The Lich's Master

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The Lich's Master

By: Dweia CompletedGames

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🏆 ["Sliver Medal" in System Category of "Meganovel Annual Writing Contest 2022"] 🏆 ‘Perhaps being stuck in a game isn’t so bad!’, Kyle thought moments before he was mistaken for a hidden boss by a rather dim, but quite powerful knight. That was the moment he learned what immediate regret meant. Kyle was an ordinary student at an insignificant university. Being the pinnacle of ‘average’, his life was as mundane as it could get, that is, until he found himself unable to log out of the full dive game that had recently released. Life in a game wasn’t too bad, that is if one’s not hunted day and night by the players, who mistook him for a special hidden boss with near human level A.I. And no amount of trying to convince them that he was, in fact, human helped. He survived a while until a knight kicked him though a boss door in a dungeon. Usually, facing a lich at such a low level would be a death sentence. By all means, it should have been. But lady luck smiled on him for once in his absolutely mundane life, and he found himself in the possession of said lich. About as confused as he can get, Kyle’s new life took a rather awkward and bizarre turn. And as such, his life of adventure fille with colourful and quirky characters, ferocious monsters and downright terrifying encounters began!


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“You filthy imposter!” The Knight shouted, pointing at the young man with his sword. “I will cut you down here and now!”  The person being shouted at sighed and rolled his golden eyes. “You’re taking the roleplay too far.” He unsheathed his sword as the fully armoured Knight dashed at him. “And you’re running right into the…” His soft voice faded as the Knight stepped on the painfully obvious pitfall trap on the ground. His shout echoed and then was abruptly cut short as his body hit the pikes below. ‘Player killed’ A blue interface panel popped up. The young man swiped the panel away before more text could appear. “Yeah, yeah…” He mumbled as the corpse below emitted some particles, then disappeared. “How stupid can you be?” He ran his hand through his hair. He glanced around as the chilly wind pulled at his clothes. “That was today’s raiding party, I guess.” He rearmed the trap, then slowly headed up the mountain path. He couldn’t wait t
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Chapter 1: You Do See the Lich, Right?
The answer was, unfortunately, a resounding no. No, the Knight was absolutely, certainly in no way aware of the god damned lich. Despite its cackling laughter. And ongoing monologue. And the skeletons it was summoning. And the skulls floating mid-air. The Knight was not aware. His entire focus was on Kyle, and his apparently ‘vile’ intent. “I will kill you!” The man shouted, making Kyle lose whatever hope he had. He quickly ran behind a group of skeletons as he hoped they would target the higher level player. He was a tank, he had to have a passive skill that taunted his enemies, or increased the likelihood of being targeted, right? “You can’t hide behind your puny summons!” He shouted at the top of his lungs. “YOU DARE DISTURB MY RESEARCH?” The lich’s voice echoed in the circular room he slowly stood up on his throne made of bones. “I WILL RAIN MY WRATH UPON YOU, PUNY HUMAN!” “I’m not scared of your threats!” The Knight shouted, pointing his
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Chapter 2: How to Actually Kill a Lich
  Kyle glanced around in a panic as it struck him. “It’s a Lich, you dumbass!” He scolded himself. “It’s dead already!” He looked away from the bone dust slowly swirling on the ground, and scoured the room with his gaze. A phylactery! That was what he really needed to find! That was what Liches used to store their souls in… Or something like that. He couldn’t quite remember all fantasy lore in a stressful situation like this. A phylactery… What would it look like? A bottle? A box? He’d never seen one before! He felt like he was looking for needle in a haystack, except the needle wasn’t a needle – it could be anything! Because why not!? Annoyed at the early demise of the Knight, the very much unnecessary resurrection of the lich, and his lack of knowledge on what a phylactery was supposed to look like, he turned his gaze towards the dust again, hoping to see some form of clue. Maybe a line pointing towards where the phylac
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Chapter 3: How Not to Kill a Lich
Kyle fiddled with the phylactery as the Lich floated around its boss room. He seemed to be in some distress, and the more he looked around, the more he seemed to suffer. Kyle turned his attention back at the Phylactery. It was a fist sized crystal bottle that would probably not break if he tried to smash it into the ground. Crystals were sturdier than glass according to in game lore, and the bottle was quite thick as well. The green liquid swirled and churned inside constantly, its colour seemed to reflect the Lich’s mood as it was getting darker and darker as it flew around. “MY BOOKS! MY CENTURIES OF RESEARCH! MY LIFE’S AND DEATH’S WORK!” He let out a cry of despair, sending chills down Kyle’s spine. “YOU DESTROYED THEM!” He continued to cry. “Sorry about that.” Kyle averted his gaze. As… terrifying this Lich was, he seemed more and more desperate as time passed. Sure, it was a very powerful being that lived for several centuries, but at the
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Chapter 4: A Lich's Plea
