Deal With A Bossy Marshal

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Deal With A Bossy Marshal

By: Mystery Writes OngoingUrban/Realistic

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"I've taken the time to read it, in fact, you are the real legitimate daughter of the Lincoln family. The current madam Dawn in the Lincoln now actually used to be your mother's bride servant girl and your younger sister is the illegitimate daughter of your father and the bride servant girl right? Unfortunately, your brother died tragically ten years ago and your mother took you to America in distress. Hence, the bride servant girl and the illegitimate daughter became legitimate members of your family, nobody could take this aggravation, if this happened to them, huh?" Richard whispered in her ears. She clenched her fist tightly but kept a straight face, she must not fall to this shameless man scheme. The first time they met, she caught him murdered the woman beside him, He kidnapped her and tied her hand with a cuff and tied his own hand with a cuff. The second time was when he crashed into a ball happening in her family. He lied to a receptionist that she is wife, which she is not. Shameless bastard. "How about we make a deal?" "Not interested" They made a deal together. She helped him find evidence of his father's death and Militaru Governor Albert evil corruptions in return he unveil the mystery about her brother's death and protected her in return, They fell in love with each and live in peace while scheming. Everything changed when he found pictures in which her father was also part of the set of people who killed his father


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Chapter One
A woman sat in a hotel room, writing in a book."It's been ten years since I left California, and I'm still piecing together the news from the newspaper. I've heard that California is now a tumultuous city where everyone feels insecure, and my father, as part of the social change coup, became president of the California Chamber of Commerce. The Lincoln residence, which I used to know, has a new hostess ". She exhaled a sigh.Arci Lincoln, 23 years old, 152 cm. she is petite and sweet, She is cute and has a round face, she is slim.She came to the country to bury her mother because it was her mother's wish that she be buried in her native land.She tucked her diary away in her suitcase. She took two photographs from her suitcase and stroked them.She took a look at the second picture. When she recognized a familiar face.It was the face of her mother's bride servant who is now the mistress of her house.This shameless woman. She is the real legitimate daughter of the Lincoln family. T
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Chapter Two
She checked in her pocket and realized she had left her purse in the hotel room.She sighed and scolded herself, "Blockhead."She took her suitcase and stood up from her seat and walked towards her hotel roomRichard got to the hotel door, he turned the hotel number from 6 to 9.Hid hotel number was 6 so he changed it to 9 and walked into the room.Grace smirked when she saw Richard suitcase, he shouldn't blame her, if he had agreed to marry her, he won't have betray him and beside he is just courting death against power.And if she is successful, she will be greatly retarded. She is trying to steal his developmental map and pass it to culprit who killed his father.A developmental map is a map that records all the areas of Los Angeles. It is a military map too.She bent down and tries to break the lock of his suitcase.She nervously attempted to break the lock on the suitcase. Her palms are perspiring."So your stomach is no longer upset?" Slowly, a voice said, startling her.She loo
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Chapter Three
This is her chance who knows what this mad man will do to her."Help! Help! Help!" Arci yelled and dashed towards the door.Richard quickly grabbed her and pushed her onto the bed.He made a shush sound with his finger on his mouth."Sir, I just heard a loud bang. Would you like me to clean it up?" From the outside, a female voice said.Richard did not respond."Sir, if you do not respond, I will come in."Richard quickly snatched the little girl into his arms and piled on top of her.A waitress entered as the door opened."Get out," Richard said sternly.Arci struggled, so she could signal the waitress. "I'm sorry, sir," the waitress bowed and walked out, closing the door gently.Arci was disappointed and gave up.Richard cocked his head and fixed his gaze on the woman."Remember what I say, okay?" He informed her.Arci shuddered and nodded.He got out of bed and held her hand, forcing her to sit up straight."Please let me go," Arci said."Sure. Come with me" Richard told her.He g
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Chapter Four
Drey pulled over infront an hotel.Arci and Richard's hands remained cuffed together."Drey, you may return now," Richard said, taking his suitcase. Arci quickly took hers as well.He held her and wrapped her clothes around the cuff.Arci has no choice but to follow him as he opens the car door and walks out.They entered the hotel together.They approached the receptionist."I'm from California, and I reserved a room here." Richard handed the reservation book and his passport to the receptionist.It was opened and confirmed by the receptionist."And how about this lady?" She inquired, pointing to Arci.Arci struggled, but he held her tightly in his grip."My name is Richard, Commander Drey's nephew. She is my wife. If you don't believe me, you can call to confirm." He lied without even blinking.Arci gave him a hard stare.If look could kill, he would have died 100 times."It isn't necessary. Here is your key; the room is located on the fourth floor." He was given a key by the recept
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Chapter Five
