Footsteps could be heard running through the hallway.

The door slammed open, revealing Norio.

"Holy shit." He gasped, staring at Chris.

"Tch, I didn't want to use this if I didn't need to, but," he began, as he started digging in his pants pocket.

"Oi, you better be alive, idiot." He said, kneeling.

Chris slightly twitched.

"Listen," Norio huffed.

"If you care about them, if you truly love my brother, you'll get the hell up and continue fighting!" Norio cried.

He then pulled out a tiny bottle labeled 'The Cure.'

"Looks like you'll need a bit more than Emersyn did..." He sighed, pouring a little into Chris’s mouth.

He narrowed his eye.

"Swallow." He scolded.

Suddenly, Chris started coughing.

"Damnit, that stuff tastes awful." He groaned, wiping his mouth with his sleeve.

"Now's not the time to bitch and moan," Norio said, helping him up.

"Tch, you're in no shape to fight." H

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