Bonus Story 8 - Vacant Dancefloor

As night fell, Mikael was busy tossing and turning in his bed.

"Why am I so restless..." He muttered to himself.

"Damnit, I wish I could fall asleep already..."


After a few minutes passed, the world around him slowly faded out as he successfully drifted off to sleep.

"Ah, so you've finally made it..." A familiar voice whispered.

Mikael quickly opened his eyes.

Upon opening them, he noticed he was not in his bedroom; instead, he was in a vacant, dimly lit room with only a dance floor.

"What the..."

Suddenly, he remembered the familiar voice he heard.

"L-Larkin...!?" He cried out.

"There's no way..." He chuckled nervously.

"This is..."

"A dream?" Another voice intervened.

Mikael quickly looked up.

As he did, Larkin was standing in front of him wearing a tuxedo.

"W-what are you..." Mikael stammered.

Ignoring his confusion, Larkin gave a soft smile as he extended a ha

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