My Mutant System

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My Mutant System

By: 8ellacious OngoingSystem

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Greenish Race invaded the planet earth and destroyed everything, especially humans. Humans who survive crawl to the underground and create “weapons” to revenge. 100 “weapons” called HumanBot. Asher was one of the 100, the weakest or the luckiest, who knows? All the modified DNAs planted in his body were well-expressed. And not only that, but he also got a system—A mutant system. [The Mutant System has been granted] “You have 0 DNA essence in your bank.” “Unlocking DNA Extraction Skill Level 1.” [Cost: 0 DE] … Being the extraordinary human breed, will Asher and the HumanBot be able to bring back the glory for the human race?


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18 chapters
1. Party's Invitation
A 17-year-old boy lay on the silver metal bed inside a freezing room. The temperature of the room was set at minus twenty degree Celsius. He was not alone. Four to five people wearing clothes like astronauts were standing surrounding him. Some held a notebook and started to note everything, but the other two, two same-age women in their early fifties, were busy investigating the teenage boy."How's subject 888's progress?" asked the first woman with blonde hair to the other with black hair."He is fine. All fine. Probably will wake up soon. I hope." The black-haired woman answered. She grabbed the boy's right hand and held it tight as if it could wake him up.The others just stared at her and kept silent."Come on, Asher. It was just a bacterium. You're stronger than it. Much stronger," she whispered.Everyone in that room knew the relationship between that unconscious boy and the lady, a son, and the mother. The biological relationship in their limited world.The room is a special ro
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2. Uninvited Guest
The party they were talking about was illegal. The party was held by The HumanBot without the permission of The Creators. But yeah, The HumanBot was just a normal teenager, by the way. They loved to party as if it had already been planted in their DNA.But as Tony’s said … Asher was known as the luckiest one. The luckiest HumanBot. And what it meant by the luckiest is that all the modified DNA planted into his body was expressed very well. Not like the others.Being created from technology and science, the more modified DNA expression, the more perfection they got. Although Asher became The Creator’s favorite when he was born, still … he himself hated his destiny to the bones.Being the luckiest makes almost all of The HumanBot jealous. None of his race likes him except Tony, of course. That’s why he never got invited to any party.Also, having many modified DNA expressions in his body made him suffer. Those expressions made a complication that almost always reappeared every three mon
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3. Reset
As the humans started the new life under the ground, they tried hard to increase their population. They needed to reproduce, and they made it. But, the babies could not live longer than seven years because of the conditions under the ground. Their tiny lungs could not compete with the adult to get the low oxygen supplies.Humans tried to solve that problem by bringing the baby to the ground's surface. But, of course, the radiation killed them within a second. It was really frustrating at that moment. Although they can produce, the babies cannot live. And thus, the population decreased by time.And one day, a group of scientists who labeled themselves as The Creators discovered something that might bring back the glory for the human race. It was the HumanBot breed. They were not just ordinary human babies.“Hope? Why?” Aaron looks displeased.Hope, the girl, jumped into the conversation. She didn’t smile a bit. The expression on her face would always be the seriousness.“I have importa
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4. Special Weapon
Neo was laid on the metal bed once again. But this time, he could hear voices surrounding him. Not only one but many. He forced his eyes to open, but it seemed like those eyes of his were not under his control anymore. Realizing that, Neo focused on increasing his hearing system and tried to hear what the conversation was about.“What did you do to him? You promised me he would no longer suffer. But, what was this?”A woman's voice. It was very soft and gentle. Neo could feel the emotion from her, a thick emotion. She was crying while speaking.“You can have my word. He’s fine. It was just the side effect of a special weapon implant. His immune system is too strong, it rejected the weapon.” Neo breathed slowly. He remembered the second voice. It belonged to Corine, the only woman he could remember.“I would never sign that agreement if anything bad happened to him.” Said the crying woman. Her presence close to Neo brought a warm feeling that Neo couldn’t understand. It comforted him.
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5. System Unkonwn
Neo was startled by those notifications again. Suddenly he remembered the thing that he had read before he collapsed. Something called the mutant system. One thing that, so far, still hasn’t been explained by Corine.“What’s happening? What are you waiting for? We have to hurry.” Corine looked back to Neo after she couldn’t hear any footsteps behind her.Neo stared at her, thinking. Then, he decided to ask. After all, he somehow believed that Corine knew everything.“Where can I get DNA essence?” he asked carefully.But Corine didn’t give him an answer right forward. She remained silent and looked like she was battling with her own mind.“What are you talking about? DNA essence? Did I make another mistake during the upgrade, causing you to start talking non-sense?”The answer he got made him even more confused. But, before Neo lost his memory, in his past … he was already known as one of the brilliant HumanBot.Neo was sure that the notification he got before passing out was different
