I'd Like to Change My Reincarnation Subscription, Please

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I'd Like to Change My Reincarnation Subscription, Please

By: Gem OngoingSystem

Language: English

Chapters: 241 views: 10.5K

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Superpowers abound. Villains rule the world. A transmigrated dork that has absolutely no idea what’s going on. Strong-armed by the Superhero Enhancement System into the thankless job of endlessly performing good deeds in a world where such actions are often met with violence, Lucas Lynn doesn't have much choice in regards to using his supposed gifts. It’s bad enough having to pretend to be a supervillain, but how exactly does Boss System expect him to save the world with only the help of a homeless teen, a dog that’s smarter than he is, and a yoyo? Oh, just trick some supervillains into becoming superheroes instead? You make it sound so easy!

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  • Helen B.


    This book is too hard to be reviewed by a mere mortal :) It has everything: humor, action, gore, and almost everything you can think of. I was looking for something to replace the fun I had watching Saitama in action. Well, now I've found it. Well done, author! 5 stars is too little for this ;)

    2022-02-19 14:49:00
  • Naughty Snail


    Such a fun read. It's light but twisted. Once you start, the slow pace is still interesting and enjoyable. Keep 'em coming.

    2022-02-18 03:29:19
  • Gem


    A slow paced high tec comedy slice of life in an otherwise dark world. Isekaied MC gets a superhero system, but has to pretend to be a villain to protect himself from being noticed.