Two soldiers stood outside door of a room .They were the men that Arci and Richard met in the elevator."Marshal, I heard that the Military General will bring up at the dinner party the marriage between you and Miss Runa. Marshal congratulations on that" The soldier behind told him.The man face was indifferentThe man looked at him coldy without any change of expression on his face."Marshal, are you still caring for your childhood crush, Miss Arci?" The soldier askedHe is Bremo Latino, 26 years old 182cm. His father is the Military Governor of Los Angeles he is also Arci childhood friend he has loved Arci since they were young before she traveled out of the country. He has been waiting for her before his father decided for him to engage with Runa, Arci stepsister.…She saw a man figure in the second building walking into a room, it was the man she saw at the elevator with his assistant.She quickly ran towards himHis assistant was about to close the door of the room when she qui
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Chapter Six
"Hold on, listen Albert Latino and Pepe Aqua are big shots of the California Government. If Pepe Aqua is not in Los Angeles even if we overthrow Albert Latino in the mutiny, Pepe Aqua can still crusade against us under the banner of the Los Angeles government, who wouldn't want that?""However, if Pepe Aqua is now in Los Angeles, we can force him to make a joint announcement with Albert Latino to clean up those forces" "Drey, the Richard army is waiting outside the town. I have given the order that we must take action tonight. If you don't cooperate, Your soldiers will be under the cosh when they learn about the mess going on out there. By then, you will have no chance""Why did you give the order without asking me?" Drey knitted his brows."I am doing this to save your life. This is the time to burn your bridges" Richard replied."Save my life? That is ridiculous""Drey, this is the only chance to turn the table, time is running out. It is all or nothing. Give me some credit. Let's
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Chapter Seven
Dawn flicked her head, "Don't be silly she is a watts after all it is the look of the thing that matters, besides your father always wants us to be a harmonious family You know that". Even though it looks like she is really correcting Runa she is happy inwardly."Don't worry, I am good at making dad happy" Runa Smiled smugly.A maid entered the living room interrupting them."Madam, Miss" the maid bowed."Mr Bremo's car is here" she informed them."Bremo is here?" Runa asked happily, she was about to go out when Dawn dragged her back."You are a lady, you should behave like one"She nodded and calmed her beating heart.Then she walked out elegantly."Let's go greet him," Dawn said as she followed her out.They walked out and stopped at the car parking Runa waited for the car door to open.The car door opened and Arci came down from the car.Runa knitted her brows and looked at her confusedly.'Who is this girl that came down from the Bremo car?'Bremo walked out of the car lastly"Br
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Chapter Eight
"Bremo, Uncle Albert will arrive soon. Let's wait downstairs to greet him. My sister also needs privacy to freshen up" Runa smiled gently at Bremo.Bremo stared at Arci, Arci nodded at him indicating that she was fine."Okay, I'll come with you" Bremo said He stood up and walked out of the room while Runa tried to catch up with him.The maids are still standing there with the clothes and hairpins."I need to get changed first" Arci told the maid as she stood up.She sent the maid away.Arci sat down in front of the mirror after she finished dressing up.She looked at the suitcase contemplating whether to check what was in the fake bottom or not.She stood up and closed her room door.She sat down in front of the suitcase and opened it.She removed the fake bottom and saw a map, she examined it and recognized it.'It turns out to be a deployment map of Los Angeles' 'What exactly is this man's background?'Los Angeles is under the jurisdiction of the military Governor office of Albert
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Chapter Nine
"Starting from today, I Love Bush am going to start courting you Stanley aqua" she declared as she smiledStanley stared at her dumbfoundedly"What?" Michael exclaimed."You are corrupting public morals, you are a girl, don't you know?" Michael said"Do you know who he is? And you are going to court him?" Michael said as he pointed at Stanley."So what?, I am a free thinking woman of the new era" Angel replied proudly.Stanley stayed silent as they argued.He walked away when they continued to argue, Michael quickly ran after him"Dumb girl" he said as he ran after Stanley.Angel stomped her leg on the floor as she watched them leave.….Bremo stood at the Lincoln residence corridor, monitoring everywhere vigilantly, he heard a footstep and looked at the direction the footstep was coming from when he saw Stanley walking towards him with Michael behind him trying to catch up."Bremo" Stanley called out.Stanley walked towards him and hugged him tightly."You didn't come to drink with
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Chapter Ten
Richard sat down in the Drey office.His leg cross and a glass of wine in his hand"How does it turn out? As I said we wouldn't lose"Drey walked towards him."There is a defector in battalion no 3 who almost managed to send a telegram to the Military Governor's office. Thankfully, the battalion commander found out in time. Otherwise, there would be unthinkable consequences""The los Angeles bond is for those who can conquer it, so, even the lord in heaven was helping us" Richard said"Well, how dare you take such a big risk? Do you have nothing to fear?" Drey asked as he sat down on the table."Do you know how long I've been waiting for this day? I've been preparing for ten whole years" Richard said as he took a bottle of wine and poured it on the two glasses on the table.He gave one to Drey."My men of the Richard army can finally find a place to settle down".Drey collected the glass of wine and stood up from the table.Richard took his own, "for tonight victory cheers" They click
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