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Jake Klien: Rise Of The Young Trillionaire
Revenge Billionaire underestimated protagonist
Bunny bear
Jake Klien, a poor university student who is a musician and also a delivery boy, got betrayed by his girlfriend, Zara, who cheated on him with his biggest enemy in the university, Weston. Heartbroken, Jake promised revenge but was seduced by his boss who wanted to have a taste of him by all means and was bullied by his colleague who was hell bent on frustrating his whole existence. Entertaining people with his music, Jake Klien never knew that he was the heir to the Acrobatic Empire, the biggest empire in all Asia. With his new discovered wealth and fame, Jake was ready to make everyone who mocked, bullied and betrayed him pay dearly.
Reclaiming my Rich-kid Status
Campus Intelligent Revenge
Am Dcpreit
After his billionaire father is framed by his business rivals, Kagern McHegan spends 3 years in poverty, enduring mockery and humiliation. Even his girlfriend decides to cheat on him, calling him a good-for-nothing boyfriend. At that instant, Kagern's father is found guilty and reclaims his title as the richest man in Cereal City. It's time for Kagern to reclaim his status as a rich kid, too. They will soon regret it.
Rise of the Commoner: Johnny Burns's The Lost Heir
Harem Revenge Fantasy
Johnny Burns, a lowly, homeless commoner whose girlfriend had been cheating on him with a hotshot, was unprepared to be nearly killed on the way to deliver a package. Luckily, the Divine Power System awakened in his body, making him one of the rare people with superpowers. Now part of the elite, he discovered that he's the long lost heir to the Burns family, known for their fire power, but what they don't know is that he can do more than just use fire. With his unlimited power, he was going to take the world by storm. Mega Writing Prompt #002/MWP#002
The Useless Son-In-Law Is The Overlord
Marriage Drama Powerful
Esther Writes
“Hello, daddy? Are you my daddy? Please come and save me! I hate it in here!” The great overlord, Andrew Carter, is thought to be a nobody by his inlaws, but now he has returned to rage vengeance on everyone who has wronged him in the past years.
Everything belongs to me
Campus Intelligent Revenge
South Ashan
Alexander Curry, born and raised to be the ideal servant for the Dove family, faces punishment when he defies his master's orders. Forced to donate his eyes for his master's daughter's transplant, as atonement for his disobedience, he vows revenge. [CONGRATULATIONS, MR. ALEXANDER CURRY. THE GODS OF VENGEANCE AND POSSESSIONS HAVE HEARD YOUR CRIES OF DESPAIR AND HAVE GRANTED YOU THE POSSESSION SYSTEM. RICHES, TALENTS, SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, AND ANYTHING ELSE YOU CAN EVER DREAM OF ARE YOURS FOR THE TAKING.] Empowered by a mysterious system, Alexander sets out to take vengeance by seizing wealth, talent, and everything else from those who wronged him.
The Powerful Dustin Rodriguez
Intelligent CEO Revenge
Dustin Rodriguez is a hardworking young man who does everything for his darling wife, Laura. Until one day she cheats on him with a rich man and throws divorce papers to him. When everything seems hopeless, Dustin's father who was presumed dead, comes back and hands over all of his fortune to his son. Now, everyone who has ever treated him wrong will regret it, because now he's the Powerful Dustin Rodriguez.
The Last Survivor
Reincarnation Alternate Universe Teenager
Juliana Arias
Henry was a normal teenager. He lived with his mother and his sister, and his life was like that of any other teenager his age. Until one day, a conspiracy theory that the end of the world is approaching becomes reality, Henry realizes that he is one of the lucky ones to have been chosen to possess those inhuman abilities that will allow him to survive in the midst of the apocalypse and be the jackpot winner.
Ultima. Chronicles
Alternate Universe Sweet Crazy
Mari Angel Pain
As you know, angels are at the head of the good mortal world, and demons rule the ball in hell.  But the angels are not as kind as the people of the church have always made them out to be.  The human race is not so important to them. And now, in their wars for our souls, they have completely forgotten about us.  But people like me don't consider themselves to be ordinary people.  We live twice, and sometimes three times more than ordinary people are allowed to live.  Our society is called the priests of Ultima.  That's all we want to tell about our world...
Revenge Billionaire Dominant
How will you feel when you are betrayed by the one you love? Ryan Baker grew up not knowing his real parents, he was raised by a total stranger. He was left with nobody to help him, leaving in the street and begging for food to survive. But when his real identity was unveiled, those who offended him would have to pay the price. What becomes his fate after his girlfriend impassively betrays him? Will his new identity be a bed filled with Roses? How would he employ his extraordinary abilities against life's persistent hurdles? Find out in the intriguing chapters of “HIS BILLION DOLLAR INHERITANCE”
Rise of Ryan Conner
System Upgrade Fantasy
Alvin Sam
He was set on the path of doom forsaken by everything he loved now he has nothing to lose. That's when his family heirloom activated, he was the chosen one. The system has found it long awaited suitable heir, Ryan Conner. Was this fated or was he chosen out of luck? Whichever it was but with great power comes great responsibility. [Heir system activated]