Author: The Emperor
Its not a dream


10:27 AM

In a small rundown apartment, there was a boy about 17 years old, sleeping soundly. He was wearing worn-out clothes that were stitched in different places.

He was sleeping peacefully with even breaths before he woke up because of feeling unease in his heart and was shocked to find himself in an unknown place. But he didn't panic as if it was an instinct and a thought formed in his mind involuntarily as if something was controlling his mind.

"Hmm, Is this what they call a lucid dream? Why does it feels so real?”

This is only an idiot can think in this kind of situation but, no, he is not an idiot. He wouldn't think like this normally but this was a special case.

After telling himself that he was still dreaming he got out of bed and looked around in amazement. The bedroom was very small, a bed, a table and a few other essentials were the only things present.

After looking at everything he went to the wooden door that was hardly useable. He pushed it open and it made a creaking sound. It was very annoying, and he felt like clenching his teeth and breaking apart the door.


After opening the door with a incensed expression and peeking out, like a thief and checking that there was no one in the dilapidated corridor.

He got out and without making too much noise came out of the old building with odd familiarity, as if coming out of the building was something he did everyday.

Finally, when he got out he got to see a sight that was not very pleasant for it to be a dream.

Looking ahead, it was a slum as many people were sleeping on the roadside wearing rags, there were also some old men smoking weed at the side playing cards, and children playing in the mud, when he came out some people looked at him with a strange gaze but he didn't mind because it was supposed to be a dream.

As he was just curious as to what he could see next he didn't mind the rather unpleasant sight around and started walking in one direction and soon he was out of that poor area.

And what presented him was a bustling market. There were many vendors on the side of the road selling some fruits that are very common like apples mangoes etc.

He was amazed to see some very interesting yet odd things too but he didn't stay there and kept walking. His adventurous spirit waking in this situation.

After walking for about 2-3 minutes and gazing at some interesting and new things with shining eyes and an excited heart.

He arrived at a hub in the road and there was a crowd ahead, this crowd was unusual and He immediately went ahead to see what it was that got all these people to gather here and after some pushing and shoving finally got to see something that really deserved to be in a dream.

It was a girl wearing black dress and she was bargaining with a shopkeeper in a rather loud voice really unbefitting of a fairy that she looked like. His gaze as he looked at her brightened as a devillish smile appeared on his dirty face.

He thought it was just a dream, there was nothing to be afraid of. And his confidence was at its peak. he didn't mind his dirty appearance and the fact that he wasn't even wearing clean clothes, He went ahead and conversed with her.

"Hello, lady, would you like to walk around with me?”

After thinking of what to say in a hurry, he said this supposed pickup line in a flirtatious manner, giving the brightest smile he could.

The girl was surprised at first as to who had the guts to talk to her like that and turned to see him and was immediately repulsed to see his dirty clothes and his face that wasn't even washed yet.

The girl exploded with anger and didn't even answer but instead slapped him and kicked him away from herself and shouted.

“Guards! Guards!

Where did this dirty worm came from.”

Soon the guards standing nearby hurried over and asked the lady what happened, what could be the reason for her to be so angry.

“What the hell are you doing? Letting this filthy scum near me?”

The girl was raging and shouted at the guards to imprison this filthy insect so that she would not see him again.

As this was happening the boy who was the victim of his stupidity was dazedly looking at the ground and was shocked to realize that he was feeling pain from the slap because it should be impossble because it was a dream.

As the guards were flustered after being shouted at. they vented their anger on the boy and kicked him and then captured him.

The girl had just got riof him when she saw the passerby's looking at her so she shouted out, at the people looking at this sight as if they were being entertained, "what the hell are you looking at!?"

The crowd instantly dispersed hearing her yelling at them. they were angry at being shouted at but didn't refute the girl as she was from a noble household, and her father was a baron in this kingdom. So they repressed their anger and walked away.

She was just wandering around when something caught her eye on a vendor so she immediately went to look at it but unfortunately a dirty boy wearing rags with a filthy appearance tried to hit on her and made her angry. Never had anyone had the guts to approach her much less a beggar like this.

As the boy was arrested and imprisoned, he didn't say anything he seemed to be thinking about something and just dazedly looked ahead like an idiot.

After he was thrown into the prison and the guards kicked him and punched him but he didn't reply much and just sat there, then the guards left him there alone. After not even getting a reaction they got bored.

As the boy was finally alone and thought about everything and he came to a realization.

"It's not a dream"

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