Dark Secrets (Thriller)

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Dark Secrets (Thriller)

By: Julie Paola OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Neil Scoenfeld, a 24 year old detective, digs through a confidential case against the permission of the government. He is faced with horror, bitter truths and eye opening twists he never expected to witness. Things weren’t what they seemed to be. People were invincible poisonous snakes he had to avoid at all costs. Or does he? @credit The book cover was from isplash. It is a free image for all. It was made by alisvisuals

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  • Julie Paola


    The twist is crazy

    2023-11-13 07:48:50
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36 chapters
My name is Neil Schoenfeld, a college graduate who loves detective work. Lots of ‘em! So, here is a brief note of what I think happened to Melanie Hopper after the brief findings I made. I am scratching my head with my own hands, wondering how to begin. But do not worry. I am good. This story could help you solve the case later in this novel. It is the base of the investigation we are working on today. Remove the idea of family and friends because no one is a friend or a true family member. Anyone can be the killer. So keep your eyes open, pay attention to details and take note of every little details, even the one that seems unimportant. Help me solve this case so that I can be promoted from being an average loser to the ultimate position I deserve. Thank you anonymous reader. It feels weird talking to myself, but okay. Now, here is what I feel the 19th of November looked like. It might look like a story, but it isn’t a fiction. I promise. ***Melanie ran as fast as she could, brus
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Chapter 1
FEW HOURS AFTER THE PROLOGUE.(NILE SCHOENFELD THIRD PERSON POV)NILE SCHOENFELD: Ex-Detective of Melanie’s Case. (Suspended)EDUCATION: COLLEGE GRADUATESKILL LEVEL: AVERAGE, NOT RELIABLE Important Terms (CO means Chief Officer)24 year old Nile Schoenfeld adjusted the house antenna to the satisfaction of his younger siblings. He watched the teenagers argue on how the television signal went on and off due to poor connection. “Wait! Stop!” His 16 year old sister, Maggie stopped him as he bent it to a particular position. “It works now!” “Really?” He asked, staring at the strange way he positioned it. “It’s gone,” his brother, Migel blurted out in disappointment. Nile groaned and wiped off his sweat. “Could you tilt it to the side a bit? My favorite show is about to start.” Nile knew he couldn’t attend to the antenna forever, but he tried it for her anyway. The reception got better for a few seconds, before the car of his office colleague pulled over in front of his home. This di
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Chapter 2
“Why did you go there, Neil?” The Chief Officer, Richard Fodd asked, sitting before Neil. Neil scoffed already seeing that coming. The moment the police arrived at the scene and forced him off the ground in handcuffs, he knew he was in trouble. There he was in the interrogation room, being questioned like he was a criminal or something. Neil took off his hat and placed it on the table. “Someone had to check the murder scene. Not just anyone, a detective to be precise. That was why I rendered my services as a good detective should. You are welcome." Richard stared at him briefly and laughed, tapping the table with his pen. “Neil, Neil, you are something else, aren't you?Your ears aren't working at all. How do you not still understand what is going on here? No one thinks you are fit for this job, boy. No one wants you to do this job. You aren’t allowed to get involved in cases anymore.” “Why?” Neil lashed. “ 5 years of college experience and special training weren’t for no reason. I
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Chapter 3
Neil and George pulled up before the old witness cottage. George wasn’t optimistic about pressuring the old man to speak, but Neil couldn’t waste anymore time. “It has to be done,” he informed George as he came out of the car and shut the door. “But…but…,” George tried to catch up with his pace. “If you get caught by the CO, you will be in big trouble.” “Do you also believe a new detective can solve this case better than me?” Neil quizzed. “No, that is not what I am implying. Your stubbornness could get you in trouble,” Neil ignored him, knocking on the Old Witness door. “Neil…” "O! You keep quiet..." The door slid open and an old man’s head popped through the open gap. “Do I know you?” He asked. His curious eyes switched nonchalant when he saw George. “I see, it's you people again,” Neil instantly pulled out his ID Card. “My name is Neil Schoenfeld. I am Wenner’s detective and I have a couple of questions for you.” The old man reluctantly allowed them in and offered them a
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Chapter 4
Flynn was deeply hurt by the terrible memory Neil brought back. “What’s wrong with you, Neil? Do you have to remind me of that hurtful moment? You’ve ruined my mood,” Neil apologized and took another sip of the beer. Flynn has always been an emotional man, but the dude can barely hurt a fly. He couldn’t even kill a turkey the previous thanksgiving. What nerve would he have to kill a grown lady? “Her death was a shock to everyone,” Flynn went on. “No one expected her to be killed like that. Who did it anyway? Was her killer ever found?” Neil shook his head in denial. “Unfortunately not. The police department is trying, but this is a more difficult case than I thought. Unless, maybe the suspect is someone close. Someone closer than we think. Someone no one suspects because everyone thinks he would never do a thing like that,” Neil arched his brows at Flynn and studied his reaction. Flynn coughed due to the beer entering the wrong hole. "Are you okay, Flynn?" Neil asked. Flynn nodd