“Hi…” Kyle mumbled as he stepped inside. The dust, the burn marks and any battle mark on the ground and walls had vanished. The marble floor was pristine, as if it was laid down just a few hours ago.“MOST OF MY POWER IS RESTORED NOW.” The Lich kindly informed him, by nearly blowing his ears off.“Please keep your voice down. I know you like shouting, but it genuinely hurts me.” Kyle reminded him as he let go of the hilt of his sword.“SORRY…” Cacophus replied with a surprisingly little voice. His green eyes’ glow dimmed as he covered his mouth with his skeletal hands. Kyle couldn’t help but chuckle upon seeing him like that.“It’s fine. As long as you’re careful, it’s fine.” He said, almost feeling bad for the Lich. “So… what now?”“MY RESEARCH IS MOSTLY DESTROYED.” The lich shot him a hurt look. Green mist escaped
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Chapter 5: Elves and a Particular Knight
As soon as he stepped between the trees, he found himself staring at the pointy end of a spear. The sun’s light reflected off of the shining metal, nearly blinding him as he tried to look at the weapon. “Give us one reason to let you live!” “Uh… I come in peace?” He suggested, raising his hands in an attempt to show he wasn’t reaching his weapon. “Don’t dare cast spells!” Another voice shouted as more elves appeared all around. “I’m not a mage!” Kyle quickly tried to clarify. “I have no magic whatsoever!” “Then what are you doing here?” Another one of the elves asked. His deep voice startled Kyle as he stepped out of the woods. He was taller than the others, and his long, white hair swept the floor behind him as he approached Kyle. “This orchard is only of use to mages. Are you with that other human then?” Kyle gulped. This elf’s voice carried power. Angering him seemed like a horrible idea. “What other human?” Kyle asked. “I d
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Chapter 6: To Burn Bridges, Literally
He stroked the neck of the brown horse as he waited. He wasn’t dumb enough to go searching for a knight in the middle of a forest. As the dumb one had already demonstrated that class was quite powerful and required minimal intelligence. A minute passed, then a second, then a third. Kyle waited patiently, an unlit torch in hand. Not long after, a rustle sounded from the dense forest on the other side of the bridge. As the sound of snapping branches and crushed dry leaves reached his ears, Kyle stood up and lit his torch from the small campfire he made a while ago. He walked forward and stood at the edge of the cliff. The front of his boots touched the wooden planks of the bridge as someone burst through the woods on the other side. Kyle’s faint smile vaporised as soon as he saw the other person. “Not you again!” He cried out as the knight of his demise also froze mid step. “You!” He shouted at the top of his lungs, prompting Kyle into action. T
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Chapter 7: Jewels of the Orchard
“I hope the bridge wasn’t too important.” Kyle added apologetically. “I didn’t really have any other choice.” The elven leader shook his head. “It was of no consequence.” He said with a sigh. “Despite being human, you have proven your…” he hesitated, as if he were searching for a proper word. “My use?” Kyle suggested with a grin and was rewarded with a surprised expression. “Look, that same knight had been harassing me for a while too, so it was actually fun to have a little bit of revenge, you know?” he shrugged. “And I got to help you guys too.” He gestured towards the sickly tree. “I would love to help out with that too, but I’m no mage, nor do I know anyone who could be of help.” The elf’s lips curled up with a smile. “It’s quite alright. You have delivered on your promise, and we will not do any less than that. You may have as many fruits as you wish, but do not attempt to take any from this tree. They will only bring harm, as they have been corrupted by
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Chapter 8: A Sickly Glow
The sound of metal hitting the rock walls of the caves echoed. The rhythmic sound was quite annoying, and clearly audible even after closing the door leading outside Cacophus’ room. Kyle’s gaze followed the Lich, who seemed to be disinterested in the noise. How he was not bothered was beyond Kyle, but then again, the man was dead. He had been dead for who knows how long, and he was a Lich. If anything, he must have developed quite the patience during the centuries he spent being dead. Kyle sighed. As much as Cacophus was dead, he was not. And this noise was seriously getting on his nerves. He wanted to ask what the hell the Lich was making his skeletal workforce do, other than meaninglessly expanding the caverns, but Cacophus had (very loudly) asked not to be disturbed as he inspected the crystal fruits. Kyle already regretted his choice to wait until he was done. He was seriously going through every single fruit, checking them one by one. Every time his bone fingers
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Chapter 9: How Not to Clear a Camp
The camp wasn’t too large, but it was crowded enough to make Kyle somewhat nervous. There were three goblins sitting around a campfire. All three of them had makeshift spears near them, and one of them had a shiny, possibly human made sword on its back. There were two tents, one of them was a bit torn, and Kyle could see through the tears that another goblin slept inside. He couldn’t spy any weapons though, so it would probably be fairly easy to kill. Atop a large rock on the other side of the campfire, an archer sat. The goblin was probably supposed to be a lookout but looking out was not what it was doing. It was cleaning its brown, dirty fingernails. “Right,” He repeated to try and calm his racing heart. This was going to be the first camp he ever cleared, and he wanted to do it properly. The levels of the creatures were all 19, with only the archer and the sleeping gobbling being 17. They were within the proper experience gain range. The only thin
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