EasySync System: Amazing Wealth

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EasySync System: Amazing Wealth

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After working hard to provide for his wife, Felix was not only dissatisfied but also betrayed! His wife ran away and he had an accident while trying to chase her. As a result, he was rushed to the hospital. But when he wakes up, he finds an unfamiliar voice with a transparent screen greeting him. The EasySync system has found an owner! Felix's life changed drastically. A new journey of doing various missions to become rich now begins!

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Insulted Felix!
"People say that after marriage fortune will flow more smoothly. But what is this? Not only is there no fortune, but my life is becoming more miserable by the day!" Arista, Felix's wife, washes the dishes so roughly that it makes a loud noise."I'm sick of living like this! Having a husband is completely useless. Working from morning to evening, being exposed to heat and rain, even getting ugly, but still not earning anything!" Arista continued to speak angrily. Her loud voice went along with the clinking of the plates on the shelf with a slight stomp. Even the running water splashed everywhere. "My life is unlucky! Bad husband, can't make any money, the house is like a pigsty, ah, how horrible life is!"Felix, who was eating, could no longer stand Arista's ramblings. He took the last bite of his cracker and raised his gaze to stare at the back of the woman who was his wife. "Arista, can't you do the work without talking?""No!" snapped Arista as she rubbed the pot vigorously, making
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EasySync System
Felix's sharp eyes lit up slightly. At first glance, he felt quite fond of this ring.With that, Felix cleaned it with his shirt and then put it on.A faint smile appeared on his dull handsome face when he saw how good the red color on the ring looked."Woi, poor thing, hurry!" A voice shouted from the top of the building, making Felix flinch and hurriedly resume his work.When break time came, Felix walked over to a shady tree and wiped the sweat from his temples.However, just as he was about to sit there, a man came rushing over. "Felix, your wife left!"Felix immediately stood up straight and looked at the man who was his neighbor with some confusion. "What do you mean?""Your wife left. Carrying a big bag. Hurry up, you have to go home immediately." With that, the man grabbed Felix and pushed him to leave immediately.Felix couldn't hold back any longer and sprinted towards home. His heart was racing as he heard his wife leave with a big bag.Felix's friends who were enjoying the
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First Mission
[Alright, let's get started then!]Felix confirmed his sitting position enthusiastically. A happy smile filled his face.[Mission quest begins!][Completed!][Displaying the mission!][Prevent the transfer of shares and change of leadership by the Zay Group company. As well as revealing the true intentions of Bay Pratama who deceived Mr. Zay with his fake identity.]Felix's brows spontaneously furrowed in incomprehension. "What do I have to do for that? I don't know them, either... how can I carry out the mission? The EasySync System, isn't it too heavy?"[No, Sir. This mission is a D-level mission, which is the second lowest level."]"What? Second lowest? If something like this is called the second lowest, then what about the highest level?" Felix unconsciously raised his voice. He suddenly felt regret for accepting this strange system and mission. At first, he thought the mission would be limited to ordinary work, but as it turned out, it was far beyond his expectations. "I don't th
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Take a DNA Test
As soon as they reached the floor, the woman beside Felix rushed out even before the elevator doors opened.Felix gave her a confused look and chose to ignore her. Then he followed out, heading towards the meeting room.Every step he took seemed steady. No one knew how hard he was trying to keep his gaze from wandering, gazing around him in awe.Meanwhile, inside the meeting room, the atmosphere was tense.The Executive Council glanced at each other silently as if only a look could understand each other."Daddy, why don't we start right away?" Bay, Mr. Zay's eldest son, who was sitting in the first seat on the right side, spoke up after noticing some unusual looks from the people there. "The sooner the better. After all, everyone needed is already here. So, we have no more reason to stall for time."Mr. Zay, sitting in the main seat, looked at him intently. Then he looked at some of the council, shaking their heads slowly. "Alright, let's get started!"Bay held back his smile that was
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Felix thought Mr. Zay would believe him, and the mission would be over quickly. But before he knew it, he was suddenly slapped hard. With his head, he turned to the side; Felix paused, trying to digest what had happened. Just then, Mr. Zay's angry voice rang out. "Call security and drag this crazy man out, now!" Felix turned and looked at Mr. Zay. "Sir, you must listen to me. If you don't believe me, do a DNA test. Your eldest son has been cheating all along." "Go away!" shouted Mr. Zay angrily. Immediately, several security guards arrived and dragged Felix away. "Sir, you have to do it!" shouted Felix before leaving the meeting room. Clarita, who had been silent, followed Felix's departure. Once he was out of sight, she looked at Mr. Zay and said, "Dad, what if we do it to confirm whether the man is lying or not? Whatever the outcome, we don't have any doubts anymore." Bay, smiling happily at Felix's departure, was instantly annoyed when he heard Clarita's words. "Whether th
