Deliver Us from EVIL

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Deliver Us from EVIL

By: Author Latte CompletedSci-Fi

Language: English

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Wish granted when he was released from prison after he was sentenced to life imprisonment for a crime he did not commit. But when he came out of the cell, he did not expect that another world would meet him. In every direction, he looked, all around him were surrounded by zombies. He was imprisoned on false accusation, but now he has to kill for him to live.


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223 chapters
Sixto's POV: I became a prisoner
From the window, someone suddenly threw a crumpled piece of paper at me, so I picked it up and peeked out the window. I saw Eros, Mark, and Van together, so I turned around and read the paper I was holding."Six pm at the NP club." As stated in the paper. I looked out the window again and saw them walking away as Eros waved at me.When the class ended, my friends immediately went inside and approached me.“Hey, dude. Are you coming?” Mark's first question to me was as he rested one of his arms on my shoulder and as I put my belongings in the bag.“Of course! Sixto is coming, isn't he?” Eros said that I just smiled, and I left our classroom, while the three of them followed me.Since I moved to this university, they have become my friends. The three of them were the first to talk to me and helped me so that I could easily adjust to this university. They're so kind and trustworthy, but I can't say that they are a good influence on me because they often miss class and go to various disco
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The First Trial
“I'm not a sinner. Let me out of here!” I shouted over and over again while I was inside the cell with the criminals who had long been imprisoned here.“We were like that when we first came here. But no one listened to us, and no one believed. Once you were imprisoned, and you became a criminal, other people would not change their opinion of you even if you said you were innocent. You just need to follow the law and accept the punishment the court will impose on you.” The man said, as he sat in a corner and read a book. I turned to him and looked at the place where I was now.“But I'm different from you. I'm telling the truth, I'm innocent, and I haven't killed anyone else. So, I shouldn't be imprisoned here.” I told him, at once he lowered the book he was holding, and he looked at me.“If you have committed no sin, why are you here now? If you are not a criminal, what are you doing here?” It was curious, but I didn't answer and just bowed my head.I can’t say that what he told me was
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Hello, new friend
It's been two months since I was imprisoned for a crime I didn't commit. My mother has not visited me for over two weeks.Has she forgotten me? Or maybe she has already left me because she's ashamed to face other people that she has a criminal child.As the hours and days passed, my situation here in prison became more and more difficult. There was never a day that I was not punched by their fist and I could not eat properly because my face and lips were full of wounds.Until one day my aunt visited me. I wonder why she wasn’t with mom and why she was alone. But I was stunned when she suddenly cried in front of me and held my hands.“Your mother is gone, Sixto.” She said that I was shocked, but I did not believe her right away. I took my hand away from her and stood up.“What are you saying, aunt? You're just kidding, aren't you?” I said, but I know she is serious about what she is saying, but I cannot accept the shocking news she told me.I sat down in my chair and was stunned by her
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Run for your life
We got Zero into the group of bullies, and we taught them a lesson as well. I threw them all on the floor with their faces covered in bruises. “Who is your leader?” I asked as they exchanged glances with each other, and no one answered. “If you don't tell me who your leader is, you will all be able to taste my fist. So, I will repeat. Who is your leader?” I added, and they all point the same person. I stood up and approached what they were referring to. Furthermore, I pulled him over the collar and stared him sharply in the eye. “Are you their leader?” I asked, but he grinned. The person in front of me now is the one who hit me on my first day here in jail. I never thought he would do that and form a group, so he could get revenge on me. But I wish they had just hit me, not Zero who has no fighting ability. “I notice that you're only fighting the weak. Is that all your ability can achieve? Why don't you fight me now? Do you want the two of us to decide which of us will win?” I said
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Will you save your enemy or Not?
“Speed, come in!”All the cells were opened, so we picked the one closer to us, and we went inside.“Wait! Who's going to close the outside?” Kaiser asked as we exchanged glances with each other.No one wants to volunteer who will lock the door because the lock is on the outside. Who will volunteer to close the door if you are left outside and zombies are chasing you? Even if I were the leader of this group, I would not be brave enough to sacrifice my own life. I need to get out of this place. I had to escape alive so that I could bring justice to my mother’s death.“What kind of question is that? Do you want to throw one of us out to close the door? If we lock it, how can we get out? What if the zombies eat the person outside? Where is your brain, bro?” Simon said and Kaiser just scratching his back head.“We better find something heavy that we can block at the door.” I said, and they all agreed, so they immediately looked for something we could block from the zombies.I also looked
