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By: Anggin Kenari Updated just nowMystery/Thriller

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As a man who has just been released from prison a few months ago, Zepp is considered by some people around him to be a scary and mysterious figure, since his father was also imprisoned before him and both of their reasons to be in jailed was intriguing. Some good sides that only a few people who know him telling different views. This story emerges fear and intriguing vibes about who he really is, and what has happened in his past that affects his present and the people he knows for long ...


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121 chapters
Zepp drives his new car slowly."Move"! he heard the screams of the police. He was shocked. What did he do wrong?He turned his head, it was not at him but at the other rider. He breathed a sigh of relief.So he drove with more speed that moment.Before Zepp blinked his eyes, the incident passed quickly long moments before he realized and was able to understand what he was seeing through the rearview mirror. It was clear that one policewoman officer and three male police officers got the man into the police car after putting the handcupp on his wrists . Who is that man? Zepp shuddered before accelerating his car towards the rest area.He stopped his car in front of a nice cafe .He is a regular customer at the cafe as he knew the owner.Meridian or Merida.He calls her by her nickname ,Mer.Some guys having their cups of hot drinks with cigarettes.A bit smoky then.Zepp picked a small table and waiting for a waiter to come .A few people were watching tv available there .A cartoon was
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Nerida looked around .The place looked like an old forgotten parapet.A lawn with bushy area here and there therefore it might not be navigable.She didn't understand why Zepp chose such site .She thought he would take her to nice public park or having ice cream in a city center.The talk on the way in the car made her sank in a comfortable vibes so that she didn't know where Zepp car heading to .A sudden feeling of creepy come in...what if Zepp...who had ever lived in jail ...got an indecorous plan on her ? That living in jail for a couple of years made him ...His request to ask her out at the working hours was caused by a mutual need to meet and talk after quite long time no see each other. The place was really heart rending. Zepp looked at her for a while. He opened the car door and told her to wait for a moment. With her kind of observant look,she just nodded. It took about half an hour for Nerida to stay in the car but it felt like many hours has passed.Where was Zepp walking
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He shuddered and suddenly got so scared. Or maybe Zepp helped him.. maybe the dog had just fought with a snake or a other fierce big dog... don't know. He tried to erase those thoughts and walked around looking for a small saw. But he couldn't find one. Zepp opened the window more widely .He took a long deep breath and closed his eyes for some moments before opening them again slowly.He was watching those leaves hanging on the branches beautifying the trees at their standstill brown earth .Some dry twigs scattered under them and he fancied those invisible deep roots which terminate the life and death of the visible spectrum. When the time come they gonna be yellowish then falling to the ground. Are they sad when separating to the place they rooted ? Maybe..as while they swinging on air It looks like endless muteness. Maybe a falling leave wish to come back to it But it seems a dream..nice dream or nightmare. Dear Lord..life is such a beauty in pain and joy. Zepp remembered
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The Prisoner
Pondering silently about life started from the civilizationwhen people made roofs and houses,then cooked their food. Do you think it was easier centuries ago? No ?Wait ,before telephone, electricity,fast transportation, people communicated by doing long distance journey to carry out news ..telegraph was faster than letters ..were invented ...farming tools... things all done by cows , buffalos, horses,.woman milking the cows..keeping all their things in the barn..ones can fancy that kind of life on cowboy moviesBut till now there is always villages who still untouched by modern life where cars , factories , universities available and people bring about such hectic life .Well ones can conclude that life had always never been easy .It's a challenge to survive in various way.Since evil born and will be always grow.What is feminism anyway . Nowadays women work at offices or doing enterprisers,did women long ago did it , before the term of feminism term mentioned? Women at that time
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The Commotion
" All they wanted was nothing more than to enslave everyone in order to be a small group of elites who can continuously command the people, arrange everyone to remain submissive and obedient to them ", said Zepp. He spoke to Petro, the dog with the body wounds that have not healed yet. Petro sat with its loyal and sad look, as if he understood what the man was telling it. Zepp rubbed it just before he got up, took some canned meat for him. He would be out in an hour to take Petro to the vet. He wanted the dog to be healthy and fat. When he ate the can of meat, Zepp was sad because Petro only ate a little. "You eat very little. Your appetite is bad." He said, then put a little container filled with drinking water for him. He still wanted to talk to Petro. Sipping his coffee, he walked out of the courtyard followed by Petro. How quiet the courtyard was, as lonely as the house itself. He looked around. The rusty old fence still kept last night's raindrops. Bast just fixed his bed
