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Martial God Gamer

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Chen Ming was transmigrated into a cultivation world with a super cheat gaming system. He will soar through heaven while living his life as he pleased!


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Chapter 1 Gamer in the forest [Edited]
"Where am I...?" Chen Ming confusingly looked around himself, he was stunned, not knowing what had happened to him. "Forest? How did I end up here in this forest?" Chen Ming had previously played games in his bedroom. It was so addictive​ that he didn't​ ​notice​ something going on behind his back. All of a sudden, he felt like something was sucking him from behind. And when he finally noticed​ something was wrong, he was already in this forest. He looked around with interest even in this kind of situation. He didn't show any fear at all. He might have something wrong inside his head. "This is interesting, this could happen only in fiction isn’t it." Chen Ming shook his head and chuckled. He tried to look at himself this time. The clothes on him were not his clothes at all, not only that it seemed that his body became smaller. "My clothes​ look like an eastern cultivator style. It's really soft and silky." It's a set of silk clothing that looks ancient. He didn't care much
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Chapter 2 Xiao Wen [Edited]
The journey on the horse carriage was not as bad as he had thought, he thought it would be very uncomfortable, who knew that it was so comfortable that he fell asleep while traveling to the city Arriving at Duan Yang City, Chen Kongnan looked at his son before slowly waking him up. “Wake up, Ming-er, we've arrived” Chen Ming woke up, he looked around before letting out a yawn. "Did we arrive in the city already, Father?" Chen Kongnan smiled at him, then nodded before walking down the carriage Chen Ming got up from his seat, he hadn't even walked down from his carriage before he could feel that he was crushed by something or someone. "Ming-er, My SONNN are you alright are you hurt anywhere Let’s mommy see you?" Chen Ming confusingly looked at the person holding him, calling herself his mother. Name Zhang Lin Title War Goddess Level 90 Health: 1800/1800 Qi 900/900 Relationship: Biological mother ‘She is my mother? She is even stronger than my father…’ Chen Ming thought b
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Chapter 3 Martial Scripture Hall [Edited]
Chen Ming now was inside one of the training grounds. The training ground​ was very spacious. It was big enough to accommodate more than hundreds of people easily. Right now there were so many people training their martial arts with great concentration. Chen Ming looked around when he saw many people training their bodies and cultivating their Qi he remembered something very important "I don't know how to cultivate Qi?" Chen Ming frowned. He didn't know anything about cultivating Qi. And he didn’t know how to start it. In the status page it was locked. "What should I do now when I don't know how to cultivate?" Chen Ming​ tried to think about how to get his hand on some of the martial arts but he didn't seem to find any good way to get it "I am the young master of the clan. I should have the right to access Chen Clan library right?" Chen Ming knew that as the young master of the clan he had the right to access the clan library but he didn't know where it was. And when he tri
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Chapter 4 Learning martial arts [Edit]
Iron Body Scripture(Qi Gathering Stage) Properties: make the body as strong as pure iron Meridian Destroying Palm Scripture (Qi Gathering Stage) Properties: gathers Qi into the palm before attacking the enemies to destroy the enemy's pulse. Sky walking scripture (Sky profound stage) Properties: makes it possible to step on air Dragon Refining Breath Scripture (???) Properties: Open all meridian points on the body. Restores physical energy and Qi, Help refine the gathered Qi through breathing Nine Souls Sword scripture (???) Properties: gathering Qi to create ethereal flying swords. The number of swords depends on the amount of Qi. Chen Ming looked at all the scriptures that Chen Kongnan had picked up for him. He was sure that all of these were not put on the shelf before. He looked at all of these martial arts with eyes full of surprise. These Scriptures were very Op. 'Sky profound stage What stage is this? And also the question mark?' Chen Kongnan looked at Chen Ming wi
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Chapter 5 That's easy [Edit]
Chen Ming had been training crazily for who knows how long. Since then he received The Stamina Rejuvenation Pills from Chen Yijing. He was not tired at all from then till now. Chen Ming could feel that his strength had increased greatly as if he were soaring to nine heaven. His level has gone up like there’s no tomorrow Name: Chen Ming Title: Worthless Young master Level 30 Health 300/300 Energy - "Phew~, Finally who would have thought that the pills grandfather gave to me would be this potent. I haven't felt tired or sleepy since I’ve been taking these pills...I hope it won’t destroy my liver." Chen Ming was impressed by the rejuvenation pills. He only ate one pill, it made him not feel tired and won't wear out all day long. Chen Ming was able to train his body continuously until he could break through to the level he needed. And as soon as he stopped training. He received the message as usual. Mission completed Rewarded the Key to the Realm of Origin "Huh that’s eas
