The Adventures of Cologne and the Devil of Berlin

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The Adventures of Cologne and the Devil of Berlin

By: Aiden OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Cologne is a young detective who is forced to be contacted by a demon. A traumatic event that befell him, makes humans chaotic. But in the midst of his despair, there he met a demon. Thanks to the demon, Cologne slowly managed to heal the inner wounds he suffered.

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21 chapters
Chapter 1 Pretzels
"Don't...don't do that!" cried Cologne, "Please don't! Heilige Potsdam!" Cologne keeps trying, trying to stop his best friend who is now wrestling with death.The brown haired boy smiled. He didn't even think about his fate anymore. He was too sure that death would soon pick him up. That's why he looked so calm."Don't push yourself Cologne… I'm almost killed," he said with a very calm look on his face.Cologne growled, "Grrr… you idiot!" The man was still trying to save his best friend Heilige but what could be done, Cologne himself did not notice the movement of Heilege's hand which was very fast when he pulled the trigger of the gun.BOOMBlood splattered on Cologne's face. With his body shaking violently, Cologne tried to look ahead."No ... no ... maybe .... " Cologne immediately fell as soon as he found his best friend had died before his eyes.Cologne, who still couldn't accept his best friend's death, continued to shake his best friend's body. "HEILIGE POTSDAM! WAKE UP... WAKE
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Chapter 2 Hi
"Isn't it normal for creatures like you to not be able to eat man-made food?" asked Cologne who was surprised to see Berlin's liking for man-made food."You are only influenced by novels. We eat everything, we can even eat each other," explained Berlin.Cologne glanced at Berlin in horror.Berlin, who understood the meaning of Cologne's glance, immediately started blabbering, "Why are you feeling scared now? Didn't you seem to underestimate me before?" he pouted.Cologne sighed looking at Berlin flatly then returned his sneer, "I didn't expect your presence from the start," he complained disappointedly. After complaining he returned to focus on the breakfast menu."And from the start I really didn't want to meet a stupid human like you!" said Berlin did not want to lose either. The demon then snatched the bread from Cologne's plate and made the men scream like crazy people."GIVE BACK MY BREAKFAST THE FUCKING DEVIL!" shouted Cologne madly.***In the roomCologne took his jacket from
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Chapter 3 Dirty Mouth
After chatting for almost two hours, Cologne wanted to say goodbye to go home."Ah, it really is a lot of fun every time I chat with you. It feels a bit of a burden on my heart has been lifted," said Cologne honestly.Mr Ash smiled. "Then come here often. I am also very grateful that you have come here to visit this lonely old man," said Mr. Ash, who slipped a little joke there."I will try." Cologne got up from the sofa followed by Mr. Ash who knew that the young man would be home soon. "Thank you Mr Ash for the banquet. I'm going home," said Cologne as he grabbed his jacket which he slung over Mr Ash's sofa.Mr. Ash nodded and escorted the young man to his door. But before seeing the young man actually leave his house, Mr. Ash had asked the young man like this, "Son, it seems I feel something bad is following you, are you feeling okay?" asked Mr Ash anxiously. The man can feel the evil air that continues to follow Cologne's existence. He thought the young man had just experienced a
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Chapter 4 Kidnapping
Berlin who heard the voice immediately looked up. And after he managed to see the figure more clearly, Berlin felt even more annoyed. "Why is it only showing up now?" he asked sharply.The figure is none other than the spirit of Heilige Potsdam or Jo who is a friend of Cologne who has passed away."Hahaha... you look so frustrated just talking to him." Jo couldn't help but laugh when he found Berlin looking so frustrated just to face his best friend."Damn you!" cursed Berlin.Jo stopped laughing and looked at Berlin with his trademark sad look. "You, can you keep your promise to look after Cologne?" he asked in a small voice. Of course he knows this is a bad choice when entrusting your best friend to a demon.Berlin snorted, then said this to Jo, "I don't know if you can't trust or hope in the devil. Rather than keep promising to take care of your weird friend. I really really want to collect what you owe me!" he said he couldn't be sure.Jo was silent for a moment and then replied l
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Chapter 5 Kidnapping
Cologne wanted to protest but he immediately realized that right now he was seeing as many crowds of people as in an office in general.What is this? Cologne screamed in his heart. The young man was afraid that Berlin had actually sent himself into the office by now."Oh, Cologne you came so fast. Did you just use Superman's flying services? Hahaha… my friend, I know you must have really missed your job," said someone who suddenly appeared beside the young man.Cologne almost had a heart attack. When he realized that he had actually been sent to his office by Berlin. The young man immediately banged his own head on the floor."Good grief Cologne, are you all right?" asked Eden who was a Cologne senior in his office as well as the person who had called him earlier.Eden was not the only one who was surprised and surprised by Cologne's violent actions that hurt himself because on average everyone who was not far from there looked at Cologne with a look that looked scared. They thought t
