The martial Lord

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The martial Lord

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Nobody knew where they came from . They carried the aura of destruction and the whole universe trembled at their might . A young man bent on combating their evilness was born . He fought his way up. He was invicible, he was supreme , he had the system and he was the Lord of the martials


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258 chapters
The beginning
Reigning supreme among the myriad universe . He held the sun and moon in his hands . None was his equal as he was peerless in the universe . The. Children sang of his legendary feats . He was eternal and everlasting . He fought against the chaos and he prevailed . His name made countless universe tremble. He was known as the Lord of the martial. Let's go back to where it all started in a low level world . Martial world , My whole life have been mediocre as I had no outstanding talent except my good looks though . I became an orphan in my early childhood because my parents were killed by demonic beasts . The world I live in is extraordinary as we practiced the martial way and became stronger overcoming the human limits. Although we can not become as strong as the fabled gods . We can still perform superhuman feats . My talent in martial arts was quite good as I have reached the peak of mortal state at a very young age. The world I live in is a medival type of world where the we
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The fight
The man looked at me coldly and said " someone wants your life " . I said in anger " it depends whether you are capable of taking it " . The man chuckled and said " we will see about that " . Dark aura gathered around his body signifying that he was a martial master . martial master is the realm that is above martial warrior. "Oh!, shit " I exclaimed in my mind as I quickly dumped all my points in upgrading my martial technique . I felt my power increase drastically . I felt tense as I quickly circulated my cultivation technique as I adopted a defensive stance . The man disappeared suddenly appearing in my front as he smashed his fist towards my face . My face changed as I dare not take the fist head on . I quickly evaded as I counter attacked ."star fist" . sliver light gathered around my fist as I punched towards his lower abdomen . Intense rumbling sounds sounded in the air as I went in for the kill. He used his aura to form a barrier as I punched him. The barrier shook ,
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Waking up
 Everywhere was dark as I could not see any light . Suddenly an intense pain came over me as I gasped in pain . I slowly moved my hands as I opened my eyes. I saw two pair of eyes belonging to a small boy and a girl looking at me. I tried to get up but I could not because I was currently feeling very weak ."where am I " . I feebly asked .    "You are in windstorm village". the little boy answered . I checked my memory,I could not recall ever hearing the name of the village . so I was certain maybe I landed somewhere very far from the empire .The girl was looking at me with curious eyes ." Grandpa saw you floating on top of the village river , so he brought you home ". I weakly muttered "Thank you " . The cute girl smiled brightly as she was being praised .The door opened and the girl shouted " grandpa is back " . and quickly rushed to him " Grandpa the person you brought back is awake " . she shouted as she hugged him . I looked at the person and
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My Dao
A beautiful woman with a cold and arrogant air slowly walked of the palace .Her gaze seemed to contain disdain for all living beings as she did not place anybody in her eyes at all . "Useless fool, you can not kill a mere martial warrior . what use do you have " . she said coldly as her killing intent intensified. The man kneeling on the ground shivered as he felt that death was near " No your majesty , that kid is abnormal . He is a martial warrior but he can fight a martial master " . "Oh " . The dark queen lifted her eyebrows as a streak of interest flashed through her eyes. " You said he jumped off the cliff " . she asked "Yes , he jumped off ". The man hurriedly answered . The Dark queen grasped his collar and directly tore space and left . After some time , They arrived at the location . The Dark queen quickly expanded his divine consciousness as she investigated the place .The bottom of the cliff was too deep even her divine sense could not reach the end of it . " He ca
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Tian's past
" Okay no problem " . I said . Immediately my temperament changed as my bearing became like one that is invicible between heaven and Earth . Tian looked suprised and said " hmmm, interesting " . He erupted with speed as he punched my face .   I lightly smiled as I parried his fist with my right hand . He quickly followed up by smashing his elbow towards my neck . My eyes was calm as I seemed to have predicted that attack . I shifted my head as I kicked out in retaliation , he used his two hands to defend my attack.     I quickly disappeared and appeared in his face punching out . He defended it without knowing it was a feint . My left hand smashed his stomach . He grunted and took ten steps back leaving a deep imprint on the ground . "Nice fighting instincts" . he praised . I grinned and said "This is just a warm up ". He nodded and said "watch out ".      Tian flexed his muscles and appeared in my front punching o
