First mission

Alex came out of the merchant association and looked around for a place to stay for a day.

But he remembered something very important, something that he used to worry about a lot. Something of the utmost importance.


"I don't have money to rent a room,"

he said as he racked his brain for a way to get out of this predicament and rent a room to sleep or he will have to do it anciently. in the forest.

"The missions! I can do some simple missions to get some money," he said as he turned back and walked back inside again.

The receptionist was surprised to see him again and inquired politely.

"I want to take a mission," he said as he couldn't just say he wanted money. Even if they would lend him some money, he wanted to get his own to use.

"Oh, yes of course," she replied with a smile.

Alex went to the mission board and saw all kinds of missions, but he just wanted a relatively simple one to get some money.

"Hmm, this seems very simple," he said as he looked at a mission that asked to protect a girl while she went shopping.

"So, I just have to accompany a girl and I will get 100 gold coins, looks simple," he said as he took it from the board. But someone can't just give 100 gold coins for walking around.

The missions were written on the paper that was pinned to the board, anyone who wanted to accept it just had to pick it up and tell the staff to assign the mission to them.

As he asked the staff to assign him this mission, he first looked at him and then looked at the mission before asking.

"Are you sure?"

"I am," said Alex casually in a firm tone the staff asked for his id, and the mission was assigned to him.

He then had to go to the designated place and then complete the mission.

It was a very simple system designed by the owner of the mercenaries association. He had the idea of keeping it simple but secure. So this system of assigning and accepting missions was very successful.

After getting to the place where he had to pick up the girl. he saw a mansion and gatekeepers standing outside.

They stopped him to ask him his purpose for coming. he told them about the mission and they looked at each other and then said.

"Wait here."

One of them went inside and came out with a girl and two maids.

The girl was a ten-year-old adolescent to be exact.

She had a round face. Her eyes were big and greyish-green, with dark eyelashes. She was wearing a pink frock with a purse strapped to her shoulders.

The maids were wearing black dresses with a white aprons and had brown and blonde hair respectively. They both had ordinary faces with no particular distinguishing feature.

"Are you my protector?" asked the girl-to-be-protected as she scrutinized Alex.

"Yes, I will protect you today," said Alex as her features and details were summed up in the mission details.

"Are you strong," asked the girl as she stared into his eyes without blinking.

"No, I am not," said Alex with a smile.

"Then how will you protect me?" asked the girl as she looked skeptically at him.

The guards and the maids also looked at him as to what he meant. But they were not suspicious because the mercenaries association wouldn't send someone to do a mission without even the minimum qualifications

Alex replied with a playful smile," I am not strong. but I am strong enough to protect you."

"Oh, so that's what you mean," she said with relief. And then continued," Nice to meet you, Mr. Protector, my name is Li Mei."

"Alex white, nice to meet you too," replied Alex, and was a little surprised to see this behavior from a ten-year-old kid.

They then walked to the market and Li Mei kept looking at the items with interest in the shops without buying them.

Occasionally, she would select some things and the maids would pay for them.

As they walked and Alex followed them. the girl told the maid that she was hungry so after eating at the restaurant nearby. the girl continued with her walk. mostly looking at everything with a smile and then continuing.

Some people would sometimes recognize her identity as the daughter of the li family and greet her politely.

"It is Expected. when you are the young miss of one of the four ancient families," pondered Alex inwardly and continued" there should be no threat to her as not many people recognize her. and even if they do she has a family that is very strong backing her."

"and a B-Ranked cultivator is called to accompany her. It sounds like a scheme is cooking. but it doesn't concern me in any way."

As they continued their wandering under the hot sun. the fragrance of the street food wafted around. there were vendors selling items of all kinds, but there was still a gloomy feeling to everything because of the danger rotating above their heads. it put a mental strain on the masses.

Gradually, the Sun prepared to bid them farewell, and the number of vendors lessened. the cool breeze of the night kept hitting their faces gently, and the clear sky could be seen in the sky.

"We should get back," said one of the maids.

"Okay," replied Li Mei even though disappointment was apparent on her small face. seeming reluctant to go after enjoying the freedom that she was rarely given.

As they strolled back to her home the little girl let her thoughts wander as she let out. "I wish, I could have more fun, but I am also tired and my legs are hurting."

Alex smiled a little and thought for a moment before an idea struck him and he imagined a skate scooter.

the best one he could imagine that would work he emphasized more on the durability and the shape of its tires and made they're attaching to the board thicker and stronger.

"Hey, Li Mei I have a small present for you," said Alex as he smiled mysteriously. looking like a creepy old man scamming people with a traditional smile on his face.

The maids examined him suspiciously and became on guard against him.

Li Mei looked at Alex deeply and asked with excitement apparent on her face.


"Yes, of course," replied Alex with a creepy grin that didn't affect the little girl.


Smoke appeared behind Alex and the maids stepped before Li Mei intent on protecting her with their lives.

"Relax!" exclaimed Alex as he presented a folded skate scooter.

"What's this?" asked the girl peeking suspiciously from behind the maid's legs.

"Yes, of course," said Alex confidently.

"So, what do I do with it?" asked the girl still not believing him as she hadn't seen anything like it before. and didn't know it's use.

"Well, you just stand on it and see the magic," said Alex as he unfolded it and laid it on the ground, and backed off.

The maids looked at each other and one of them said that she will try first to know if there is any danger.

"Help yourself," he said as the maid hesitatingly stood on the board even though it was a little bit small for her.

He then used telekinesis and made the skate scooter move forward. still on guard.

The maid looked incredulously at the board and staggered for a moment before holding the handle firmly.

After determining that there was no danger the maid got off and the girl excitedly went to ride it as it looked fun for her.

As she got on and Alex pushed the skate scooter by utilizing telekinesis. he increased the speed gradually as she got used to it, and in a few minutes. a speeding skate scooter could be seen on the way to the Li family mansion with a laughing little girl standing on it, holding the handles firmly.

The maids had to chase them desperately while Alex floated close to the ground right behind her.

As they were close to the mansion, he manipulated telekinesis and like a sudden turn upwards on the rollercoaster, the skate scooter turned to the sky and floated a little above the ground.

Li Mei laughed uncontrollably as the wind pushed her hair behind her and her frock fluttered in the night sky she saw the stars shining brightly in the sky.

She was enjoying this freedom so much because she was the young miss of the Li family and wasn't allowed to wander around. so this moment of freedom made her happy.

As they reached the mansion the Scooter stopped and the maids caught up to them while breathing laboriously.

The guards looked over and saw their young miss standing on a strange device while laughing as tears even came out of her eyes. her little face red from the earlier excitement.

Li Mei looked at Alex and said," Thanks, Mr. Protector I had so much fun today, and thanks for this gift."

"No problem, I will take my leave as my mission is completed."

he said as he folded the scooter and hand it to her before turning around to head to the merchant's association.

the little girl waved at his back with happiness as he faded in the shade of night.

"I also have to get prepared for the graveyard dungeon."

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