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By: The Emperor OngoingSystem

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Have you ever felt that someone is controlling your fate? Have you ever thought if the memories you have are your own or someone else’s? Have you thought if you are alive or if this life is just someone else’s dream and you are living in a dream? Have you ever thought if you are just part of a book that is written by someone else?

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  • Rafay Rahman



    2023-01-12 21:59:02
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Its not a dream
Prologue: 10:27 AMIn a small rundown apartment, there was a boy about 17 years old, sleeping soundly. He was wearing worn-out clothes that were stitched in different places.He was sleeping peacefully with even breaths before he woke up because of feeling unease in his heart and was shocked to find himself in an unknown place. But he didn't panic as if it was an instinct and a thought formed in his mind involuntarily as if something was controlling his mind."Hmm, Is this what they call a lucid dream? Why does it feels so real?”This is only an idiot can think in this kind of situation but, no, he is not an idiot. He wouldn't think like this normally but this was a special case.After telling himself that he was still dreaming he got out of bed and looked around in amazement. The bedroom was very small, a bed, a table and a few other essentials were the only things present.After looking at everything he went to the wooden door that was hardly useable. He pushed it open and it made
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Alex white
Alex was a 17-18-year-old boy, 5-9 in height and slightly chubby built, wearing brownish black hair on his head, with a slightly big nose that didn't stand out on his chubby build, eyes sharp and a slightly mature air to him, making himself look older than he is."It's not a dream!" Thought Alex as he pinched his cheeks multiple times, but the reality was still the same he was not dreaming and this was an unfamiliar place that he woke up in.And he finally seem to understand his situation and became shocked and scared to know that he was in an unknown place and he didn't know how to go back home. His mind seemed to have been roused finally from its initial dizziness.Worst, he was in a prison for just talking to someone for a few seconds, the cruelty of the place could be determined by this fact alone. But after the initial rollercoaster of emotions, he adapted to the situation and became calm gradually as if it was only natural, and thought and pondered hard but he still didn't under
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"Now, this is just ridiculous, I just transmigrated and was thrown into the prison and now the whole kingdom is being invaded, it's just one thing after the other," Alex said as he didn't know if he should laugh or cry at this point, it was acceptable before as he at least had the time to adapt to the situation but now the problems are coming back to back.At this point, the whole place was becoming unbreathable as he had impurities on his body that he didn't have the time to wash and now the smell of blood was the final strike of a hammer and he bent down and vomited even though he hadn't eaten anything. Belching sounds rang in the prison.Bleurgh!After 2-3 minutes, he accepted the situation he was in and began thinking amidst the fighting and the screaming. His optimism kicking in. ‘The whole place is under attack, I should get out before someone cut me to pieces, even though I started cultivation but the point is that I just started cultivation, how am I going to fight against the
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Mercenary Association
After this was a feeling that came from so deep inside him that he felt like he discovered the meaning behind his existence and a single thought surfaced in his mind that extinguished all other thoughts like a flood, 'Move Forward''Yes, move forward and think about a way to live because I can do anything if I am alive but nothing if I am dead' he thought and washed and then walked along the stream to hunt for some animal. Because some animals should come to drink water even if it is the middle of the night.He didn't have to walk for long and saw a deer, it was drinking water as expected, Alex used mana in his legs for a boost in speed. And ran full speed towards it, brandishing the sword that he had picked up before and didn't have the time to use, as he reached it. instead of running, the deer turned to him and tried to attack, but failed as Alex evaded the attack and beheaded it cleanly.*sigh* "Finally something to eat after such a long day," he said as he prepared some wood to h
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In the forest outside the kingdom Grimbow. Alex was running in the opposite direction of the kingdom trying to find a place to finally make a clone, an ability he got as a gift after he transmigrated but didn't use until now. He was very eager to try it."Hmm, this cave is good.”He said as he walked into a cave, trees were covering the entrance from one side. The other side was blocked by a rock Alex placed there.He sat down and cleared his mind and then focused on making the clone using mana.It was relatively simple as he just had to command his mana to operate and like a subconscious reaction, mana moved outside his body and a body was formed looking exactly like him, it took nearly half his mana and there is also the consumption to keep it but it was negligible."Looks exactly like me, except that it has both his arm.” He thought as he looked into the eyes of his clone and observed him properly."Wait, I can make a whole body so why can't I make a prosthetic arm?" He thought as
