2024: Zombies

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2024: Zombies

By: Pjjordan Updated just nowMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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While attending a thrilling Halloween party, Jeremy finds himself in a terrifying turn of events. As an emergency alert spreads panic among the attendees, then came a video of people biting each other flooded their screens. With no time to waste, Jeremy along with a girl, make a daring escape which thrust them into a zombie-infested world, leaving the two to rely on the strength of their own resilience.. Together, they both embark on a journey, navigating through danger, facing unimaginable challenges and fighting to survive the zombie apocalypse, while hoping to find a silver-lining in the midst of desolation.


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You know who they said the world would end without us knowing, because God will be coming back for his people like a thief in the night.Well, I guess those people must be punching the air right now because it didn’t happen how they thought it would.There was no monster from the abbess or fire and brimstones falling from the sky. Instead, it was something else.It ended with a bite, and from there the place was thrown into chaos, with screams and crying.Now the world isn’t what it once was.Cities are nothing but wastelands, high rising buildings have crumbled. We have lost all man-made resources, and the natural resources are on its last.No-one was safe, rich, poor. Black or white, it didn’t matter where you lived. It was the same for everyone.Ironically, it all happened on Halloween. My friend, who was dressed as a zombie and at a different party than me, started it. I heard that they all thought he was just too into character until he bit an unsuspecting girl in the neck.***W
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I broke out into a smile even though we still had a little way to go, but the thought of being so close brought joy to me.Another fifteen minutes or so, and we were just outside the gates to the place I called home.I pulled out the plastic card from my wallet and waved it before the reader; I sighed in relief when it changed to green.I pushed the smaller gate open, fearing that if we use the one for cars, it might let those things in.‘’Yeah, what’s going on out there?’’ The security guard asked.‘’I can’t explain it, but… zombies.’’He laughed. ‘’A boy, I always knew you smoked that shit. Zombies aren’t real.’’And I guess to prove his point, he opened the gate and stepped out.The next thing I knew, he was pounced on by the man who bit that woman.‘’Oh my God,’’ the girl covered her mouth.And I knew we both had the same thought.That thing had been following us all this time, maybe just waiting for us to get tired or slow down for the kill.Only God knew what would have happened
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There before me, hanging from the ceiling, was my brother.A crying sounding like a dying animal escaped my lips, as his body was still swaying from side to side.The man ran in with his machete raised and pushed me to the side.‘’Shit, kid, what did you do?’’‘’I… that’s my brother, never… me… no.’’ I couldn’t even get the words out.I was too freaked out to think straight.‘’Why did he kill himself?’’ the man asked.‘’How the hell should I know!’’ I yelled at him and moved to stand on the chair to get his body down.The man stopped me, and I pushed him away.‘’Leave me the fuck alone!’’I was still in denial that my brother did something like this to himself.‘’We have to get out of here. Now isn’t the time to let our emotions get the best of us.’’‘’Then go!’’ I pushed at him.I finally got him down and sobbed even harder. My older brother had died.I still couldn’t believe this outcome; never did I think I would see a family member of mine dead in such a way.‘’Wayne,’’ I shook hi
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There was a scream, and I saw a woman dropping a little girl as zombies covered her. The little girl stood there crying, calling her mother’s name.Without thinking, I ran over to her.‘’Hey, hey, look at me. We have to leave now.’’‘’No, my mother.’’‘’I’m sorry, but she is dead, and she will be just like those things.’’I knew that wasn’t the right thing to say, but she seemed at the age to understand things like this.‘’No, my mom.’’I forced the little girl to look at me.‘’My name is Jeremy. What’s your name?’’‘’Lura.’’‘’Ok, Lura, do you want to live?’’She nodded.‘’Then you must come with us now. Please. We have food and water.’’The little girl looked down at her mother, watching as they tear and rip at her flesh.She wiped her eyes, then nodded. ‘’Ok, I’ll come with you. But you have to lift me up.’’It was then that I noticed that she had a prosthetic leg.‘’It needs to charge. My mom has the things in her bag.’’I glanced over at where the woman lay, her eyes slowly getti
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And I didn’t. I never had a good relationship with either.My father was a chronic cheater, and my mother consumed her life away with work.I still remember in high school, the Campion College, my father was sleeping with this woman and her daughter would come to school and mock me about it. My mother eventually found out, and she did nothing.She even allowed my father to hit me, as if it was my fault he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants.After driving past Devon House, I could tell Chrisean that it would be impossible for us to go any further, but I doubted she would want to hear that.‘’Fuck!’’ she said, hitting the steering wheel after seeing the gridlock of cars before us.‘’We should just turn around and go.’’‘’Not because you had a shitty relationship with your parents, meant I did. I am going to look for my mom, so if you want to go, then feel free to do so, but find your own car.’’I sighed. “I’m coming with you.’’I didn’t want to, but honestly, I kind of liked Chrisean.
