Bonus Story 7 - How it Began

Sitting under the shade of some trees in the Ocleau Forest were the spirits of Larkin Olsen and Cole Hoffman.

"Say, Mr. Larkin...?" Cole began looking up at the man.

"I've wanted to ask this for a while now..."

"Huh?" Larkin replied, seemingly uninterested.

"Why did you kill people...?" He frowned.

Larkin quickly turned to the boy.

"W-why...?" He stammered.

"Mm!" Cole nodded.

"Well, it's a long story..." Larkin mumbled.

"Tell, tell!" Cole chanted.

"W-what no...!" Larkin cried.

"Why not!?" Cole cried, sticking his tongue out at the man.

"For starters..." Larkin began, standing up.

"It's not a tale I like to tell, especially to a child." He frowned.

"Lame!" Cole pouted.

"I bet you've told Janine and Mim, though!"

"Perhaps, but is that any of your business?" Larkin glared.

"Uh-huh, it is!" Cole whined.

"How so!?" Larkin barked.

"Because I'm a part of this

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