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The Cousins
That's all .Then he would leave . Maybe he wanted to show that even Brad has one level up of the position,he got right to be a bit disobedient and a bit disrespectful. It's a heyday for both of them ,Brad remembered their childhood when he and Hex gather on the boy group at the same age .Brad looked around the room which suddenly seemed sallow and marshy . That's the site he liked to be a playground with the boy group.So he tried to disjoint the quarrel as his own composure to make a decision. Quarrels are parts of Children days and it will be sweet memories when ones grow up and entering the adult age.Having coffee in relax moment and watching kids playing will easily remind anyone then automatically the talk could be about the past memories of their own childhood. For the first time in his life ,it comes to his mind to do it . None would ever care what he did and where he was. So he moved out of the house. Reaching outside, he rakish...as the boy asked them to play together.He
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The Old House
"Are u interested in staying here while l am away ?" asked Zepp. Nerida likes places with all that mysterious touch, he knew it well. She didn't answer straight away. In stead ,she looked at the high white clouds above the old house. It's lie a beautiful fiction of a well written nature mixed up in such historical vibes. Shyly she touched a part of the rusty gate . " Maybe I need to see inside first " . She said finally,which responded by a movement in soundless steps.He took her hand to guide her in. At first she saw Petro that barked at her but Zepp gesture it not to. She patted that pet before looking around the rooms. "What do you think? "He said,then went on, "Well, don't be shy as this is your opportunity to explore your curiosity on what's happening here long ago ..". Nerida smiled thinly . Everyone intrigued by him and this house but none actually care . Maybe she did care . She had a feeling of inferiority complex ,that's for sure ..why ?A realization that
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The Boss
Nerida thanked him for the info, she forgot to convey her Boss's mandate to ask about Zepp's father condition at the hospital because she was busy serving those guests who started arriving at the cafe. No duty ,task or obligation for any animals to change their behaviors. Predators are here to balance the life cycle, Herbivora exist to beautify and ornamented nature around. Cute birds fly ,fish dive and so so. Monkey ..naughty donkey ..the funny fool onesPig eat shit All is example of animal behaviors. Not for human to be as human who must change to the better and to grow. Using brain mind and soul. To values the virtues of human kind itself. So ..be brilliant ,not a dumb!! Be good, not a crook !!! With that flash of mind ,Zepp opened the gate and went out for a walk ,with the dog following him. In a community or groups of people there always be the ones or a few, who become the centered of attention. Usually the wealthiest ones, the prettiest or the one at best posi
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City life always perform mixes of the have and have nots.Look at those pretty big mansions where behind them are alleys with the narrow slums area and densed ugly houses which look like a row of ugly boxes ,ugly cements and rusty zinc roof and the kids play and yell.....the fact that system and the social condition have never changed. Over there ,huge buildings ,hotels and malls with other construction and skyscrapers. A figure passing the alley in a hurry.He put on a green cap .Some kids bullied him about his big moustache and big hands.If he reacted to be angry,the kids would laugh and escape .He would chase one of them and scold him . "Good morning Bast" ,an old woman greeted him from an opened window .He just smiled at her and waved his hand then went to the next alley before getting to the main road . He called a taxi heading to a new adress where he got an order to make some reparations on the house . Again he read the adress .Yes ,two more blocks .That was it .It was Zepp o
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Hex carried out his solo career and personal life delightfully ,both of he and his cousin ,Brady ,ran a family business since a few years ago .Both them had inimitable suavity. Sometimes Hez lhid his diffidence by showing such gelid expression when they came to a disagreement on something related to a decision-making process. Brady did not see it as petulant anyway ,as he always see himself as a headstrong person and he was the boss.With that position ,he even able to see him as harlequin. Anyway,it's an interdiction to show those vibes too often ..Well ..sometimes its ok to be in silent everybody does . "l don't catch anything on what you are saying " . That's all .Then he would leave . Maybe he wanted to show that even Brad has one level up of the position,he got right to be a bit disobedient and a bit disrespectful. For Brady ,power is everything.For him what is the most important in life is how to build up what is called "Self glorification,"that can be furnished by goo
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