I was raised by goblins with my naughty system

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I was raised by goblins with my naughty system

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At a young age, he lives alone as a beggar, bearing the sadness that his parents died in a plane crash and leave him alone. Living under the bridge as a beggar, somehow he was able to maintain his life until he pick up a purse full of unfamiliar cards. His life changes all of sudden after he brought the purse to the lost and found because the grandma was there and lost her purse. The grandma didn't hesitate to make him her grandson. He accepts her offer and lives with his grandma. After many years he become successful and was left alone and he decided to visit the grave of his parents, but bad luck is in his fate, the truck hit him and died at the same time. Blaming himself for doing an extreme sin. While falling into infinite darkness he hears a voice and that is a system they called. At first, he couldn't believe that he was already dead. He just accept what the system explained to him. Reincarnating in a world where magic is possible using pollen. Pollen is like a mana that is needed to use a powerful skill. After the reincarnation. After interruption while traveling, the system decides to force reincarnation. But there is pay, he appeared in the most dangerous forest where wild beast roams every time. Fortunately, the five goblins brought him to their village. His life starts facing dangerous, threats, and his journey becomes a paradise.

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290 chapters
I : my life
At 10 years old I need to live alone. A tragedy happened to my parents they died in a plane crash yesterday. Me and my parents are struggling to the society, a miracle that my parents were able to work abroad. Before my parent leave, they left me with my grandfather who was one of our family however in the incident that happened. My grandfather had a heart attack that led to his death because his only daughter was no longer in this world. Since we had no relatives or close friends I was forced to live alone. Alone for a young age. The house we used to live in was taken over by a family who claimed their land and house, my grandfather's friend took his property and house, while me they drove me away forcibly that was forcing me to live alone. At a young age, I don't know what I need to do. Even for a young man like me under the bridge of the stinking river water, I decided to live and I made my own home made of cardboard, perforated plywood, and a piece of fabric. On my first nig
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II : Dara
-Impossible master... continue the process........ My soul will merge with your soul ........., continue the process... Successfully combined our souls....., Suzuki!....- "I don't know if I'm going crazy because I can hear a voice" While the choice I heard I tried to feel my body. I tried to move my hand but I didn't seem to feel my hand, I followed my foot but nothing happened. "I know I died but why I'm here and I can think, if it's a dream or a nightmare please wake me up, I have to apologize to my mother and father" I try to open my eyes but nothing happened, I see only black and red, as if my eyes close. Minutes passed, and I had already accepted my fate that I'm no longer alive. There is nothing to do but ask the voices I heard. -You kept talking but I don't know what you mean. For myself, please tell me your name- -Hai! The one called me Dara- -The one? Okay, Dara san, I know that I have made many mistakes, I have also committed many sins, so I will not be surprised if
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III : goblin village
(oppai - breast of a girl) I don't know what creature she is, but she didn't answer my question, she just avoided it. -Master, about your dimensional stomach, it's a kind of black hole and goes into one dimension, with oxygen, the monster can live here, but all they can see is infinite light. In your pollen manipulation, the 'pollen' in this world is the most important for you to use strong magic as if this is a life force of a human or a monster ...- I was surprised at what she said meaning I could rule this world alone??. -Master, that is impossible. It's impossible what is on your mind, you just can manipulate your own pollen, you can not manipulate your enemy, as long as they accept you are allowed to manipulate their pollen.- -I thought I can make a make paradise,. In my previous life I haven't thought of a girl but this time I don't need to think about my problem. I can show my true feelings to my girls. Wait, Dara is there a demon lord here? - -Master, according to thes
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IV : goblin village 2
I don't know why she removed the wrapped cloth from her oppai. "Dara, I know I asked this too late. If I am not mistaken, when the baby was born, he had not yet seen what was around right? Why can I see them?" -Master ... Why can you talk to me... Master why can you speak directly to your mind ..... Master why can you fantasize about your women ... Master, common sense master...- "Oh....! I'm the one who's wrong???, do you want to see my wom---, okay! okay!" As I speak the goblin D cup oppai are uncovered. For my entire life I never been saw a bar breast. I did, but it's already year passed. Gulp! She looked at me while smiling, and her twin went behind her. "Dara, don't tell me I have to suck her oppai" -Master, yes master, you have to suck her breast- -Wait Dara, does the goblin have milk ? what if ...- -Master, of course they have, also she have 'mother nature'- -Mother nature?, is she a mother?- -Master, stop that ... don't worry .. she doesn't have a child yet, if you
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V : the three
