Looking for fantasy novels & stories? Fantasy novel is a type of fiction telling stories in a totally fictional world without real location, events and people, about magic power, supernatural creatures etc. MegaNovel offers a vast collection of popular fantasy novels and books online. Check the novels list below.

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Covenant Of Blood
Myth Love-Triangle Teenager
Crystal Corner
How Devan developed the sudden hatred for humans made Kyle baffle in thought All this started when Devan got married to Ryena, "Your brother is the great sage equal to heaven and you are just a mere demon and you are telling me you are okay with it..wake up Devan, wake up!"That's what Ryena always tells Devan causing him to hates his brother Devan became enemies with his brother because of a woman, his aim is to destroy the human world and make The demon's and the black witch race the only race in the supernatural world But Kyle won't let that happen and that's how the war began ••••• Now meet Arturo who was brought up by Kyle, how and where Arturo was gotten from no one knows except Kyle Arturo was five years old when he met Agustin, they became tight friends and was always willingly to die for each other Arturo was the crazy type unlike Agustin but Arturo's influence made him a little crazy People around them thinks they're gay cause Arturo was the quiet and lonely type who doesn't talk to others but it all change when Agustin came into picture They're always seen together and always abstain from women because they believe woman can bring destruction to their relationship But what happens when they fell in love with the same girl.... Samantha! Kyle's daughter! She's the only one Arturo talks to because they grew up together and act more like brother and sister Buckle up your seat belt and ride with me into this interesting story
Rise of the Commoner: Johnny Burns's The Lost Heir
Harem Revenge Fantasy
Johnny Burns, a lowly, homeless commoner whose girlfriend had been cheating on him with a hotshot, was unprepared to be nearly killed on the way to deliver a package. Luckily, the Divine Power System awakened in his body, making him one of the rare people with superpowers. Now part of the elite, he discovered that he's the long lost heir to the Burns family, known for their fire power, but what they don't know is that he can do more than just use fire. With his unlimited power, he was going to take the world by storm. Mega Writing Prompt #002/MWP#002
Campus Love-Triangle System
The city of Lancaster is not just a modernized city,it is also filled with people from different races.The people of the city lives happily until everything changed drastically overnight.There will be no day without the kidnap of a female.This particular atrocity put the whole city into a holocaust.Especially a young boy called Oliver,her sister was kidnapped too. He vowed to find whoever take his sister.On his quest to find a clue to track the doer of the atrocities ,he found a powerful device in his school laboratory which gave him the ability to read people mind."Will Oliver be able to find his sister?" "Will he be able to find the metarmophoser of the atrocities?"
The Hero's Demonic Return
Reincarnation Revenge Upgrade
Dante saved the world from collapse and he is rewarded by getting killed. Within the hundred year reign of the strongest demon lord, most of humanity is wiped out. Ten valiant knights fought in the eleventh hour of humanity to vanquish the demon lord once and for all. Yet it is the eleventh knight that actually defeated the demon lord. A knight whose name is wiped from history because of the ten knights that betrayed him. Carrying curse and resentment to his grave, the hero resurrects to extract his revenge in the body of the new demon lord.
Ultima. Chronicles
Alternate Universe Sweet Crazy
Mari Angel Pain
As you know, angels are at the head of the good mortal world, and demons rule the ball in hell.  But the angels are not as kind as the people of the church have always made them out to be.  The human race is not so important to them. And now, in their wars for our souls, they have completely forgotten about us.  But people like me don't consider themselves to be ordinary people.  We live twice, and sometimes three times more than ordinary people are allowed to live.  Our society is called the priests of Ultima.  That's all we want to tell about our world...
Fate's Eternal Foe
Alternate Universe Revenge Fantasy
After losing his family to an accident, Derrick commits suicide a few years later. By great luck he revives to the time right before his family dies by the accident. However, Fate plays a trick on him and he is only able to watch his family die again despite his efforts to save them. His anger and sorrow make him swear an oath to remain eternal enemies with Fate. Later on, he finds out that his present world is a little different. It was a world of fantasy. Martial artists ruled the world and a lot of magical things became possible. Derrick sees a path he can trudge on to unravel the workings of Fate. However, he does not realize that Fate is not done with him just yet. _"You saw the end but you did not relent. My return shall mark your doom."_
Rise of Ryan Conner
System Upgrade Fantasy
Alvin Sam
He was set on the path of doom forsaken by everything he loved now he has nothing to lose. That's when his family heirloom activated, he was the chosen one. The system has found it long awaited suitable heir, Ryan Conner. Was this fated or was he chosen out of luck? Whichever it was but with great power comes great responsibility. [Heir system activated]
After Rebirth I Reached The Top Pinnacle of the World
Comedy Adventurous Romance
After experiencing death in the hand of the underlings of a rich individual who took fancy to his treasure, Seth found himself transported back to the past. Just a year before the catastrophe that would strike earth would arrive. With his ample memories about the future, he decided to live this life differently and protect his loved ones from the terrible misfortune.
Uncursed Billionaire
Alexa Adam
Kim Larken, made out to be a cursed child, abandoned by his parents, maltreated by his brother, and looked down on by his peers and teachers and had everything taken away from him. His self-worth, pride, family, and girlfriend. On the last day of his graduation, Kim is framed by Miller for theft after witnessing the betrayal of Lora, his girlfriend. He became a laughing object to the town as he was expelled from the school on the eve of his graduation from high school. His scholarship was withdrawn and he was banned from entering the college. Wallowing in pain, Kim decided to give way to negative emotions but is dumbstruck by a SYSTEM that suddenly pops out of nowhere. Why is Kim marked cursed? How did he overcome his ordeal, and what system did he get? Find out in this intriguing novel. [Ding!! You have received a new hidden family, welcome to Windsor family] [You are taken out by your elder brother to Starbucks, you have acquired Starbucks] [You joined your third sister is a Livestream, received overall physique enhancement] [ You visited your dad's company by accident, received $1,000,000,000] Reporters:Mr. Kim if you have to lose anything, what will it be? Kim: money Reporters:(...) The world:(...)
The Church Ultimate Edition
ruthless Kingdom dark fantasy
Charley js
In the foreboding realm of Vesperia, Daniel Solace, a valiant combatant, emerges as the protagonist within the Order of the Church. This militaristic organization, akin to a court order, operates under the Holy Father and 14 royal families, each aligned with a knight of the White Order. Their purpose is twofold: to prevent the escape of the seven deadly sins and thwart the agents of the apocalypse—the ominous Four Horsemen—intent on unraveling life itself. As Daniel delves into his role within the Church, the sacred halls become a battleground for the interplay between faith and darkness. The Chosen Blades, including Daniel, embark on perilous quests to retrieve relics hidden within the churches—artifacts echoing forgotten heroes and cataclysmic events. These relics hold the key to shaping destinies and standing against the malevolent influence of the looming apocalypse. However, not all within the Church's ranks are righteous. Hidden cults and covens exploit the vulnerability of the faithful, weaving a sinister tapestry that threatens the delicate balance between hope and forbidden knowledge. Unholy abominations, born from the twisted sorcery conducted within the sacred walls, further challenge Daniel and his comrades as they navigate the treacherous paths set before them. In Vesperia, Daniel Solace's journey unfolds against the backdrop of a looming apocalypse, where the Church's military might, the enigmatic relics, and the Chosen Blades become the last line of defense against the impending doom orchestrated by the Four Horsemen and the looming specter of the seven deadly sins.