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Chapter 5
Neil and George stood before Melanie mum's door, getting ready for the other phase of the interview. Neil knocked softly and they both waited for a response. “I can’t believe you made me pose as the CO just to get you into that freaking race!” George whispered. Neil placed his hands over his lips. “Be quiet, George. You cannot say that here,” “Sure! As usual I will pretend you are not going to get me in trouble. Why did you go for the race anyway? Why are you risking your life for no reason?” George hated confidence."This is not the right time to talk about this,” Neil rung the doorbell again. "You have a crafty mind, Neil. You're crazy,” George insulted with a frown.They both stopped the conversation when the door knob turned open. An elderly woman walked out, carrying a toddler that happened to be Melanie’s child. “You are from the police?” She asked as soon as he showed his ID. “Yes, Mrs Hopper. We have some questions for you,” Mrs Hopper nodded in agreement and gave them a
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Chapter 6
Neil had on an old jersey and slid on some white sneakers. His mother was tremendously amazed by his sight. It was a sight she didn't get to see often. She placed some berries in his mouth. “You want to start running again?” She quirked. “No,” he denied before leaving for the marathon race. He wouldn’t deny that he wasn’t a good runner as well, but since he broke his ankle during the last race, he’d withdrawn himself. Facing this nightmare again, was something he never expected. At least, not until Melanie’s murder and his messed up reputation. The other contestants looked as smart and ready for the race as he was. In fact, they welcomed him in a friendly manner and embraced him like he was an old friend. Neither of them recognized him as the hot detective Neil Schoenfeld. Sorry, he was just so hot. While he laughed and interacted with them, he paid attention to their body cues. 8 of the contestants looked friendly and open except 1 who closed herself off. She wouldn’t speak to anyo
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Chapter 7
The CO’s call upset Neil while he made an internet research for Claire Willon. The record was barely downloaded when he was summoned to the office that evening. What had he done this time? Why wouldn’t they leave him alone? He seemed to be their favorite topic of the day since they never left him alone. He was often flagged as the black sheep of the company. What exactly did he do? What was wrong with being inquisitive and ambitious? “You missed me?” Neil asked as he walked into the office. His eyes fell on Morrie and the event of the previous day crept in. He rolled his eyes finally understanding what was going on. “She told you, I see.” Before the CO spoke, Neil raised his arm to shut him up and continued with his statement. “Let me say something before you speak. This lady told you a fabricated truth. She added ginger and garlic to make it more tasty. I swear she cannot never tell you how it was. You will only get the real truth from me." The CO arched his brows. "Now you may c
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Chapter 8
Neil hurried out of of his home and pulled out his phone to call George.“George!” He said over the phone as George picked up. “I might need your car for this evening.” “I heard what happened today, Neil. Don’t you dare!”Neil got in anyway. “Sorry dude. That nosey lady might be in trouble and they will blame me for it.”With this words, he hung up and drove off towards the direction of Claire’s home. The environment was peaceful. It was obvious nothing suspicious was happening, but he couldn’t choose a blind eye. He steadily went up her porch and pointed a gun towards her door. “Thank you for cooperating, Claire,” he heard Morrie's voice at the other side of the door. Smartly he left the pouch and hid behind some bushes, hoping he wouldn’t be seen. The two ladies stepped out and he watched Morrie hug her goodbye. “What’s wrong with this woman?” Neil wondered. As Morrie walked down the threshold, Claire pulled out a gun and aimed it at her.“Stop!” Neil slid and knocked her off, c
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Chapter 9
Few days before his flight, Neil took a walk in the city park, admiring the beauty of the Wenner. It wasn’t wrong to admire the city one last time, was it? His hands were fixed in his pockets and his mustache tickled him due to the breeze. “Hey!” He heard a female voice say behind him. Neil followed the direction of the voice and smiled at Ruby. She waved her arm at him with familiarity. Perhaps Neil was wrong. People could recognize him without his coat. “How are you doing, Ruby?” He greeted. “Surviving I guess,” she said. “My mother hasn’t been herself lately.” “Why is that?” “It’s still about Melanie. She can’t get over her.” Neil avoided her stare. “The detective will help with that…” “You aren’t doing anything about it?” The lady asked with shock. “Do not get me wrong. I am not involved in the case anymore. Detective Morrie is good at her job. I am sure she will find the killer for you,” he tried encouraging her. “Why not you?” Ruby looked disappointed. Her eyes sparkle
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