-Dara, can you see clearly in the dark- I said as I bent over the grass to be able to avoid danger if he is an enemy. -Master... In the shape of his body, he is one of the elves who live in the north of the Yasuno forest- -In the north? What is the elf doing here? Yana says their place is far away, what is the elf doing here? Dara-san, she's a woman?- -Master, he is a boy...- -Okay, let's go home. I won't get anything if I involve myself in his problem- I said with disappointment. -Master, if you come back you can't sleep yet. You might do something to them while trying to sleep. I always tell you not to do that because it weakens your strength- -What can I do Dara, it's also their fault because they dress like that. Then I can always touch their soft bodies without resisting. When I grow up sucking their ni**** is still fresh in my mind, then it's your fault too. It's your fault too. you always make me hear their moans- In the 13 years I've put up with their bodies, I can't sta
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VI : expectation vs reality
-Dara, do you think they can still catch up with us?- -Master, it's impossible for them to reach us. With the information I have obtained, they will also give up on catching you- I'm near my village and I continued running, just a few minutes the effect of 'god turtle speed' disappeared, when it disappeared I fell because my speed changed. My head hit the rock, bloody but not painful. The three elves keep running to chase me. "How do you think he knew our name? When our princess find out this, we might be dead" Sasi said as if crying. "Don't worry, we can chase him" Saya responded while she is thinking differently. On the other hand, Sana called her. However, she didn't hear Sana so she kept thinking about what she was thinking. Sana, shout to hear her. "Saya, Sana. It is an emergency. We have to use that" The two as well Sana stopped. "Are you sure about that? Sana. Won't we just use it when we come back, and if we use it will be more than a week before we can use it
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VII : counted or not?
I don't know why she agreed to sleep there, but hopefully, she had a good reason. because. When I whispered to Saya, Sana looked at me and stood up then left. Saya followed her, before she left she told me not to follow them and Sasi fell asleep immediately. I did not follow them because I could already hear what they were saying. "I know what he told you. Saya, why would you agree? Yes, he's not a bad person but he's a man, maybe tomorrow ..." she hugged Saya. -Dara, do you think Sana is innocent- -Yes .. master- While the two were talking I approached Sasi who was sound asleep. -Dara, do you think she'll wake up when I take her knife- -Master, in her sleeping position, any time she feels danger or footsteps around her, she will wake up- I stopped my plan with her and I also realized that even if Saya fell asleep, she would wake up. Well, they can come to this far place, of course, they are cautious and strong. I just waited for the two to enter again. Just a few minutes la
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VIII : finally
before I kiss her, she held my lip. "J-junj, if you continue that you can't go back to your normal life" while she rubs my lips. "Saya, I know we just met earlier but my feelings, I can't understand what it is. The truth is, when it comes to a girl, I'm useless. And my voice becomes scared or shy. I can't even talk to a girl properly, but right now, I feel like I can do everything. I'm not scared anymore, is this because you are accepting me now" "junj, please, think twice, I don't want to see your loved ones cry, I don't want them to feel sadness. I know what sadness is," she continues to rub my lips. I can feel the air while she talks, her breathing, and her heartbeat. I want her so bad, our faces close to each other. While she rub my lips I licked her finger. But Saya just gazed straight into my eyes. Any time, she will surrender to her lust, just a little push, I might be lost my virginity. "Please Saya, I know this is not the right time, but right now, there is only one thin
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IX : can she resist her?
I haven't gotten up yet, she's already in front of me, pressing and stabbing her knife at my stomach. It's a good thing Saya stopped her, using her silver dagger. "Wait! Sana, I think you misund ---" Saya stopped when she saw Sana's eyes. I glimpse Sana's pollen, this is the first time I have seen this much pollen. That's why Dara said that if I kissed Saya, I would die, but I didn't regret it because... "Saya, you're still defending this man. He molested you while you is sleeping, I saw him, he k-kiss you while you slept. I told you this is what happens when you sleep with this pervert" "Sana, please listen to me, I think you just mislook, because he is not kissing me he is just looking at my face, please trust me" Saya touched Sana's hand. Sana stared into Saya's eyes. just seconds passed Sana spoke. "Saya, you're not like this" she looked at me while I was still lying down "Don't tell me this man brainwashed you" her glares at me were deadly. And Saya notices Sana's eyes
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X : me too!
Right now, Sana was like a puppy when she was hugged by Yuna, the one who should be aggressive that can be destroyed my whole village becomes a gentle sheep. "Mama, I love you, mama, why did you leave me mama" Sana hugged Yuna tightly while dripping her tears. I suddenly felt sad. Just her words, I remember too, my mother. I feel sorry for her and me. At some point, I had a vague idea from her family. Yuna continue rubbing her back, it was a good thing she didn't get angry when she heard the 'mama' word, she also notices Sana's tears dripping. "Yes darling, just this time you can call me mama, okay" she smiled. "Mama, I'm scared, you said you'll be back soon, it's dark, and I can hear their voices, mama, I'm scared" Sana's tears dripped as she remembered her childhood. Sana rubbed her face to Yuna's breasts. And Yuna let her do what she wanted, she just patted her head while moving. "Mama, I love you mama" she looked at Yuna's face and then smiled while her tears were dripping.
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