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Chapter 6 Taking a bath [Edit]
The next morning, Xiao Wen came to wake Chen Ming up. It’s three o’clock in the morning right now and It was around this time when people of the clan started to wake up for a morning practice. Chen Ming still not fully awoke and felt sore in every part of his body. “five no give me two hours more please” Chen Ming mumbled while he was dragged out of his bedroom by his beautiful secretary, No it was not right it’s his beautiful servant. “Young Master, It is time to wake up. You won’t be able to have breakfast with Mistress if you sleep for two hours more.” Hearing Xiao Wen, Chen Ming couldn’t help but try to stay awake. “I know, I know, Xiao Wen stop dragging me I am not a kid anymore okay” Xiao Wen now It seemed that she didn’t feel uncomfortable around Chen Ming anymore when she looked at him now he was like a kid. “Young Master Xiao Wen has prepared hot water for you. Young master, do you want to take a bath right now? " Taking a bath now? Chen Ming remembered
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Chapter 7 Stepmother? [Edit]
Chen Ming, after taking a bath, immediately headed to his mother’s house with Xiao Wen. The sky looked so beautiful with so many stars shining brightly people woke up to do their morning routine. Inside his mother’s house, many servants were preparing breakfast for his mother and him but he noticed that there were three sets of breakfast on the table. ‘Maybe it’s for father’ he thinks. Chen Ming saw his mother drinking tea while smiling at him. “Ming’er, come and sit beside mother.” Chen Ming smiled back at his mother before going to sit beside her. Zhang Lin then looked at Xiao Wen. “Wen-er also come here and eat with us.” Hearing Zhang Lin said Chen Ming was surprised he thought that it was for Chen Kongnan. Xiao Wen heard Zhang Lin nodded and sat beside her. Chen Ming curiously looked at Xiao Wen. He didn't expect Xiao Wen to sit beside his mother. He thought that Xiao Wen would refuse his mother by telling her that she was just a servant or something. There must be some
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Chapter 8 Too much is not good [Edit]
Chen Ming went inside the hall. He couldn’t help but sigh because he had so many things in his mind right now whether it was about the competition or his fiancee everything was so troublesome. “Fiancee nothing good ever comes out of it, I know...I really hate this word. I want to get it out of the dictionary.” He sighed again, and didn't remember how many times he sighed today. Chen Ming then looked at something in his hand. It was a porcelain bottle he got from Chen Yijing. He told him it has ten pills inside of it, it will help him to practice martial arts without rest. “Does he want me to practice martial arts for twenty-four hours without rest? Meh... I can pull it through. This is not the first time I train like this...If I had these pills that time I would have already become a superman just kidding.” Today Chen Ming already used the pills he didn’t have to use them again he still feels refreshed. He had three days left, including today, before the time he had to deal with
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Chapter 9 Monster [Edited]
Hand forward a stream of profound energy flowed from the dantian through his vein into his palm. Gathering his Qi in his arms then into his hand and blasting it all away in a single motion. The Meridian Destroying Palm was so strong and fierce. A single palm could break a large boulder into ashes. nothing left behind as if it was blown away by a grenade. Stepping on-air and fluttering in the wind The air was like the ground. moving without obstacles. The Sky Walking reinforced his movement, making him move like a wind that cannot be touched. Muscle-like steel, Skin-like armor. The Iron Body strengthens the defense. Even being hit with a sledgehammer, he was unfazed. Chen Ming practices these three skills with all of his heart. He had been immersed in cultivating and practicing martial arts inside the Scripture Hall for more than three days now. He hadn't thought of leaving here if the time of dueling with his cousin had yet to arrive. He trained so hard as if there was no to
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Chapter 10 I have come!
“Where is he...Why hasn’t arrived yet” “I think he scared and ran away I’m not that surprised if I were him I do the same” “That’s true He after all just a loser” “Then does that mean he lost the bet and he has to kneel and beg for forgiveness? The patriarch is here what will he think if his son has to kneel and beg in front of everyone” “I...don’t know maybe they will cancel the bet” “That would be impossible” “Huh...Why” “Bec
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