His Ascension

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His Ascension

By: Destell Noir CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Challenge became the fuel that powers poor Ken after his beloved girlfriend Miranda left him for a rich boy. " You can never make up to a million in your life" those were the exact word of Miranda that kept resounding in Ken's ears. Ken is a student of a mysterious doctor, although poor yet smart , and highly skilled in martial art. His handsome face, intelligence and martial art skill soon gradually brought him to limelight, but he was determined never to lose focus. He knew he has to make it. He has to prove to himself and the world that he is a big deal!


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153 chapters
Betrayed by love
Ken tossed from one edge of his small bed to the other. The tiny square bed like the ones used in dormitories squeezed itself by the left corner of the small room. Underneath the bed was his luggage bag, the few shoes he owns, and some stuff. A small wooden table accommodated his books, a loaf of bread, and a can of soda. The only stool in the room held up his dirty clothes and an old school bag. The only space he had was by the right. He usually pulls his stool and table to that corner to study. His abode was a tiny single apartment, a few meters away from his high school.Ken adjusted the heart-shaped brown pillow that supported his neck and faced the white ceiling with a sigh. He pulled the strand of his jet black hair making its way to his face and placed it behind his ear. He rolled his forest green eyes around and blinked repeatedly. The waves of anxiety were enveloping him.He darted his gaze to the left and caught the ugly opening on the glass window glaring at him. The rag ha
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Can't afford her
The crashing of Ken's phone to the floor wasn't loud enough to distract Miranda and her lover from their passionate kiss."Damn, you make me so wet!" Miranda whisper-yelled after pulling away for a while. She moaned and reconnected her lips, her fingers digging into the boy's black sweater.The blonde haired pressed her against himself and mumbled "I can kiss you down there." He dipped his hand in between her thighs."Miranda!" Ken thundered, announcing his presence.The duo instantly broke away and turned around to face Ken who had a clenched fist and a tightened jaw.Miranda moved away from the boy and pulled her skimpy red dress down to her thighs. "Ken? When did you get here?" she asked with her gaze fixed on himKen was stunned by her composure, the way she was holding up his malicious stare, and the firmness in her voice."What the hell are you doing with this guy Miranda?" he exploded and began hurrying toward the blonde-haired.Miranda quickly stepped in and stretched both he
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OOPS! who is the girl?
Ken wanted to slump into a heap or worse still run out like a weakling but there was no time to chicken out. If he must leave, he would depart after putting up a good confrontation. He had sworn to fight for his Miranda after all.Now, Miranda was mocking him before her latest lover. She gives no damn about his admission to Harvard and she just told him that he would never earn a million dollars in his life. Hearing that comment from Miranda intensified the rate at which his heart was shredding into parts. What happened to the soft-spoken girl he fell madly in love with? Where was the girl who loved every damn thing about him? What happened to the love of his life? For how long had she been together with Charlie? Was she brainwashed? Dozens of thoughts kept running through his mind until Charlie brought him back to consciousness by striking his palms against each other, creating applause."Get your broke ass out of this room. Miranda and I have work to do." Charlie spat.Miranda plac
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Such a poser
Miranda placed her left hand on her chest and drifted backwards with a gasp. She was forced to stop moving after hitting her back against the wall. Charlie lowered his head while Miranda watched as Ken and Cassie vanished. They stepped into the car and sped off. Ken didn't turn to look at her as she aspired."What the hell just happened?" Miranda managed to ask. She was still in shock.Charlie lifted his head with a sigh. "Well, it appears your boy just struck gold.""Damn it!" Miranda yelled and aggressively shoved the pieces of stuff on the table. The plastic vase, books and mug came crashing to the floor, creating a mess.Charlie walked up to her with astonishing eyes. "What is wrong with you babe?" He tried to grab her but she placed her hand on his chest, the way she did to Ken earlier."Stop acting like a jealous girlfriend," Charlie remarked and dropped on the stool."Now I'm acting like a jealous girlfriend?" She smirked and continued. "Oh come on Charlie, I'm not jealous. Tha
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Why are you here?
"Pull up here." Cassie ruled out to her chauffeur.The limousine had been moving for about ten minutes. The driver parked the car behind a restaurant and stepped out. Ken carefully took out his hand that had been entangled in Cassie's. She smiled lovingly at him and he immersed her in a warm hug."Thank you so much sister," he said, holding up the tears that had welled up in his eyes.She rubbed his back tenderly and replied. "Siblings don't have to thank each other Ken. You can count on your big sister anytime."They broke off the embrace. Cassie pulled out a tissue from her bag and passed it to Ken.He collected the tissue and pressed it to his eyes. "Thank you, Cassie," he mumbled and threw his back against the seat with a deep sigh.Cassie understood that dozens of thoughts were running through his mind at that moment so she remained silent. After a few minutes, she spoke, breaking the silence between them. Ken's forest green eyes were devoid of tears. "Seems like I arrived just
