Bonus Story 7 - Passing the Torch

“Eh!?” Cole cried.

“W-what…” Larkin muttered.

“So, Rick stole your name!?”

Larkin furrowed his brows.

“Well, not necessarily; I suppose he put a unique twist on it is all.” He said.

“Though…” He whispered.

“I wonder how Rick knew what my name was during my days in The Organization…” He frowned.

“Perhaps Mikael told him…?” He thought aloud.

“Bah!” Cole cried.

“What is it now?” Larkin glared.

“I’m so bored now that storytime is over!” He cried.

He then turned to Larkin.

“I don’t like that look on your face.” Larkin huffed.

There was a moment of silence.

“Alright!” He cried.

“What is it, Cole!?” Larkin demanded.

“Can we go visit Rick?” Cole beamed.

Larkin fell over

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