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6. Control
“INFINITY!” shouted Neo.Of a sudden, all those empty eyes glitched. Shining-red lights blink from their robot eyes as if the code just reactivated their system. Everyone started to grasp their breath. Many of them looked terrified, but the remaining looked calmed down.Neo just watched what was happening in front of him and stayed silent. He felt relief when he saw Tony back to normal, breathing easily while his eyes found him, then smiled.However, although everyone there had received their consciousness back, they didn’t move from their line as if they were still under the control of the program or something. Neo looked at Corine. His expression clearly hid many questions.“What was that for? The code?” Neo realized that the code Corine’s gave was somehow activating the HumanBot as if they were under his control. Knowing that fact, Neo once again felt that Corine was just using him and the HumanBot.“An army should work properly. Somebody should give them an order. And that somebod
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7. Rejection
Corine left all the HumanBot inside the hall without any more words coming from her lips. She walked out like a ghost while Neo was still trying to push his body to move like he wanted. But he couldn’t.Neo found out that his body was controlled by someone else who was not himself. The same fate that all the HumanBot also faced. It was strange, but remembering the latest upgrade that he still didn’t know the detail, made him feel robbed. Not only him but all the HumanBot. They lose their freedom before they even realize it.“Neo, how you doing?” Tony ran to Neo. After the metal door hidden on the wall closed entirely, all the HumanBot were suddenly free to move on their own.Neo stared at Tony from head to toe as if he was investigating him and trying to find what’ things had changed. But as long as he could remember, Neo couldn’t see any changes in Tony’s physical.“Do you get it too?” asked Neo, a strange feeling made his throat itchy. It feels like it’s been a while since the last
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8. Secret System
Zink!Zink!Zink!The hall suddenly became noisy because of the sound of alarm rumbling from every corner of that giant room. The enhanced hearing system that almost every HumanBot have causes them to struggle to stay balanced while standing on their feet. They tried to cover their earlobes using their bare hands to reduce the annoying sound from the alarm.Neo seemed to be struggling a lot. He fell to the ground while lying on the wall, trying to manually reduce his hearing system because he was the most sensitive HumanBot in terms of that system.“Arghh …”[Mutant body received damage from unknown object]Another notification popped out and confused him.[Warning!][The host might collapse]“What was that for? Arghhh …” Neo complained on something that he could only seen from the notification on his robot’s eye.“Neo, are you okay?” Tony ran toward Neo and gave him a hand. He held Neo’s arm to push him to stand.Zink!He turned it off, and suddenly, he could not hear anything. Even
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9. Unwanted Object
Neo and the others couldn’t see anything inside the darkness caused by the black smoke. As the training section has been officially started, Neo, who already set the hearing system back to the highest level of sensitivity, began to hear the short breathing system of the HumanBot hidden inside the darkness.“Transformer, do you think the infrared gonna work?”“I have activated the Infrared’s eyes.”Immediately, Neo’s eyes color changed to red as the infrared function had been activated by Transformer. And now, he could see everyone in the darkness, including their facial expression right now when they were lost in the dark and didn’t know what to do next.Neo knew that not all the HumanBot have the infrared system planted in their eyes. Any kind of superior system that normal humans could not have was planted in HumanBot. Still, not all of their body could accept it. Some rejected it, and thus, the system could not work correctly or could not even work.In front of Neo was Hope. She lo
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10. A Monster?
Darkness. Neo could not see anything except the darkness that surrounded him. He was sure that both of his eyes were fully opened, but there was still nothing there. Only darkness. Started to wonder what was happening to him, he suddenly felt like his body was flying. He was lying, but he could not feel anything holding him back, as if he was there lying while flying.“Is this what they called dreaming?” he whispered to himself. His voice sounded weird, as if he got a sore throat.“Hello? Is anybody here?”Neo was trying to find the answer himself. The notification was the only thing he could remember before everything turned into darkness. When the countdown reached 0 seconds, suddenly, everything turned black.“Hell─.”A transparent screen suddenly appeared in front of his face. The light from the screen blinded Neo’s eyes for a second.[Rebooting in progress (10 minutes left)]A weird loading scale inside the screen started to count down the time. Neo tried to touch the screen, but
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