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"What the…!!”Alex was shocked and excited to see the blue screen in front of his face, he was shocked because he already had a cheat but he got a system as an extra, and he was excited about the possibilities. Any manga and light novel lover would, at least once in their lifetime think of having a system."Let's see, my strength is E-Ranked, it must be because my body was tempered because of absorbing mana through all the pores, as it was written in that book I read in the library that the body can only be strengthened after One reaches the S-Rank, so it is a great advantage for me.""The same for health, and mana is related to my cultivation, so that leaves the concept and ability, let's talk about ability first, physical enhancement allows me to strengthen my body with mana as long as mana is provided since it is D-Rank then that means that it allows me to fight as a D-Ranked cultivator even physically, and now the concept."REPLICATION:: concept is an abstract idea generalized fro
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Alex stared at his new ability and the soul strength thoughtfully. They were both new additions to his status screen."Soul strength is abnormally strong, maybe because of transmitting. But I don't have any references. Telekinesis is the special ability that I got from the planetary system as a result of this invasion.”"Well, it's really interesting that I have a replication, system and now I also have a special ability, what are the chances of me inheriting an ability?"“Could it be that I am destined to rule the world no matter what?”His narcissistic personality emerged from the deeper parts of his consciousness as he started to daydream about being the strongest in the world without effort.But I'm this thought was pushed aside as he continued."The chances should be minimal but I did inherit it, let's see what this telekinesis can do."Telekinesis: The power to move, manipulate, or otherwise interact with objects/matter without physical means."A short description with endless p
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Goblin Dungeon
"What's that?"Alex exclaimed with surprise as he was flying and suddenly saw a circular mirror floating in the air, on a small clearing. It was enough for a group of people to walk together. it was rotating clockwise and there was the scenery of a rainforest inside. It was very clear and looked like a high-definition picture.There was a faint light radiating from it, and mana was gathering around it slowly. It was obvious that it was the so-called dungeon. Alex went around it to take a look but it was the same on both sides with the scenery inside being the same."I did think about going in there as the dungeon should only be the boundary between the two gates and it shouldn't have many stronger beings inside but now that I am standing right in front of it. It looks really dangerous and I have an ominous feeling about going in there."Alex mumbled as he looked deeply at the calm scenery inside. He shuddered slightly and then laughed."Oh, I almost forgot, I have clones to do that s
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As the clone came out of the dungeon, it went straight to the original Alex and got absorbed by him.Alex sat there, the fire was burning and the fragrance of meat was still fresh. "D-Ranked dungeon, it was written in the books I read in the library that it would usually take a whole party to clear but I am a C-Rank. So, it is relatively safe for me."And there is also the loot that the clone didn't pick up," he said as he looked thoughtfully at the circular gate and he could see the edges were emitting green light."It was white before, now it's green, it must indicate the probability of dungeon break. it must be because it has been cleared and there was not enough mana collected for a dungeon break.""Well, I have to go for the loot, and I should also inspect the gate that opens on the other side." He mumbled as he stood up and expressionlessly looked at the gate, hands behind his back and wind blowing his hair to the right. making a dramatic scene that would attract the lookers and
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New techniques
Alex got out of the dungeon and commanded his clone that was cultivating to come to him.He also deleted his abilities at the same moment and felt a strange energy circulate throughout his body, core, and soul. it was a very comfortable feeling and he wanted to feel it even more but it ended very quickly.He felt his body and soul a little bit stronger, and he started to practice using Replication and telekinesis to become more efficient at their uses as he didn't want to learn any more skills and wanted to utilize these two to make his fighting style. He didn't want to disperse his concentration and become a weak all-rounder.he practiced for a while, and he felt the clone near his position and started to cultivate, the clone reached there in a few minutes and let itself be absorbed by the original.Rumble!Alex felt a massive amount of mana surge in his body and it circulated throughout his whole body, burning the dead cells, removing the impurities and in turn making his whole body
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