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What happen to Ace?
Our comrades hurriedly helped to close the door and to keep the zombies from entering. I looked around the whole corner of the room and caught my eye the broom reed. I used it pushing into the hands of zombies who were straining to squeeze and wanted to enter inside. Suddenly, Simon turned to me, so he also looked for something that could be pushed to the zombies. They were not easy to drive away, especially since there were so many of them and there were only a few of us inside.“Kiko and Simon return the items. Block the door while Kaiser and I drive away the zombies. And Kaiser when they block the door, you leave immediately, okay?” when I said that they just nodded their heads and immediately did what I asked them to do.I turned to Zero who was a quiet and just watching us. I just shook my head and turned my attention to what I was doing.After blocking the door, Kaiser immediately left the door. But that still wasn’t enough for us to stop the zombies from entering inside. They o
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The impostor is Among us
I was horrified by what Zero asked me. I’m uncertain if he was worried about Ace, or he had something to do with what happened to him. But impossible. He can’t afford to do that, and I believe he’s innocent.“Sixto.” Kaiser called me, so I turned my gaze to him and I immediately approached him. “Look at Ace's side. Doesn't it look like he has a deep wound there? Doesn't it seem like he was stabbed in the side?” He added as we watched the deep wound Ace had inflicted on the body. Perhaps that is why he died. And it only means that one of us is an impostor. He kills, then he throws it out to release that he is infected with zombies.But why? Why did he do that to Ace? What is his purpose? And who among us is the real impostor?I turned to my colleagues inside. I looked them in the face one by one, but I didn't notice anything different in each of their movements except for Zero. With a strange look in his eyes and a grin on his lips. I noticed that he was already staring at Ramon as he
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The Dangerous Nightmare
We tied up Ramon to make sure if he really had nothing to do with what happened to Ace. We were all watching him. We sat on the floor while facing him. Zero was next to me, staring quietly and sharply at Ramon. I noticed that Ramon looked at him, so he grinned and shook his head.“I never thought this would happen to him. He's a very kind person, and he has so many dreams for himself. Just one night, he was telling me how excited he was to get out of this place.” Kiko's sad in a sad voice as he bowed his head. I also felt sadness and pity for what happened to Ace. I did nothing for him to save him.Furthermore, I really didn't expect this will happen to us and why that person killing someone even though we have a little chance of getting out of this prison alive.“Why do you look at me like that?” Ramon suddenly said to Kiko who was looking sharply at him.“It wouldn't have happened to him if we hadn't kept you here inside.” He said that Ramon just laughed as his two hands were tied b
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Who's the real impostor?
“Sixto!” I just woke up to Zero's voice when he called me as he shook me on the shoulder. “Sixto, are you okay?” He added, but I didn't respond to him right away because I immediately looked around and realized that everything was just a dream. It was only then that I took a deep breath and calmed down because I was just dreaming.I looked at Zero with a trace of concern on his face, but he seemed to want to tell me something.“What's the problem?” I asked him. He bowed down and sighed first before he looked at me again.“Kiko,” he just said, and he didn't continue what he was saying. I got up and approached Kaiser and Simon where they were standing outside the bathroom. Then I was shocked when I saw Kiko in the bathroom bathed in his own blood and stabbed all over his body. I was about to approach him, but Kaiser grabbed my arm, so I was stunned and turned to him.“He is dead.” He said with a trace of sadness on his face. I looked at Simon, but he averted his eyes from me and turned
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The Garbage save my life
We just kept running while a lot of zombies chased us. We were confused and didn’t know what to do. We looked around to find a room we could enter, but most of them were locked or there were zombies inside as well.“Zero!” In the middle of our run, Zero suddenly fell, so we were stunned and immediately turned to him. I immediately approached him and helped him stand up as my eyes focused on the zombies following us. Unexpectedly, his left leg was crippled, so he had difficulty running again. So, I just put one of his arms on my shoulder and supported him on the step. Therefore, our progress became slow, and we were overtaken by some zombies. But with the help of Kaiser and Simon, nothing bad happened to us, and we were not hurt either.“Simon and I will take care of this first.” Kaiser said to me as they pushed the zombies away and banged on the head. I nodded my head and immediately looked for a cell to move to. I saw some other prisoners in another room, still alive and confined ins
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