Reborn Online

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Reborn Online

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Newt Barister, a 19 year old guy begins playing a globally famous game, Reborn Online. What will happen when he finds out the bitter facts about the game. Read this story and join in his adventure. Oh. DO REMEMBER TO VOTE AND LEAVE COMMENTS. ENJOY.


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Man, 2050 has been a great change for human kind. Development and destruction alike. VR tech, laser guns, Aeromobile or flying cars term used by people before the war. World was in chaos until 2063 when Gregory games introduced a VR RPG game - Reborn Online. Yeah the name is not catchy like other games . But trailers of this game said otherwise . After release RO became globally famous within 3 months. People played this game to become whoever they want. To fulfill their dream. And to escape their crappy reality. Well to play this game there are conditions. You should be at least 16+ and should not have heart & mental problems. The first update of this game is an apocalypse world. Gregory games informed players that with updates in future players will face new problems. like magical world with dragons . So anyways I am Newt Barister, 19 years old living with my aunt and her son in Ohio. My aunt is Janet Mccfly , a not too beaut
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Finally, the game pod was delivered. I longed it for years. When I looked at the items delivered. I saw a capsule sized gaming pod, and a full bodied haptic suit. I wore the suit and then laid inside the pod and closed its opening. An hologram flashed in front of me. ......................ENTER REBORN ONLINE.... YES                     NO......................I obviously selected Yes. Everything went black. Then suddenly..... ......................CHOOSE YOUR GENDER..... MALE                  FEMALE......................I chose male . Again I was met with darkness. Then suddenly I was standing in front of mirror. Then.... ......................CUSTOMIZE YOUR APPEARANCE  ? YES                       NO...................
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The darkness faded and I was now standing in front of a market ? Huh... There were stalls and tents. People were rushing. Damn it looked like I'm in a fair. I noticed I was standing still. So I started walking. I spotted a tent with a board outside saying " Mike's ammunition".I started walking there. Someone bumped into me. I turned and saw a mountain of a man. He looked at me . He was furious. He roared, "Watch where you go bitch. ". I am not bulked with muscles but I was strong enough that I didn't land on my ass.I stood there. I was shocked. Huh.. People never stop being assholes. He went away. " You alright ? " an angelic voice spoke from behind me. I turned towards the voice and found face to face with a redhead beauty. Her hair was magma-red and it crashed over her shoulders.She had a sculpted figure which was twine-thin. Her waist was tapered and she had a burnished complexion. A pai
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"So Ann" started Jessica . Anna glanced towards Jessica . Jessica continued , "How 'bout adding him to the clan. We are lacking a person for the mission.... " Anna interrupted and said annoyingly, "You don't even know him and you are asking about adding him to the clan. Uhh... Unbelievable. "Jessica said, "You know I can judge character of a person just by interacting with them. Oh. And I was the one who warned you about Miller. You didn't listen to me. That was the reason we failed to complete the mission and we were framed that we stole Gold crystal fragment. " Anna was shocked for a moment then she stomped out of the tent. Jessica turned to me while waving her hands on a screen which was invisible to everyone except Jessica (FYI it's Her HUD )and said, "Don't mind her. She is just like that, so she requires to be scolded. ... Accept the request. "Then came a ding ......................THE APOCALYPTIC SURVIVOR CLAN REQUESTS YOU TO
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"Son of a bitch.. " I muttered. Damn it. George's (Thesaurus) pat was strong. It hurts more than my liking. "Quit babbling guys " said Jessica . And she glanced towards everyone present and continued, "How about we get some weapons ? "Everyone agreed. Well except Anna, She had already moved on to another supply shop. The others entered Weapons store, I followed. "Wow... " I exclaimed. There were many weapons and that too beautiful and deadly. Warhammers, swords, blades, axes, Katar(it is an Indian deadly weapon of 14th century), shields, gauntlets, armors... "Well find suitable weapons and armors for yourself. Oh, and remember it that you have to pay for your things. " Jessica instructed as soon as we stepped inside, breaking me out of the daze. "Oh customers!!My name is Pablo.Brick come here fast we have customers. " shouted the shop owner. He was a typical cunning shop keeper. Bald, Vicious looki
