now he had money so he directly went to an inn for preparations.

The preparations that are mentioned so many times are very special and need to be done to get all the advantages without any danger to his own life.

"I have to link with the clone so that I can control it remotely," thought Alex as he asked for the direction to an average inn.

Yes, remote manipulation, because he can command them remotely and he can also share their memories when he absorbs them. So, why can't he share their memories without absorbing them?

The answer to that is a simple one because he didn't try to do it before but now that there is a need for that so he has to figure it out.

"A single room for three nights," he said to the receptionist without saying anything else. she told him that it would be 90 silver coins.

One gold coin is worth a thousand silver and the ratio is the same as silver to copper.

Alex gave her a gold coin and said," send dinner for one and you can keep the change," the receptionist a tall blonde woman, standing behind the table flashed her white teeth brightly and blushed while looking at the coin before she thanked him and gave him the key and telling him the direction.

Alex went up to the room and opened the room to see a single bedroom with a washroom and other necessities.

After a while, the receptionist came with the meal wearing a red-colored loose nightgown and gave him the food while blushing and asked,"..sir, do you need anything else?"

"No, thank you very much," said Alex without taking a hint and closed the door. before going inside and eating.

After eating like a pig. he swept the plates clean and sat on the bed, and summoned a clone using self-replication.


A clone appeared before him looking straight into his eyes. sitting on the bed.

"I've lost some weight and become tall," said Alex while examining the clone carefully." I need more to understand it."

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Ten clones appeared as the smoke cleared, "hmm, they have flesh and blood but they are not that real and they don't look natural."

Well, I think they will improve in the future," he said and absorbed them slowly one by one.

He tried to familiarize himself with the feeling and then he tried to use his soul strength to sense the process.

After a while of experimenting. he tried to infuse more soul strength in them and tried again. But as if something was preventing him from succeeding. It didn't work.

He then tried to infuse soul strength but it still didn't work.

"What's the matter? Why isn't it working?" he said with a little frustration apparent on his face.

He then read the description of replication again.

Replication:: a concept is an abstract or generic idea derived from a particular instance. A concept is only limited by the user's understanding. Replication is a concept that allows its user to replicate oneself, others, and/or objects.

"Hmm, when I want to copy a skate scooter, I have to keep its material and composition in mind. So, is it the same with self-replication?"

He immediately tried to replicate himself but this time he took notice of all the attributes and the composition of his body like cells, tissues, organs, and systems.

He tried to replicate all the little components and made them as they should be instead of just a simple mana clone.

16 bio-elements, vital organs, and bones, he used his soul strength inside his body and tried to see every point that he could.

Blood and the chemicals that are inside the human body, down to all the details like facial features. And of course the soul.

"Being a medical student helps after transmigration," he said with excitement after memorizing all the details. he tried to make it.

Instead of just a poof of smoke and the appearance of the clone. this time the replica came out of his body like a genie from the lamp.

And instead of just the white smoke, the watery pulp could be seen coming out of his pores.

"Of course, the process wasn't that smooth and he could feel his mana being emptied at the halfway point of the replication.

This begged the question....could replication like this be stopped during the technique?

The answer was in the form of pain that came from his vitality being sucked and the blood being drained. but this was not the end as he also wanted to replicate his soul and body down to the molecular level and got the reward for doing an absurd thing like replicating his spirit and essence.

Because if he could do something like this then wouldn't he be the author?... Oh, I mean if he had that kind of strength then why would he try to become powerful?

He could just replicate himself so many times that killing him would become impossible as he could be anywhere with his soul still alive.

"Ahh, no... Stop it," he screamed but the voice didn't come out of his throat because of the weakness that he was suffering from. His screams came out as a whine.

He was crawling on the bed trying to get away from the clone coming out of his body but the process continued and by the end, he looked severely malnourished. his skin stuck close to his bones and he looked dried up and wilted.

And then it was the time for the replication of the spirit but he fainted just as he felt the soul-splitting pain and he felt as if he was going to be ripped apart.


Outside the graveyard dungeon.

It was time to dive into the graveyard dungeon. there were representatives from all four ancient families wearing armor and all sorts of equipment. and the merchant Associates also wearing their equipment standing alongside.

Some of them were excited and some of them were nervous. but there was a competition between them that whoever killed and picked more will get more so nervousness was concealed under this air of competition.

As some were excited. one man was standing on the side looking worried and he was looking around as if expecting someone to arrive soon.

He was the middle-aged fellow, Alex met in the merchant association. he had invited Alex to dive into the graveyard dungeon but now at the exact time. he is late.

How much longer is he going to make us wait, Silva?" said one of the men from the Chu family.

It was a bulky guy wearing full-body armor and holding a greatsword in his hands. he stood beside his teammates and said with a dissatisfied expression on his face.

"Ah, Mr. Chu Feng, I had notified him to come here. it seems that there is some problem with him," he said with a respectful expression before he saw in the corner of his eyes the man they were waiting for.

"Hey, Alex why are you so late?" shouted Silva with a relieved expression and turned the attention of the people to Alex.

"I met an old woman on the way, she had lost her purse so I helped her find it, Poor Granny," said Alex as he made a sad expression lying through his teeth as he walked up to the merchant association group.

Everyone looked at him incredulously for making such lame excuses.

"," said Silva amazed at the level of shamelessness of this fellow. They were waiting for him for so long and after coming late instead of apologizing and telling him his reason for being late. he made a lame excuse that no one could accept.

"You kid, aren't you going overboard?" said Chu Feng as he walked to Alex and looked him in the eye. With displeasure visible on his face.

Instead of being flustered Alex stared back without hesitation and said," I believe not."

At this moment, one of the men from the group tian family came out and said with perplexity, "how did you grow your arm back?"

The attention was then turned toward this bulky man. wearing full body armor with a huge shield and a giant blade. he had a frightening aura surrounding him and anyone who looked at him would have the feeling of an Apex predator looking for prey.

Yes, this was the madman, the one who cut Alex's arm when he was in the kingdom that he arrived in when he first transmigrated.

As he languidly strolled toward Alex, he looked at his arm that he cut and then looked at his face while looking into his eyes. Releasing pressure from his body.

As their gazes met. Alex looked unruffled and said without a hint of pressure and change in expression," I don't know you."

"Oh?" the madman was surprised as normally anyone would feel pressure and become tense after looking into his eyes.

More than that if someone had his arm cut and met the one who did that they would become mad and try to attack. But he neither seemed angry nor did he look like he knew him.

And his arm also looked like it was real and not a prosthetic one.

"Are you sure about that?" asked someone from the group behind him.

"I'm not too sure," he said and he was standing less than one meter away from Alex.

Suddenly, he attacked Alex while saying," but we'll know if he is an imposter or not."


Yelled someone from his group at him for being so reckless. but then he had already swung his sword, and no one could stop him now.

As the sword reached Alex and was one inch away from slitting his throat it ceased to move, and a hand was stopping it from even moving back.

A tall blonde guy in silver armor was holding the sword in his hand preventing it from moving. He looked straight into the eyes of the madman without saying anything.

The group of Tian family had come forward at this moment as they yelled at the madman to back off as the blonde man let go of the sword.

A short guy looked him straight in the eyes and said," Armando, He is a little unstable, don't worry it won't happen again.

The man named Armando who was the leader of the merchant association nodded lightly before saying," it's time, let's go."

Everyone agreed and they entered the dungeon without speaking up or doing anything excessive. all of them were wearing equipment and holding weapons of all kinds except for a certain someone. Looking odd in the group of warrior

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