Revenge Of The Richest Ex-Husband

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Revenge Of The Richest Ex-Husband

By: Mol Des Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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“Just because I couldn’t afford a gold ring for my wife she cheated on me with her boss. Today I am the heir to the company where they work,” Jamole intoned… Jamole was a poor janitor who adored his wife, Stella so much. When his wife demanded for a gold ring for her birthday gift, he told her he was a pauper and couldn’t afford one but for her sake he was going to buy her the gold ring. He worked harder and painstakingly spent his life savings as a janitor to buy her one. When he visited home to give her the gold ring, he met a flamboyant man banging her in their matrimonial bed. Worst still, Stella yelled at Jamole and ordered him to go on his knees and apologize for distracting them. As though that wasn’t enough, she tossed divorce papers at him and demanded for a divorce since he wouldn’t apologize. Jamole left the marriage heartbroken and pained. He bumped into a disable girl in a wheel chair who begged on the street and proposed marriage to her with the same ring. From that moment his financial life changed and he became the richest tycoon in Antipolo. How did it happen? Who is the disable girl in a wheel chair? And what would his revenge look like?


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The Demanding Birthday
Heavy voices of merry ladies and men hung hugely over Jamole’s house. Today was the 24th birth day party of his adorable wife, Stella Pitcher and although she had hinted him about it a few nights ago, yet he was still lost in his gloom due to what she demanded for a birthday gift.Nights on end Jamole had been nagged by countless nightmares over thought of meeting her demands. He barely could provide a proper square meal for Stella so he wondered what would inspire his elegant wife to demand he buy her an Arabic Coral Gold Ring.He was yet to know the worth of that gold ring but truth be told, with the few celebrities he had seen donning that ring he knew it wasn’t a piece of cake.With his oversized shoes which had its sole gaping at the ceiling and his I-was-white T-shirt over bottom-patched pants, he was all ready for work but without the audacity to go to his wife in the sitting room to demand for ten dollar which was his transport fare to work.The merriment continued in a very
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The Struggle To Make His Wife Happy
After the drama with his wife he had an astounding day ahead of him; already his day at work would be a total wreck. Nothing else hung on his mind like a pendulum than thought of his shortcoming as a husband.He felt worse than an infidel. The worst of it was the transport fare he was denied. You could deny him food, and he would perk up and be fine, but his transport fare shouldn’t be toiled with; It mattered a lot to him.Earlier in their marriage, for months, he walked ten thousand kilometers to work and he almost lost his job as a janitor for resuming late at the Municipal Post Office.Not until his wife came through for him with the ten dollars transport fare which he often promised to pay back; regrettably he never did. His salary had never been enough.And about now he wondered how he would survive trekking to work. “Oh Lord, would I ever survive this? What sort of life is this?” he mumbled with his gaze raised at the woolly sky above.He settled his gaze into the horizon and t
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Jamole’s Nagging Wife Cheats On Him
All his life as a janitor at the municipal post office in Antipolo, he never had savings due to the peanut he earned as salary. This had made him to shrink from his responsibility as a husband and lose sheer honor from his wife and among his peers.He never intended to eschew responsibility and in his gloom, he looked forth to the day he would earn enough money and surprise his wife with all she had ever wanted.Right about now all that his wife, Stella, nagged about at home and whenever she saw him was her Arabic Coral Gold Ring, even this had deprived them the consummation of their marriage.Recently Stella moved into the other bedroom, locked their bedroom and restricted Jamole to spend the night in the sitting room, with a stern warning never to sleep in the sofa but on the cold floor.“But I thought I promised to buy you the gold ring. Why are you doing this to me, Stella, why?” he protested when she wouldn’t offer him breakfast.This was the height of it!Already Stella was pain
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Marriage Proposal To A Disable Girl
Through jittering lips and shaky body, Jamole wailed, “Would there be a time when Stella and her boss would regret what they just did to me?”His teary eyes supposed to be swollen by now because he had already wept out his eyeballs. He was full of tears; and that was an understatement. The shells of frustration had been shot at him and indecision over shadowed him.He stood in the middle of the road, collapsed under the pounds of his ill fate and came upon his wobbly knees. At the time his sweaty palms had dented the divorce papers with dirt. He needed to affix his signature on it to legally seal up the divorce between him and Stella.From deep down his lovelorn, catastrophic soul, he intoned, “Soon you will regret it Stella,”Fondling into his pocket, he stuck out a pen and scribbled on the divorce paper whatever his hands could afford. Each tear that trickled down his cheeks stole away his existence.“Where do I go from here now?” he mumbled within himself, still on his knees and no
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The Destitute Janitor