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Huh. A hand rested on my shoulder and a voice spoke, "Yo, what's wrong " The voice was of Jessica's. "No.. Nothing" I stammered. Man she looked deadly and beautiful like she was the goddess of death. She announced,"Well we have a mission , guys let's go" So Jessica, George, Lisa, Anna and I were the only members of the clan, So it was us who would be going on the mission. Anna ordered to Jessica, "ACCEPT THE MISSION" To which Jessica replied, "Yes, boss. "I got a mission alert. .......FIND THE BLOOD FLOWER OF PURITY IN THE ONYX RIVER. PARTY MEMBERS LIMIT : 06MISSION REWARDS500 EXP TO EACH PARTICIPANTS. MVP(MOST VALUABLE PLAYER) REWARDS--- +500 EXP       ONYX BLADECHANCE TO GET OTHER TREASURE FROM THE ONYX RIVER. .......Onyx blade.. I want it. I have to become MVP then. Alright I can do it right. Ho
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It looked like a group of squids probably tens of hundreds of them combined. But the outline of each squids clearly visible. "Cover me ,damn it" Anna yelled and nocked an arrow. "Copy cap. " replied George. He lifted his war hammer and ran towards the beast and at the last moment shifted to his right to avoid the tentacle that was coming towards him with a swoosh of air. He jumped on the back of the beast and was trying his best to beat it to death but could not , so Jessica moved with a quick speed and somehow got on the back of the beast. She tried to pierce it's skin, and then yelled, "It's skin is hard to pierce through. "Anna who had nocked the arrow, said, " No clear shot. Shit ! "I saw the reason. That damn beast, sure was smart. It tried to fall of on it's back to smash Jessica and George with it's size. And would have succeeded if not for Lisa. She pierced one of it's tentacle with her katars. SHIT! NOT GOODA wounded predator is the
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Everyone drank a healing potion. Actually this game is good. The wounds are close to being as like the real ones. And healing potions. They help in instant recovering of wounds. But if body parts are torn apart, you'll have to go to a doctor. They are usually NPCs, but sometimes some players can also become a doctor. There are many professions in this virtual world. But those professions are given to you by the SYSTEM. It is the AI of this game. Or the God for the NPCs. It tests your capabilities and gives you the profession. It is usually given after second missions. After completing the mission, we were transported back to our base. It was not some fancy base. You know. A base in those zombie movies. A town hall like building in the center, many houses around which is completely surrounded by those huge ass walls. Patrols by NPCs. You have to pay them Rcoins. Which is usually paid by the leader. Well anyways, When we reached the town hall, I
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The golden rays of the sun pierced through my window and fell on my eyes, causing me to wake up from the slumber. But that was not the only reason that woke me up today. The another one was Reborn Online. Oh and also spending time with Valerie. She had promised me, she would play Reborn online as soon as she returned back to her dormitory. She is supposed to go back 2 days later. So I thought about logging in Reborn online and tell the party that I won't be playing for 2 days. I logged in. And I woke up in the body of Enzo. I went to the town hall knowing that the members would be there. I found Anna. I greeted, "Hey, Morning. "She replied with humph. Well she is still angry, I guess. "I won't be online for 2 days . I have to do some personal things"I told her. " What, have a girl friend to take care of. "She asked sliding her index finger over her throat like slicing it. I chuckled an
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It means If I exchange Rcoins, I will be rich soon. I can exchange it in game directly to my bank account. Just have to complete missions. But as the mission progresses, I need to buy equipments. I have to get money. How ? My money (parent's money) is used by aunt. I cannot use it till I'm 21.Uhhh...I should probably talk to Uncle Richard. Uncle Richard was my father's best friend and my mom's brother. He was also dad's business partner. I don't know much about my parents. I just know that they were involved in gaming industry. This was told by Val. She told me that her mother told her this a long time ago. Uncle Richard is a good guy. His wife died a long time ago. Uncle has a daughter. Queena. She is probably 19 too. Yeah, But she has quite the attitude. I haven't met her for a long time. I was visited by them when I was in hospital. I had an accident when I was ten. That time uncle came to visit me. They are
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