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By: Unkn0wn OngoingMystery/Thriller

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Neil was bullied because of his disability. He had polio when he was five years old and as a result, he could no longer walk. He never experienced living a normal life and was always confined to his house while sitting in a high-tech wheelchair. One day, he ran away from their house and while his servants were chasing him, a portal to the other world suddenly appeared in front of him. In that world, he will experience the life he dreams of and where he has no disability. Which world will he choose? Is it the real world he came from or the world of fantasy?

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Chapter 01 : Neil's Pov
“It's seven in the morning, you need to wake up, Neil.” When I heard Dexter's voice, a vacuum cleaner robot, I immediately got out of bed and took off my eye mask.In a huge mansion full of high-tech gadgets and robots where I live. I'm alone here at home from five in the afternoon to six in the morning. Because in the afternoon, my servants leave immediately, and then they come back the next day to prepare breakfast for me and to clean my house as well.Handsomeness, intelligence, and wealth. I have almost all the types that a woman looks for. Unfortunately, I'm just a cripple. Because I had polio when I was five years old and when we found out about my illness it was too late, so I wasn't treated right away. Therefore, I couldn't walk anymore, and I always sat in my high-tech wheelchair. This wheelchair that I use does not need to be pushed further because it works automatically with the remote control and this high-tech wheelchair was created by my parents who are both scientists.
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Chapter 02
The message I received almost stuck in my mind, and it seemed to give me the confidence in myself to be not afraid to try new experiences. Therefore, I got out of bed and sat in my wheelchair. I went to the window to see if my servants had left, but they were still downstairs chatting happily outside.I was planning to run away and leave this house without them knowing, but how could I do that if they were all still here? But I want to get out of this house and go to different places that I've been dreaming of going to for a long time. So even though what I'm thinking is impossible, I'll still try to get out of my comfort zone.While they were busy chatting, I slowly went out the door and tried not to make any noise that would steal their attention. I was not disappointed because I successfully got out of the gate without them noticing and knowing. But suddenly, I stopped when I saw a dog, and it was barking at me. Because of that dog, they all turned to me and were very surprised to
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Chapter 03
I followed them silently when suddenly they entered an old building. When I got inside, the man with white hair suddenly pushed me against the wall while blocking my neck with his arm. “You're not Axel. Introduce yourself, who you are and where you took Axel?” He said while looking at me intently, but I didn't respond to him right away because I didn't know how to answer his question. “Who ordered you to do this and what did you do to Axel?” The red-haired woman was curious about me while she was holding a sword, and it seemed like she was planning to use it on me, that's why I swallowed deeply out of nervousness. “I-I don't know what you mean, and I don't even know which Axel you're talking about. I don't know how I ended up in your world, and I have no idea what kind of creatures you are.” I stammered in response to them, and they exchanged glances at each other. “Don't fool us because we know you're just imitating Axel.” The white-haired man said to me and pressed his arm even
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Chapter 04
I just woke up when I heard voices that seemed to be whispering. When I opened my eyes, I immediately saw the three grim reapers chasing me earlier, so to my surprise, I got up quickly. But I was even more shocked when I realized that I was tied upside down.“What are you planning to do to me? Get me down here, or I'll report you to the police!” I shouted and all three of them laughed at me and the man with the blonde hair came over.“Just do it, and we won't stop you from what you're planning to do.” He said, and then I suddenly remembered that I wasn't in the real world yet, so I just shook my head and bit my bottom lip.“What are we going to do with him? Are we going to send him back to where he came from?” The red-haired woman asked the old man. He stood up and came to me at the same time he untied my feet by snapping his finger and as a result, I suddenly fell to the floor.“Not yet. We first need to find out from which era he came because if we make a mistake we will not be able
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Chapter 05
“What are we going to do now? Axel will surely kill us if he finds out about this.” Cross whispered to Mr. White as they looked at the front of the damaged car while I was hiding behind them. They turned to me at the same time as they looked at me intently.“Axel shouldn't know about this and when he sees what happened to his favorite car, just tell him it's my fault.” He said that it shocked us all, especially Cross and Ruby.“What do you mean? Why should we lie to him? Let's just tell him the truth about who damaged his car.” Ruby said as she turned to me with a frown. I immediately avoided looking at her and turned away because their hands were on fire as they were so angry with me.While we were busy figuring out how to resolve the problem I had caused, we suddenly heard the doorbell ringing from outside, so we were immediately confused as to how we could get back upstairs.“What are we going to do now? Where are we going to get up there?” Ruby asked them with a trace of confusion
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Chapter 06
I'm currently behind Ruby and Cross to protect me from the vampires. I couldn't use the power I had because I didn't know how to use and control it yet, so I just stood there while they fought them. Suddenly, Mr. White approached me, and then he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of that place. But we were immediately stopped when they surrounded us and pointed a sword at our necks so that we could not move where we were. Even Ruby and Cross were stunned when they saw the situation of the two of us, so they too were surrounded and held in their two arms. Their superior came down from the throne, and then he approached us. It was only then that I got a glimpse of his true appearance where and realized he was just a boy of fifteen years old, and I thought he was an old vampire. But it's also possible that maybe he drank a lot of human blood that made him look like that, or he did some magic on himself to make him look younger like that.I was shocked when he brought his face closer to me
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