Stuck with a top class gamer

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Stuck with a top class gamer

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I remember it like it was yesterday blinding lights hyped crowed and the the best gamer on stage performing live right infront of me. if you tell me right then that she'd be living with me I'd probably be overjoyed or dont believe you at all... but you know what they say. never meet your heros


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Welcome to my life!
Hi, my name is Taida Haru but my close friends just call me Haru.Well, I only have one close friend, in fact, he's my only friend Gabriel Briar. We live in a dorm room together for university.He's the best. He's also super into gaming but has a better social life than mine and if anything he's the only reason I see the sun at all other than school.All I do with myself all day besides study is just play video games. I know it's incredibly unproductive but believe it or not, I like my current lifestyle.I keep in touch with a lot of gamers and streamers my favorite one has to be unentitledghost47 also known as Miku AlvieEveryone knows her but my best friend is obsessed with her."Hey dude guess what." Gabriel burst through my door with a huge grin on his face.I looked at him not responding, trying to process what he just said after being up for 24 hours just playing video games. He walked in and opened the blinds letting all the light in. I quickly covered my eyes. I felt like I w
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There she is! Miku Alvie!
Hey my name is Taida Haru I'm 19 attendinguniversity as a freshman.My life isn't at all interesting...I live in the small town of Syoto. We don't have apartments and the only thing we have worth mentioning is our university. Oh, and the new game stop place is opening today.Yeah, they're actually making a comeback took them long enough.I remember my grandfather talking about his great great great great great great grandfather's experience there. I can't wait to see it.Oh right back on topic.As a celebration of the grand opening, they hired Miku Alvie herself to do a live stage performance!exciting right?I don't know about you but I can't wait to meet her."Hey...Haru!" ...I felt a sharp sting on the back of my head."Ow!" I turned behind me to see what was the issue."Are you still sleepy? I told you to sleep early last night." My best friend Gabriel started to nag me."no, I was just ..daydreaming that's all." We were in a Taxi heading towards the concert."Ok then. we'
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I did what??
The game was on. Everyone got separated except for me and Gabriel.Apparently, the whole thing was a battle royal everyone vs her."There's no way we could lose."That's what I thought anyway."" Roi was killed by Unentitledghost47"""""troybultin56 was killed by Unentitledghost47 """"" rian'n'Jamal was killed by Unentitledghost47 ""The list just kept going and going and going.Now once a list of ten thousand now a list of five thousand in seconds.The pressure was on.We were hiding in a tree looking down for Miku so we could have a chance at escaping.Gabriel was just as scared yet excited as I am."So any knowledge of this game?" he asked hoping I played this before and as a matter of fact I did."This game is called universal take over. This is one of the biggest battle royal games to date with 10 different planets and each of them has the map size of an average open-world RPG.""Then how the hell do games even finish with that much space??" "The map shrinks over time. A
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Home sweet home
We were stuck in that building for hours until the police arrived.Miku pulled them aside away from the line to talk to them about something.I was nervous I might go to jail. I don't know what this is about. I probably touched something I wasn't supposed to and now it's gone??Ugh, my head hurts.Soon enough the officers came up to us. There were only two of them, one looked to be more of a trainee than an actual officer."We're going to check you for stolen equipment so one at a time come up to officer Jerry here and we'll check you."Stolen equipment? who in their right mind would try such a thing?? Well at least I'm fine I didn't steal anything.I walked forward first full of confidence I just wanted to get this over with.They patted me down and felt something. I still didn't budge, it's probably just my phone....NOPE! Of course not, they reached into my pockets and pulled out a tiny chip that people use to mod games."step out of the line sir." I was in disbelief but I liste
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Is this my life now???
So... let's recap shall we?Two gamer dudes (cool dudes Mind you) think it would be fun to attend the concert of our favorite gamer. Enjoyed the event, and planned to go home but whoops a new sudden change has been added which causes us to stay because we love games and it's against our favorite game Miku for crying out loud.Gets absolutely OBLITERATED in said game and somehow during all that time we get framed for theft."Today has to be the worst day ever," I muttered to myself.We were at the dinner table. It was macaroni and cheese tonight. Gabriel did not join us tonight though he almost threw up at the sight of more cheese. 'heh- serves him right-' I thought to myself"Oh Haru, I didn't know you had a girlfriend." I sunk into my chair when my mom said that both of my palms were against my face."no, I'm not-" Miku tried to explain but my mom just cut her off as she normally does when she's about to hear something she doesn't like."No need to be so modest here have some more