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Chapter 6 Kidnapping
"No," he answered simply.Eden frowned. What she did not hear you correctly? The previous Cologne had always been successful in handling some difficult cases. It suddenly changed drastically like this. There seems to be absolutely no intention of working."Why are you like this? Are you really thinking about resigning now?" Eden complained. The man felt despair when he saw the behavior of Cologne who seemed reluctant to handle the case."Tsk. Your pessimistic nature always looks annoying. Take this!" Cologne threw a note at Eden with an annoyed face. "Now it's your team's turn to work!" he said.Eden took the note and read its contents. The man then tried to contact his team and asked to track down a place that matched the records provided by Cologne.Cologne glanced scornfully at Eden. "If you have eyes. You can see on the back of the note there's a photo I've tucked in there," he tried to tell.Still with the smart phone to his ear, Eden then flipped the note with one hand. There he
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Chapter 7 Kidnapping
"FUCK I DON'T BELIEVE IN YOU!"Cologne, who had run out of patience, then immediately launched an Oi-Zuki-Chudan punch, which was a punch that aimed at the stomach or solar plexus. Let's just say that the young man is indeed at the beginner level in taekwondo martial arts but not in karate martial arts.As soon as he got the attack, Mr. Margot immediately started vomiting like a pregnant woman. The man fell on the floor and immediately made his men feel scared and panicked.Filip, who is one of Mr. Margot's subordinates, immediately came to the man and helped him.With a sour face Cologne asked the man again, "Don't you want to give me the information yet?" he asked with a sinister face."Cough… cough… cough… well I'll tell you. There's actually a guy who's been hanging around our cafe a lot lately. We know that the man did work as a child kidnapper. The man had offered to cooperate with us, if we could help him in getting a child to come to our cafe, then he promised to give us compe
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Chapter 8 Kidnapping
In the Kidnapper's CarCologne who was previously in his own car has now moved into the car of the child kidnapper.Berlin had apparently moved Cologne into the Kidnapper's car. The devil was actually annoyed because he saw Cologne taking too long to chase the kidnapper so he intended to help him as well as to get entertainment."Hah? Who are you?!" cried the Kidnapper who was surprised to find a foreign man getting into his car suddenly."You don't need to know that!" cried Cologne as he launched an attack on the Kidnapper. The young man quickly paralyzed the kidnapper and made him immediately unconscious. After immobilizing the kidnapper, Cologne immediately took over the steering wheel which he felt was strange.Berlin, who saw the action from Cologne, was not too impressed."You really don't look cool," he complained."Damn you don't have to say that!" growled Cologne while pointing his middle finger in the air.The young man still didn't realize that the brakes of the car he was
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Chapter 9 Kidnapping Final
Cologne hurriedly tried to avoid Eden and just left. And meanwhile Eden, who was still standing where he was, was surprised by the strange attitude shown by his junior."Is this really a sign that I have to do some cleaning in the office?" Eden muttered to himself. The man thought that his office has recently become a gathering place for various spirits wandering around, making the people who work there become 'sticky'.***Bus stopAfter realizing the money is not enough to pay for the taxi. Inevitably Cologne was forced to use the bus to go home."If you refuse Eden's offer. Why are you still refusing my offer? You're just bothering yourself stupid. I can immediately move you to the house," grumbled Berlin, who was now standing right beside Cologne's body."Shut up. I told you I don't want to accept help from a filthy creature like you!" snapped Cologne."You stupid!" Berlin deliberately pushed Cologne's body and made the young man fall sideways on the shoulder of a burly man with m
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Chapter 10 Cat
It's raining very hard right now. Cologne who had just come out of his office immediately opened his umbrella. "Isn't this so annoying, geez I hate the rain," Cologne moaned talking to himself. The man then walked past the raindrops that wet his umbrella.***All the way to his house. Cologne was completely uninterested in his surroundings. The young man was just busy looking straight ahead and in his head he only thought of a house and a warm mattress.And in the midst of a sense of indifference to the surroundings. Cologne suddenly stopped walking. The young man found a small white cat that was wet.What do I care about this? After all, if no one picks it up, he will eventually die, Cologne thought to himself.He was completely indifferent and didn't care at all about the existence of the poor creature in front of him right now. After all, he thought a small creature like this would also be useless even if he picked it up. After letting the little cat go, Cologne walked back and ign
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