    2022-02-03 14:01:04
  • Tyler Carson


    great book

    2023-01-28 22:17:53
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241 chapters
Prologue - Hello World
Let's get the exposition dump out of the way to avoid the hundreds of chapters it would take to smoothly 'show' it all before the real story even begins.It is roughly a decade after the final confrontation between superheroes and supervillains, which the villains had won in an undisputed victory. While only a small percentage of the population have superpowers, even a normal human can cause sufficient trouble, so one can imagine what disasters these powered individuals caused in the wake of the war.Over this past decade, the overall population and economy have finally reached a point of hero-free stability. Estimates place the world population somewhere between one-fourth and one-third of the pre-war population, not that anyone would dare attempt a census when you're mor
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Ch1 - Congratulations
A gentle late-spring breeze blows past, stirring up a few dead leaves, and bringing along a tattered plastic shopping bag to dance in the wind. Its graceful performance is interrupted when it slams into the face of a casually dressed young man, who was observing an old woman in the nearby crosswalk.Slender lightly tanned hands reach up to remove the offending trash, exposing his clean-shaven face. His disgusted expression is punctuated by his brown eyes being narrowed into near slits. Tossing the trash back over his shoulder, the breeze changes direction and brings the filthy bag back to molest the back of his head in an aggressive assault upon his short brown hair. He stiffens briefly before defending himself, eventually managing to successfully swat his assailant away.
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Ch2 - Take Two
After a brief moment of disorientation, Lucas reflexively clutches his stomach and starts leaning forward, gasping for a deep breath. When his eyes snap open mid-motion, his face is enthusiastically greeted by a vaguely familiar tattered and soiled plastic bag. Freezing in this position for a few seconds before realizing he's not in any pain, he slowly reaches up to grab and hold the repeat offender bag. Lowering his gaze, he stares at the familiar hand holding the happily billowing scrap of plastic. Waiting a few moments more the direction of the wind shifts and he gently releases the bag, watching it float away in front of him with a blank expression.'This... Well then. I guess that's better than barely holding on while bleedin’ out. Hmm... knock knock super system, or whatever the hell you said you're called, ya still t
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Ch3 - Worker Rights
Coming back up into daylight from the gloom of the subway station, Lucas squints briefly as he adjusts to the change in brightness, shielding his eyes with a hand temporarily. Now in high spirits, he softly hums tunelessly to himself as he sets out for what was once upon a time his initial destination; his favorite pizza place.'Only had to elbow five people away, I'm impressed. I gotta say, that guy that tested my grip on the handle gettin’ completely knocked over when I shoved him with the suitcase was pretty great. That look on his face was priceless. It all bein’ followed up by that granny stuttering awkwardly before managing to say thank you was definitely the best part though, I could tell that she hasn't said it in... sheesh, years?'Read more
Ch4 - Vengeance
Trigger Warning: This chapter features the first instance of real gore. After having mostly composed himself, Lucas now wields a cardboard box full of beer and garlic knots upon his left shoulder, with the treasured pizza box held before him. He is still making a conscious effort to stay calm, however, his mind keeps uncontrollably drifting back to the newly discovered knowledge of his... contractual obligations.Walking the few blocks back to his apartment, he does his best to project an aura of, 'want my pizza? Fuck around and find out.' Thankfully, every covetous look upon his illustrious cardboard is successfully glared away by him.Being fully aware of Lucas's foul mood, 427 has tacitly stayed silent throughout his journey home.Read more
Ch5 - Tolerance
When Lucas makes it to the door of his apartment, he drops the knife on the ground. He shakily pulls his keys from his pocket, further smearing bloody debris on his clothes, and slowly fumbles through unlocking the four external locks. Once the door is open, he kicks the knife inside, then staggers in after it. Once inside, he hurriedly sets the boxes down on the floor by the doorway, closing the door behind him by kicking his shoes back at it. He dashes to his bathroom to wash his hands with hot water, not stopping until the third complete cycle of scrubbing them. With the sink still running, he braces himself against
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Ch6 - Third Time's the Charm
For what somehow simultaneously feels like both an eternity yet also just a moment, Lucas trembles with stomach-churning disorientation. Startling awake and gasping deeply, his unfocused eyes snap open, looking up at a yellow-stained large-paneled ceiling. Vision clearing as he gets his bearings, he finds that he is currently slumped across two chairs next to a thick round solid metal table that is bolted to the ground. With one hand on the table, he dazedly pulls himself upright. He slowly looks down at the casual clothes and unzipped hoodie he is wearing before looking up again with his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.'Wai… Wha? This is… Why did I go back again?'[You… You didn't do it intentionally? You were chugging alcohol that would be better used as rocket fuel or paint stripper rather tha
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Ch7 - Beginnings of a Fandom
With his eyes fixed on the treacherous purse, Lucas swallows nervously.'It won't be very long before he shows up right? What should I do 427, just immediately grab the bag back and find a way to disarm him, but then let him run off? It's not like I can restrain him and turn him in to the police, they'd probably just laugh me away if I even tried. It doesn't feel like it's enough though...'[While that would count as a successful GDV task completion, you don't want to let him off that easily do you? I understand you're probably still traumatized from last time, but you don't have to let him go unscathed. Break an arm or two perhaps?]Lucas's nervous expression falls from his face, instead, his mouth stretches into a sinister smile.
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Ch8 - Pizza Reconstruction Surgery
With the flush starting to slowly fade from his face, Lucas slams the door of his apartment shut by leaning back against it heavily. Taking a few deep breaths, he then kicks off his shoes and goes to set the pizza plus partners down on his coffee table. Once his hands are free, he heads back over, re-locking the door. Feeling some semblance of security, he heads into the kitchenette to wash his hands, grabbing the confiscated jagged knife on the way and tossing it into the sink before promptly ceasing to care about it.Returning to the patched-up sofa, now wielding a butter knife, Lucas closes his eyes for a moment in silent directionless prayer before opening the box to see the damage."Nooo, my baby! Look how they massacred my boy." He mourns aloud, witnessing the majority of cheese and sausage being stuck to the lid of the
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Ch9 - Villain Time
Lucas spends some time lounging on his patched-up sofa, waiting out the peak of laziness from overeating. With his laptop balanced on his stomach, he pokes about between a few different games, but doesn't really get into any of them.'After everything that's happened recently, I'm completely out of it, sheesh. Also, it feels a bit weird knowing you're always just… Over there listening 427.'[If you're not gonna be relaxing anyway, you could always go out and…]'I am NOT going out grinding minor missions. Bleh, I was always the type to skip unnecessary side quests in RPGs.' Lucas mimes a gagging motion in the middle of the thought in a demonstration.[...Just saying. It may feel li
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