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She was just an actress
The ride from Boston to Cambridge wasn't a draining one for Ken. Feelings of anxiety and euphoria had enveloped him and all he wanted was to step foot at Harvard.He alighted at the bus station and pulled his luggage bag out of the vehicle. He had gotten a new bag. Ken roved his eyes around the busy station. People stood in groups. Some were getting off buses, others were rushing to get in."Wow!" he mumbled as his eyes magnified in astonishment. It is his first time in Cambridge. Ken heard about the city countless times and saw its beautiful architectural settings on television but now, he was standing on Cambridge soil.He held onto his school bag with one hand and pulled the luggage bag with the other hand. He shifted from the highway to a corner beside a restaurant. People littered the street and Ken concluded that the situation is so because it was Monday morning.Ken couldn't stop roving his green eyes around the bus station. It was damn busy."Harvard!" Ken heard a petite hai
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Jaws dropped.
Ken took languish steps toward his hostel, fighting very hard to withhold the tears welling up in his eyes. He imagined Miranda, laughing behind him while he vanish from her sight.He lowered his head and kept wondering whether Miranda had ever loved him for a moment. Again, she had just lashed out at him, stating that she was grateful she was with Charlie now.Ken sniffled as he walked down the straight path ahead of him, assessing Miranda's torturous statements. Maybe she's better off without him.After moving to Harvard, he had hoped that he'll get to move on quickly now that he's far away from her but it turns out that she made it to Harvard too.Ken sighed and marched toward his room. He opened the door and was greeted by its emptiness. His roommates had all gone out. He fell on his bed with his face feeling thankful that they weren't around to detect his discomfort.A few minutes later, his phone began to vibrate. Ken got up and pulled the device out of his bag."Cassie!" he gas
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Just a nerd, coming for you!
Ken lowered his head and held the ropes attached to his backpack with both hands. He was walking out of the hostel. He hurried into the lecture hall and settled at his favourite row; the first row. He could still sense the eyes of some students all over him. The young lecturer walked onto the hall and wrote an equation on the board. He flipped his marker. "So who is going to solve this problem for us?" There was pin drop silence.The lecturer began moving around the hall waving his blue marker. "You guys can't solve a mathematical problem? This is just the basics. Next semester, you'll be advancing to Medicine courses proper."No one spoke. The newbies kept exchanging blank glances. The lecturer returned to the front row. "Finally, we have a hand up. Come over here."Ken stood up and took the marker from the lecturer. He walked to the board and in less than two minutes, the equation was solved. Ken slowly turned around to face the class who were staring at him like an appetising m
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Now in Harvard!
Are you sure about this?" Mr Cameron asked Cassie for the umpteenth time."Yes dad." she acknowledged with a nod and went on stirring her tea with a spoon in circles.Her father sighed and went for the toasted bread on the dining table. "I can't promise you Cassie but I'll speak to a few of my contacts and get back to you."Cassie rose to her feet, pulled out her chair and rushed to her father. She wrapped her arms around him from behind. "Thank you so much, dad.""As I said, it's not a promise but I'll see what I can do about it." Cassie smiled and returned to her seat.After pondering about it several times, Cassie had just requested that her father have her transferred from the state university to Harvard.She smiled and took a sip from her tea mug, praying that the process works. When her father demanded the reason for requesting the transfer, Cassie had lied to him that she wasn't getting the best from the state university and she'll only get the standard of education she desir
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Not just a nerd? A martial art doc?
Ken and Cassie stepped into the RUSTOM cafe beaming with smiles. They settled on the last booth, opposite each other.Cassie busted out laughing after dropping her transfer file on the square table. "Did you see their reaction after you read out from the file that I am now a student of Harvard?"Ken chuckled and waved at the waitress by the counter. "They didn't see the transfer coming and honestly, neither did I."Cassie grabbed the menu card on the table. "I spoke to my dad about the inter-university transfer last week and this morning, my acceptance letter from Harvard arrived."Ken motioned to the waitress to come closer. She leaned toward him and scribbled down the orders he was pointing at from the menu card. The waitress nodded and left."I guess that was the surprise you were talking about when you called me this morning?""Of course," Cassie said and roved her eyes around the cafe. "Well, now that I'm a student here, I'll need a tour of the campus."The plump waitress returne
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