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As we emerged outside, the place seemed much worse.Lura made a sound, and I wish she never had to go through this. I doubted she was any older than eight, but she had already seen so much. Her mother dying was the worst.‘’OK, so the truck is just at the entrance of Devon House,’’ I said.‘’Not far then, we only have to be quick and be on the lookout for those dogs and zombies.’’‘’The window washers were all on that road, but they didn’t seem to notice us,’’ Chrisean said.The man slung his friend over his shoulder again. ‘’Let’s move.’’‘’Please don’t let me die,’’ Lura said and hid her face in the crock of my neck.‘’I won’t,’’ I promised her.And for a while, things were going great until.I felt Lura being pulled from my back. Her screams rang out into the streets and that got all the creatures’ attention to us.“The truck is just right there!’’ I heard Chrisean saying. ‘’Run for it!’’But I was looking at Lura, laying on the ground with blood pouring from the side of her head.
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The event of Lura dying weighed heavily on my mind, to hear her scream, see the look of confusion of her face after she regained consciousness and the sound of that dog ripping at her skin.That man who was with us for a brief moment was right. There are some crazy and cruel people out there.Because if you want to die so badly, why bring others with you?Why not just throw yourself to those zombies?I wasn’t paying much attention to where I was going, and though the rocks were slippery, it was what got me.But because we were walking in the river, I stepped into a pool that was much deeper than the other parts.I felt strong arms pulling at my shoulder, and when I surfaced, I gasped for air.‘’Are you alright kid?’’ Mustang asked.‘’Yeah, just need to be more careful,’’ I said.I quickly made sure that everything in my bag was ok.‘’What’s that?’’ Chrisean asked, pointing at the envelope, which I quickly stuffed back into my bag.‘’Something my brother left.’’I still didn’t feel com
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‘’Are you ok?’’ Eva asked the man, who didn’t reply.Instead, he stopped, then he changed into one of those things.‘’Jeff,’’ a woman cried, running to his side, despite someone trying to pull her back.The zombie bit into her neck and not before long, she too began to change.Mustang raised his gun ready to shoot, but someone punched him in the face, causing the gun to fall out of his hands.‘’What the hell is going on?’’ Chrisean began to cry as more and more members of the group began to change into zombies.In the same moment, a shot rang out, causing my ears to ring. A zombie fell on top of me and all I could do was put my hand under its chin, so I didn’t get bitten.The zombie snapped close to my face, and I could feel my hands starting to hurt.‘’Fuck!’’ I yelled, thinking that I was hopeless and couldn’t even defend myself.Suddenly blood splattered all over my face, making me gag and frantically wiping at myself so now gets in my mouth.‘’What the hell just happened?’’ Eva as
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‘’So, all these propagandas are real?’’ Barry asked.Mustang and Eva nodded.‘’Shit, and I thought those people were off the rockers with all the bullshit they were saying.’’‘’It’s all a cycle,’’ Eva said.I came out of my thoughts after hearing the little girl coughing. I got up to ho check on her.‘’Are you ok there, little one?’’She nodded, then placed her head back on her knees.I didn’t know if I should let anyone know that she swallowed zombie blood by accident, and I really didn’t think it was necessary either.I mean, she seemed fine and wasn’t trying to eat any of us.So, I guess ingesting the blood isn’t going to turn us.Then a thought came to me, with the way the zombie was holding her. What if she was bitten?‘’Hey, did that zombie bite you?’’ I asked and, to my shock, she nodded.I froze for a split second, thinking that it was impossible because she wasn’t like them. I have seen children as zombies, so why wasn’t she one?Then she rolled up her left pant leg.‘’Right
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I was somewhat shocked by the outcome, though I shouldn’t be because Barry was giving off that kind of vibe that he would kill us all. But for him to kill those women so quickly was what shocked me.I would have thought that he would keep them around for sex, and when food and water were running out, that’s when he would kill them.The police station door opened, and my eyes widened, because it wasn’t the person I expected to emerge that came through the door.It was that girl; she was covered in blood and was holding a gun.‘’Hey!’’ James yelled waving at her.She began to cry and ran over to us.‘’What happened in there?’’ James asked.‘’He tried to kill us, saying that there wasn’t much supply,’’ she sobbed.‘’He pushed Ms. Jones out to feed her to those things, then told me that the only way he would let me live is if… if I. That sick fuck wanted us to catch a zombie and have me fuck it!’’I didn’t have words.There was a loud howling sound, and panic filled by body.‘’We have to
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