The disable damsel was unruffled by what she perceived to be a stunt. But it wasn’t a stunt. Reality was playing. Jamole remained on his knees, though a bit fidgety, yet he knew what he was doing. At the time he had created a scene; onlookers were staring keenly at them with bated breath.He took her fingers into his and repeated, “Can you be my wife? I mean every word of it.”The disable lady shot a nervous gaze at him. She gazed down to her rickety legs and expected him to have taken notice of her physical condition before proposing marriage to her.He swallowed hard and caught the blaring message in her cloudy eyes. “I know you are physically challenged. It is all glaring before me. You may be physically challenged and it is enough to repel me from proposing marriage to you. But it is you that I want.”The aghast disable lady who had gagged her moth with her trembling hands all the while was forced to protest, “Are you sure about this? I hope you know I am not as cute as every oth
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Rejected and Dejected
He had known Dean Bur to be a radical, mean boss but tonight really revealed the other side of him. He clicked his fingers impatiently at him “What the hell gave you the guts to think you can live here, Jamole?”Once he noticed a vein pop from his forehead, he knew he had lost it. Promptly he went down on his knees and molded his arms to plead.But the burly man before him tossed his head in refusal and his reddened eyes whipped Jamole severally.“You just told me your wife divorced you. How the hell is that my business? I am just stating the obvious, Jamole you can’t live here. Go and rent yourself a house.”“No, boss please,” he interrupted him furiously.He widened his gaze at Jamole as though to ask him what nerve he had to interrupt him. He had never interrupted Dean Bur for once; he was a boss he revered and feared due to his strong features and personality. But he didn’t know when he did.“Boss don’t push me away, please. I have nowhere to lay my head after work; right now I am
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Who Is Susan?
Few months ago when Jamole paced down to the bus terminal where he boarded bus to his work place, he often prayed inwardly for the homeless beggars that hounded the cold streets of Antipolo. But tonight he was literally one of them.Struggling under the weight of his bag, Jamole kept staring at the post office while he trudged away, hoping Dean Bur would change his mind and let him pass the night .“What sort of life is this? I caught my wife and her boss flirting, she divorced me and now I am homeless. What am I living for?” a thought echoed in his head.He sighed, tossed his head and snapped out of the thought. Few hours ago he had proposed marriage to Susan, the disable beggar on the street. And with that done, he had his plans running; he would work harder to pay her dowry and with the remaining proceeds, he would rent a house and carter for her.The disable beggar was as classless as he was. She didn’t look expensive and wouldn’t cost him much to take care of, unlike Stella, his
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Becoming The Richest Tycoon
When jamole’s eyes opened at dawn and glared around he suddenly realized he had passed the night at the very spot where Susan begged, with her sizeable bag clutched to his chest.Hopefully he had waited into the night for Susan to return to the spot where she begged for money but to no avail. He had proposed marriage to her the other day and it was pertinent to brief her about his plans for her.Jamole’s gaze investigated his fingers and the empty scar of ring which wound round his fingers hit his imagination. He sighed in exhaustion and hummed.Marriage!Was that what he needed now? A few years ago before he married Stella he had taken into consideration the distraction that was accrued to marriage. And in his immaculate heart he had decided to remain a bachelor until he became a famous zillionaire in Antipolo.He had plans of finishing college, going under the apprenticeship of a capitalist like Swan Pablo and working his way to unimaginable wealth and power.But all of that came cr
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Susan’s True Identity
“Jamole.” Susan called in like manner, letting a contagious smile deck her face.Jamole was still star-struck; his weight heaved on his knees and he suddenly realized his legs couldn’t carry his body anymore.“Who is she? Who is Susan for Christ sake?” who did I propose marriage to?”Millions of such questions hovered in his thought as he stared engagingly at Susan who was being ridden in her wheel chair by her security.“Susan!” Jamole called once more through teary tone, “Is this really you? What is happening?”He needed to ask such questions because Susan wasn’t just looking dashing but glamorous and charming than any country side celebrity. Unlike the other day when he met her begging in her wheel chair, looking all dirty, smelling and unkempt.She had her French hair made into a ponytail. Her dress was mini gown from the royalty fashion style. The diamond bracelet and necklace that wound round her neck and wrist were worth one million dollars.“Who the hell is Susan?” a thoughtfu
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Jamole kept pinching himself just to be sure he wasn’t dreaming. Swan Pablo kept ringing in his head and he began to recall all about Swan Pablo.Swan Pablo was the richest tycoon in Antipolo who had avarice of group of companies in real estate. He was the CEO of the prestigious Swan Real Estates and a few months ago he was worth two billion dollars. Swan Pablo was a fat cat everyone wanted to reckon with.Anitpolo never knew much about Swan’s private life and family even everyone thought he never had family. And never in Jamole’s life had he thought the disable girl he proposed marriage to was Swan’s daughter and only child.“I am Susan Pablo, my dear,” Susan intoned, all smiles, as she sat next to Jamole in the Lamborghini.“Oh my God! So this is true. What is about happening to me? What fate is about to befall me? Susan Pablo? Swan Pablo’s daughter?” Jamole sounded in his mind.Seeing the cloud of surprise on his face, Susan explained yet further, “As a matter of fact I am the only
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