Nobody had spoken a single word on their walk back to town.

"Our house is this way..." Mikael announced, breaking the silence.

"I suggest taking Maru and Emersyn to the hospital immediately."

Rick nodded his head.

"I'll try to visit when I can..." Mikael said, smiling sadly.

"I'm just glad they're safe..." He whispered, stroking an unconscious Maru's head.

"Come now, Iris Azalea." Mikael stretched as he yawned.

"Mm." She nodded.

“See you..." She whispered as she bid farewell to the group.


As they arrived at the hospital, Vera and Norio's sister were seated in the waiting room.

Norio handed Emersyn to Keren.

Hiromi lightly shook a sleeping Vera.

Vera sleepily opened her eyes, looking up.

Her eyes widened as she saw Norio immediately standing up to hug him.

She began crying.

Norio rubbed her back.

He gave a sad smile.

"Hey, Norio," Keren began, then not

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