Gary's Legendary Return

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Gary's Legendary Return

By: Torrywrites CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Having passed through several hardships only to fall in love unexpectedly but then, his heart got broken the moment he found his sweetheart entwined in the satisfaction of another man's loins. Gary Carter was looked down on, and no one believed him. Now he is free and everyone who once looked down on him must bite their finger in regret while they watch him grow beyond them.

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  • Torrywrites


    Hi dear readers. Thanks for stopping by to read my book. I'm feel honored. Thanks always, I love you all. However, there's a repeat of chapters in 47 and 48. please do not unlock. This issue will be resolved on Monday.

    2023-04-16 23:19:14
  • Kabirat Aleem


    This is a great story. Can't wait to see how Gary turns out.

    2023-04-16 11:39:56
  • Jose Belem


    you guys are slow on pushing chapters...please publish more chapters

    2023-07-04 00:30:22
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175 chapters
It was 8pm at the famous PrimeStar hotel. Gary Carter held on to two weighted middle sized traveling boxes, each on both sides while he tugged behind a prominent figure who had come to lodge in the hotel.With the weight of the luggages, and the distance at which he had covered from the ground floor to the fourth floor, he had high expectations to be compensated.Whereas, attending to this guest was an overtime job which his boss had forced him to attend to.After 30 minutes of walking they got to room 304, but surprisingly, the guest stopped Gary at the doorstep, collected his bags one after the other and right to his face, he slammed the door."What the heck!" Gary yelled out and whined when the ache of lifting those heavy bags traveled across his shoulders.He spent a few moments trying to recover himself, as he had been on track since morning. Even his boss, the head of the porter department, never allowed him to have lunch."Argh!" He whined once more when he felt the sting."It
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Gary was confused at first, and he had to repeat the question after Steve, his family butler. "Grandpa wants me home, why? He led me into this, then why does he want me back?"Gary couldn't help but vent his ànger."Young master, you must have forgotten today is your twenty second birthday. Your grandfather promised you will take over the Consortium after your birthday."Gary hit his head painfully, his tragedy since the beginning of the day never allowed him to remember his special day."Tell grandpa, I'll see him soon." Gary finally told with a smile. The first honest smile since the beginning of the day.Steve understood Gary's predicament, the life he currently lived wasn't so easy for him. In the last few years, his grandfather had made him go through harsh treatments.When he turned twelve, his grandfather got him a personal master to aid his training in martial arts, medicine, instruments, dancing, and many more arts.Gary wasn't allowed to live life like his peers would. Even
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Gary was perplexed with Sandra's haughty behavior. He felt she was supposed to be sorry and even get to apologize, based on the fact that she was wrong and he had caught her right in the act, but there she was being pompous and taking pride in the wrong she had done.She behaved as though Gary was left with no choice without her.Gary sat on the bed in frustration after he was thrown Into a slight daze. He couldn't help but nod his head consecutively.This was the first time in his entire life seeing a married woman take so much pride in her infidelity.Nevertheless, Gary stomped back to his feet to return his bags back to his closest.As Sandra said, no decision could be made until the next day which he looked forward to.The following day was fun-filled, the Larson's organized a birthday celebration for their beloved, highly respected grandmother, Alora Larson.She was known as the matriarch of the family. Many of the family decisions often solely rested on her command.Before that
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Gary was very firm with his words, certainly, regardless of whatever they talked about, none of their insults got to him because he was neither a thrash nor a good for nothing fellow as they tagged him to be.After all, he never would have ended in that family if not for the late family patriarch, Lord Larson.As though she were dreaming, Alora laughed endlessly. "You have something to tell me? Obviously not, you never would have anything that interests me."Alora clocked her head sideways with smiles, staring into the faces of those around her, trying to confirm if they agreed with her statement."Is it money you have to offer? Or house? Or a gift? I'm sure it can't and would never be any of this but bad luck." Alora said with hints of disdain."You wretched things, just get lost and scram as I instructed.""Grandmother, please listen to me, I know you do not like me b…""I said get the hell outta here, or I get to call security." Gary was insisting on saying something out first, he