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Meet Arista
Felix did not respond and chose to walk past him. He placed the thumb of his right hand on the small device there. The security guard turned around and gave Felix a dismissive look. He had no intention of stopping him again. Just let him do what he wanted. Once he knew the result, he would be ashamed of himself.Ting! The sound of a successful fingerprint sounded melodious. The security guard's face instantly changed. He was stunned and looked at Felix in disbelief. "How... how is that possible?" Felix smiled slightly at his nervous question. However, he had no intention of turning around. Instead, he stepped into the large courtyard as the gate slowly opened. Even as the gate slammed shut again, the security guard stood in a daze. He felt both incredulous and embarrassed. The man he thought was a crazy beggar was the owner of this house! Felix, standing in front of his house, was silent with a circling look. He still couldn't believe what he was getting right now. "EasySync,
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Nothing to do with you!
"Honey, who is he?" asked Pablo, looking at Felix and Arista. Upon hearing this question, Arista was a little surprised. But she soon regained her composure and looked down at Felix. "He's my ex-husband that I told you about. What a useless husband!" Instantly, a frivolous smile appeared on Pablo's handsome face. He nodded and said, "It was you. No wonder Arista left you. It's-" His words trailed off as he examined Felix's appearance. "You're such a disappointment!" Arista grew even more haughty as she watched Felix fall silent without replying. "Felix, you better get out of here. I'm never going to get back together with you. Oh yeah, I'll send the divorce papers to your ugly house right away!" The security guard who heard everything his employer said suddenly felt nervous. He swallowed and quietly stepped back. Clarita frowned and came forward in annoyance. However, before she could say anything, Felix had already spoken. "Arista, just one day, you've changed so much." Arista
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Some Evidence
The journey to Mr. Zay's house took about an hour.Once there, Felix was directed to the living room.The bandage wrapped around his forehead had been replaced with a brown plaster at a nearby pharmacy. So now Felix felt more confident and walked with peace of mind.Mr. Zay, waiting in the living room, turned his head at the sound of tapping shoes. "Sit down!"Without hesitation, Felix took his place in front of Mr. Zay. As for Clarita, she immediately went somewhere else."You turned out to be handsome too," said Mr. Zay when he saw Felix's appearance, which was much different from last afternoon.Hearing that, Felix smiled and said in a joking tone. "I'm quite self-aware that my appearance was very bad. By the way, why did you call this madman here after angrily kicking him out earlier?"The look on Mr. Zay's face instantly changed. He straightened up and stared at Felix intently. "I won't apologize to you about what happened in the meeting room earlier. However, where do you know a
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Work With Me
"It would be better if you were upfront about your true intentions. All this happened purely because of you, and there is no need to defend yourself by blaming others or expressing dissatisfaction." At that moment, Felix spoke flatly. His voice was undetectable of emotion, united with the night wind, leaving everyone silent.At first, Bay felt stunned after hearing this. But a moment later, he chuckled, which gradually became a booming laugh. He was like someone who had lost his mind. "What do you know about it?""You, a crazy man of obscure origins, wouldn't understand what a scary life I've lived because of this supposedly powerful person!" Bay's angry voice sounded thunderous.His eyes were glaring as if he wanted to destroy Felix with just his gaze. "All of this is because of you! You're destroying everything I've neatly organized over the years!"Felix's brow furrowed slightly. There was displeasure in his gaze. "Why is it my fault? Evil plans don't last long. And you should have
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Two Old Men
Mr. Zay only smiled when he heard Felix's question. He then turned his face away and slightly twisted his body with a serious expression. "I have doubts in my heart. However, my children never brought it up, let alone ordered a DNA test. I ended up suppressing everything in my heart. However, the guilt in my heart cannot be eliminated."Felix listened carefully. He unconsciously nodded slowly, understanding Mr. Zay's position as a parent who had lost his son for several years.Mr. Zay turned his body to look at Felix. "It just so happens that you came and said what I've wanted to hear. Therefore, I had no hesitation in doing so. Felix, I am truly grateful to you."When he heard such earnest thanks, Felix could not help but be embarrassed. He turned his face away and said, "It's just a small thing, no need to thank me.""I'll be going then," Felix continued, quickly walking to the car that would take him home and getting in.Mr. Zay chuckled at his antics. He took a few steps back and
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