Bonus Story 7 - Lifeless

Running through the thickness of the heavy smoke was a boy.

The boy, huffing and panting desperately, trying to catch his breath. However, nonetheless, he continued to run.

"Mama!" He cried out.

"Where are you, mama!?" He desperately pleaded.

As he continued running, the boy tripped and fell to the ground.

As he sat up, he realized what he had tripped on.

His eyes widened.

"N-no..." He whispered.

"M-mama...!" Tears filled his eyes.

"PLEASE NO...!" He shrieked, grabbing the corpse's hand, gently pressing it against his cheek.

Just then, a man hovered over the boy and the corpse.

"Crap, I guess we missed one..." The man narrowed his eyes.

"Boy," The man began slowly, unsheathing his sword.

"Grab that knife from that lady's abdomen."

The boy looked up at the man, horrified.

"Now!" The man barked.

The boy began to tremble as he slowly reached for the knife lodged in his mother's

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