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Raphael faced Gary in a rage, all that Gary said never concerned him, he was more prioritized about his sister's dignity which he felt Gary had soiled in the mud."Raphael, this isn't about me, it's about your sister here, I keep telling you what she had done, but then you believe I could raise a lie against her. What for? And why would I want to do that? Why would I tell you something vague about her? It's quite impossible;" Gary yelled at the top of his voice, it was driving him crazy to realize that absolutely none of them were willing to believe him in any way."Gary, the best thing you could do right now, is leave this place, else I'll make sure I do something you would always live to remember." Raphael yelled at the top of his voice, on the other hand, Gary sighed heavily, he wasn't willing to back down either, this divorce was all he needed to be free.They had painted him as being weak for quite long enough, but now, not again as before. As such, he kept talking, hoping that a
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Gary stormed out of the birthday celebration hall, seething with anger. Gary's face was red with fury as he made his way through the crowd, pushing past people who were peeking at him unbelievably. No one could believe what had just happened. Everything was just like in a flash, it happened without expectation.As he reached the door, he turned to face the room, his eyes flashing with anger. "You all can go to hell," he spat, before slamming the door shut behind him.The room fell silent, and then a low murmur began to ripple through the crowd. Gary's outburst had clearly shocked everyone, and they were all staring at each other in confusion."What kind if a son in law is he?""What had gotten into him to this extent that he really had no regard for his elders." None of them had spoken as though they felt for Gary.All had ended up blaming him instead of facing and accepting the core truth.But then, Alora, Sandra's grandmother voiced. "How dare he," she said, her voice trembling wi
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After a lot of deliberation, Alora cleared her throat, looking into the decision made was nice, but then something was missing.Which was inviting Gary over. Without that, their plans would definitely be fruitless.As Sandra was on her tracks, she wanted to clear her name, and turned the table around so she would never truly be suspected. Sandra, who had been staring down at her feet, lifted her head and raised her hand.Hence, she walked towards her grandmother and said, "I'll invite Gary over, but then I have a suggestion on how to go about that." Sandra said affirmatively without shame.At that, Alora tilted her gaze. "Wow, that's great. It's good to see the main victim try to take revenge. So let's hear you out Sandra." Alora said confidently with keen interest."I suggest we get him with his interest.""His interest?" Alora was more interested than before."What do you.mean as regards to his Interest? None of us here knows what you mean, if you could just open up, it could actua
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Gary had been enduring accusations and insults from his in-laws for quite some time now. They constantly blamed him for not being a good enough son-in-law and made him feel unwelcome in their home. Gary had always tried to be respectful and courteous towards his in-laws, but it seemed like nothing he did was ever enough to please them.Gary's in-laws were particularly harsh towards him. They were insulting him and accusing him of being useless and lazy. He had had enough and decided to stand up for himself.While they argued and Gary tried to insult his wife for inviting him without a vivid reason, everyone noticed a figure walk into the hall, all heads turned towards that direction including Gary.The moment he turned his head, he realized the figure was quite familiar, the moment the figure walked into the line light, he turned out to be Kyle.The guy whom his wife was flirting with at the hotel a few days back.Gary saw this as an opportunity to get his claim, hence he dashed towar
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Gary couldn't believe what he had just heard, a glance at Sandra, he could see the joy written all over her face.That day had been hell if humiliation for him, but still he tried all he could just to submerge the pain without letting it take a toll on him.He was obviously burning in revenge but then he was emotionally drained as well. He just wasn't expecting this kind of treatment."Gary, is that too hard for you?" the grandmother said, with a hint of mockery clearly displayed across her lips. "If you aren't okay with it, I could definitely look for some other punishment for you. I'm sure you would love it, like do the house chores of about 10- 20 people here. It's an achievement though," she chuckled loudly after that.Gary looked at her painfully, he wasn't expecting this from the Larsons. Not with how much he sacrificed himself and humbled himself to do their bidding.It was very clear that thru can and would never be satisfied.Gary was still in a slight daze, his heart was too
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'Come on, let's go… Be strong!" Brenda Wilson the strange lady said. However, Gary wasn't falling for it this time, he had every reason to doubt her. First of all, she had come out of nowhere, sat beside him and pretended to understand his plight and now she was offering to take him back to where he was coming from. "Never mind, I need to get some other things before heading home, so I guess you should leave first." Gary said with a flat tone. However, Brenda was in no way giving up either, yea! She did seem like she had something up her sleeve but no one knew. "Come on Gary, I feel for you, you absolutely shouldn't face this you currently are facing, let's go make things right." "Who are you? Just tell me who you are!" Gary finally yelled at the top of his voice. "A friend of course," she smiled indifferently. "A friend! How? You don't even know me, you don't know where I come from, you don't know me, so who the hell are you then?" However, Brenda took a few steps forward, sq
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