Ch 39: The Lady Re-Vengeance
I stood on the roof of an abandoned store (one of many abandoned buildings in the dying city) about roughly 300-400 meters away from the South Gate. As one would expect, a free-for-all battle broke out right in front of the gate as minor nobles hoped to take advantage of the sudden extermination of House Essex. Like vultures to a rotting carrion, the pitiful fools fought with ferocity and determination, each thinking that it was their destiny to rise above their stations.

I had a feeling if we gave them a few more days, they’d do us all a favor and kill themselves. But we hadn’t the luxury of time. Aside from the troubles in the city, we simply didn’t have the supplies. Hell, I planned for 2 dozen children on this trip; not 70 kids crammed into 7 wagons with 6 adolescents and grannies walking besides the convoy. This was a rough trip back home.

The convoy crawled to the gate, some 50 meters from the melee. I watched as Sapphy unleashed her Expert-level spell <> on the rab

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