remember Emma telling him Tony was the one who told her about his family and identity.Then it means Tony is the only one in the family who knows about his identity. and if he wanted to know everything ,He would have to start with Tony.“You don’t need to answer if you don’t” he declared.“Nagid, for the sake of the love you have for my s
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Chapter 10 : Apology accepted
At the Central mall ,Two ladies were arguing over a dress.“I do like the red one”“It makes you look more feminine and Domineering”“I don’t like this “ Anna complained“I prefer the black one”“Why are you so stubborn ““You don’t wear anything apart from black”“And it’s becoming something like a signature look”“Signature look?”“I like the sound of that”“Anna I’m being serious ““I know ““I’m sorry ““Ok to make you stop complaining any further ““I would only accept anything you pick for me”You sure ““Anything?”“Yes anything ““I promise ,you would love it”“Ah ,I’m beginning to regret it already “Anna said with rolled eyes.Anna waited for sometime but Bella was not coming back .She began to wonder if due to too much excitement.She had not been able to chose the dress of her choice.Anna wandered how can one be so much engrossed with choosing one dress.After waiting for sometime,Bella was still not coming back .She decided to go and check.As she got near , she
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