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Do you want to become supreme
 He clenched his fist as he muttered incoherently with sobs " I learnt of what happened to him but I could not do anything.His wife died of depression after giving birth to my grandchildren . I felt very worthless and useless but it was the presence of my grandchildren that gave me the will to continue living."   My expression gradually became cold as I said "These sects , they don't have any respect for human lives". I laughed mockingly "my own situation is quite ironic as the person I saved now wants to kill me because it is a stain in her reputation to associate with me". Tian looked at me with pity " Repaying good with evil , a great krama is attached to it . so your injuries was caused by her ". I continued walking as I said" she sent an assassin but I was lucky enough to escape with my life".   Tian sighed and said " some people are really ungrateful ".I smiled "It is a lapse in my judgement but believe me, she will pay for what she did
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The devastating battle
   Reaching the entrance , everywhere was chaotic as people were running for their lives . "Tian , secure the children first ". I said . Tian nodded as his eyes were filled with anxiety as he looked for his grandchildren . I looked at the distance as I saw terrifying creatures rushing over with their huge bodies comparable to a martial warrior. ordinary people can not do anything to them . They numbered around 100.    My eyes blazed with fighting intent as I could finally taste how powerful I have become. "Star travel" . I disappeared and appeared in their front. "star body". sliver light shrouded my body making me look like a god on Earth. The beasts growled as they sensed an intense threat from me but they rushed forward. I punched out, booooom!!! a sliver light flashed as four of the beasts exploded leaving their body parts flying in the air .   I kept puching out as I advanced in their midst . Many of the armoured Rhinos kept explodi
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The strong prey on the weak
  Dark aura shrouded the beast king as he formed a barrier with his spiritual energy. My attack slammed against his body "boooom!!!". a piercing noise sounded in the air as dusts flew everywhere . The other beasts wanted to help but the beast king growled at them signaling them to stay where they are. His eyes became serious as he now saw me as a serious opponent . His eyes turned gray as he turned on his bloodline talent.    Countless of spikes formed from earth element shot towards me . it was coming from different angles so I was trapped. I used my spiritual energy to form a barrier around myself as I passively defended . I kept punching out destroying the spikes but they were countless . This attack will soon exhaust my spiritual energy. It seems like I had no choice but to use that move although it will really drain my spiritual energy.   "Star domain ". I muttered . booom!!! a huge sliver domain covered the beast king and the other
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Creating cultivation technique
 Eternal Dark sect  " Master why !!!". a shrill scream sounded inside the palace of the sect leader . Irisha cried as she looked at her master " Do you have to end his life , why are you so heartless? ". The expression on the Dark Queen's face remained stoic as she replied coldly " It is for own good". Irisha wailed loudly as her expression was filled with pain and sorrow . The Dark queen looked at her disciple with disappointment and sighed "Don't worry, emotions will only serve as a hindrance to your martial way ".   Irisha shouted with anger " Must we forsake our humanity because we are high above . Remember before you became the peerless Dark queen , you were just a mortal . it's just that you had the opportunity and extraordinary background". "Enough!, go into seclusion and prepare to breakthrough to grandmaster stage , I will not let you bring shame to the sect by performing poorly in the Four overlord sect competition". The Dar
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Tian's breakthrough
 After getting the cultivation technique from his master . Tian rushed back home to cultivate because he could not wait to see the wonders of the technique. He immediately entered into seclusion. He started cultivating the sky breaking technique. He visualized himself standing before a terrifying giant that was clad in Golden armour roaring against the sky. His unyielding will was resonating with the Tian . The sky finally became angry as it released devastating thunder punishment to destroy the gaint . The gaint roared with fierce gaze as he battled the sky .The battle was too fierce as seas were overturned and landscape shattered . In the terrifying gaint shattered the sky with his fists proving himself Superior to the skies. Tian opened his eyes as an Indomitable will emerged from his body . This cultivation technique was best for him . He started absorbing spiritual energy and he discovered that the speed of his absorption have drastically increased. 
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