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Player 4!
"I'm giving you five seconds!" I shouted from outside, still waiting for her to get out."You're just wasting your breath." I heard her say from the bathroom but I counted anyway."5." "4." "3.""2!!"I heard someone knocking on the door.Now before I go through the whole "I opened the door." type thing imma just say this.You remember that cousin I talked about."Hey.." A tall guy about six feet with black hair and brown eyes."uh...what are you doing here Eli?" I said not wanting to fully open the door."I could ask you the same thing.." He tried speaking through the door but I blocked him."uhh... I was ...suspended ..yeah." I tried to play it off cool but all that effort was ruined when Miku shouted at Gabriel from upstairs."What the hell are you doing??" "uh...""you got friends over?" Eli began to get skeptical..shit... it's only a matter of time until he decides to push through me-"no-" There I saved itThe conversation got quiet between us just blankly staring at each o
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Player 3 vs Player 4!
A New morning, new opportunities... at least that's what people with opportunities say.Do I have to get up today... We've been together for a week now and things haven't gotten any better between us.Sure me and my best and Gabe are as close as ever but I and Miku....not so much Eli and her are the worst together sure their fights are silent and passive aggressive but whenever I sit in between the two of them it's like I'm a negotiator and it's up to me to stop a world war before it even started. -knock knock-"Oi how long are you gonna spend in there?" and there's the first knock of the day.I covered my eyes with my arm. Would it be bad if I don't bathe at all today?_______We're just chilling in the living room, me and Gabriel, just the two of us playing super smash bros like the bros that we are.A lame joke I know but whatever I don't need your validation.I was getting bodied by Gabriel's spam attacks when Eli came downstairs looking all over the place."You uhh... you good E
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Merry Christmas
You know in between all of the chaos and the active trouble between my inmates and Eli... I forgot about the most important time of the year.yup, you guessed it boxing day! yeah sure Christmas is good and all but the price drops on boxing day are unmatched, unmatched I tell you!The amount of money I saved on boxing day as a college student is amazing! sadly today isn't boxing day is Christmas eve and I'm going to buy my friends the best gift ever!online of course...I... I can't leave the house .. ...yeah but I have a plan.I opened my laptop and started to go on "Amazing" yes it is pronounced ama - and zing not amazing."What are you doing?" I heard Gabriel come in through the door. I quickly closed my pc and turned to him."You know knocking is a gesture that most people appreciate."Gabriel started to look at me in a way that said "are you doing something you're not supposed to" or "are you planning a private Christmas gift for me?" I don't know, I'm paranoid.We shared
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Hey Jamie
Today has been….uneventful….strange usually I woke up to screaming in the hallway or everyone eating in their rooms.I walk down the stairs to the living room to see my mom still home.…that explains it….."Hey dear." she waved at me with a smile."hey… " well this is awkward."Come on sit with your mom." great now she's trying to make a conversation quickly, make an excuse!"I'd love to but I have to do uh…do something," I said inching up the stairs but my mom already knew what was happening."You don't want to spend time with your mother?" tears formed in her eyes.Those were clearly crocodile tears but it didn't make me feel any less guilty.I ended up sitting next to her…Mission escape….failed._______________New day new opportunities …at least that's what people with opportunities say-Wait, I've said this before…Anyway, I woke up to the casual noise in the halls just the way I like it.Eli left early today to meet this guy he rarely mentions and it was just me, Gabriel, and M
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A new perspective on the ones you love.
"You must be Jamie." The man smiled and gestured to a seat next to him."Come come sit down sit down!"He was very excited to get this trade over with and make profits.All of Gabriel's courage vanished as he went to sit down in the seat he was tense."So!" The guy went to collect another bottle of beer. "I assume you're here to collect the goods?"Gabriel nodded, still looking around the place a bit nervously."Great place huh?"Gabriel looked startled when the man spoke but he responded."Yeah, it's awesome."The man took note of Gabriel's nervousness and laughed."Don't worry, I won't bite."The man got up and headed to the back of the room it was covered by even more curtains…truly a place for gaming hippies-"I assume you'd want to leave as soon as possible so here-"He dropped a crate full of the stolen items.Gabriel watched in awe as he looked through all the expensive tech in the crate."Believe it or not this is only 00.01% of the actual stuff they stole."They?" Gabriel got
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