Leveling up in an apocalypse

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Leveling up in an apocalypse

By: Emmanuel feany Updated just nowSystem

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After a strange disease broke out on the once peaceful earth, turning anyone who got infected into a vicious creature. The remsining 0.01 percent of earth's population were forced to flee and live on a whole new planet where they got to fight beast in order to remain safe. A boy named Kadori who lost everything during the apocalypse promised himself to get stronger and vanquish every single creature and beast, then return earth to her former glory. NOTE: This book consists of System, level up, cultivation, alchemy, mystery, and all. And also, chapters are released every single day.

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    Damn! This is so interesting to read.

    2023-12-28 14:02:55
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49 chapters
"How long would it take you to get the fruit basket,Kadori!" A female's voice shouted hastily,while putting food and water into a sack.Kadori stepped out of his room,clad in brown leather jacket and brown trousers,wiping off cobwebs from his spiky brown hair."Jeez,you really had to hide this where no one could reach?" Kadori lamented,wiping off the cobwebs from his body."Quit complaining" The lady said,ruffling Kadori's hair,while handing him the sack of food and water,"Don't be late,okay?" She said,pressing down a kiss on Kadori's hair."Alright mom,bye now." Kadori retrieved his small knife before stepping out of the house.****Ever since Kadori's father died in an accident,Kadori's mother has been the one taking care of him alone. She had a small farm located in a certain part of the village where Kadori would go in to pluck some fruits or harvest food grains.Although,the family weren't affluent,they were happy with what they had. Kadori often see his mothet going extra mile to
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She is gone!
Just like that,the once peaceful world,now running around in chaos and destruction. No one knows the cause or cure of the disease, it just seemed to spread all of a sudden. Village to village,town to town,city to city.Kadori kept running back to his home,trying his best to stay away from the main road for they were now flooded with the creatures.Kadori's heart raced whenever he thought of the state his mother could be right now. He was unsure whether she was still alive or has turned to the creature also.After running for what seemed like forever,he finally arrived at his house. Luckily,the madness hasn't reached the area where he lived."Mom! Mom!" Kadori called out as he barged into the house and began to search around. He didn't seem to find her anywhere inside the house,making him fall on his kneels and tears rolled down."Kadori,are you okay?" A sweet lady's voice sounded from behind,turning around,Kadori was filled with joy to find his mother unharmed.He quickly stood up and
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Infected on the ship
People rushing into the large ship, pushing and harming themselves just to get in. Family forsaking their loved ones just to get on the ship that promosied them safety."It's filled up!" One of the soldier shouted,scanning the ship and the people inside. Almost one thousand people managed to get in,if they should allow more in,they were afraid the ship might sink."Alright,let's go!" Another soldier alrted the sailor and slowly,the ship began to move.The people that were left behind,pleaded and begged but there was nothing that could be done. They had to sirvive alone.Everyone was stationed to sit in a specific way,to hinder the ship from sinking. Where Kadori sat down quietly,a guy was seated right beside him. The guy's face was turned down and his body was vibrating slightly.Kadori could feel the vibration coming from the boy but he chose to ignore it and mind his business. Not only did the vibration got faster,but the boy was begining to sweat profousley. Kadori shifted his gaze
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The crowd gathered around the dead creature,examining it to check if it was fully dead. Some examined it to see just how much the disease turned a fine young man into a creature like this."Everyone move away from the bodies!" Uncle Duncan ordered,analyzing the body of the dead creature and the body of the lady that got bitten.There was a probability that the lady would rise up from the dead and transform into one of the creature. If that should happen,it was best to get everyone away from her.Kadori glanced at Bjorn who stood beside him,fidgeting in fear and sweat dripping down his face. Bjorn just experienced what the bite could do and how they killed the bitten one without stopping to think that it was once a human.Bjorn feared that if they should find out,thesame thing would happen to him.Seeing Bjorn's frightful look,Kadori decided not to say anything and just wait a little. Kadori also found Bjorn's case strange. Kadori wasn't certain of how long Bjorn has been bitten,and sin
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Dangerous one
The day finally became dark and the villagers began to fall asleep one by one. Some still chose to stay up and keep their guards on incase of any infected person,while some chose to rest after having a very traumatizing day."What do you mean power?" Kadori questioned after hearing Bjorn's words. He never expected the bite to make one stronger or powerful."I am not sure." Bjorn replied,resting his back on the wooden surface, "Take a look." Bjorn said,lifting up his sleeves,revealing his white fresh wrist. The bite marks and veins that were there ones,disappeared completely.Kadori grabbed Bjorn's arm to take a closer look,"How?" Kadori asked."I guess it's the same super healing as that girl over there." Bjorn replied,pointing at the girl who got bitten earlier. She was already asleep so she didn't notice Bjorn pointing a finger at her."Can i borrow that?" Bjorn asked,refering to Kadori's small knife. Kadori handed the knife over to him,confused on why he needed to borrow it.After r
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Explore the island
After receiveing tons of scolding,Kadori got isolated from the crowd. He was taken to an inner room in the ship where the soldiers take their nap after patrolling.The place was dimly lit with candles hanging on the wall here and there. Kadori sat on the floor,his arms folded as he awaited further instructions.For someone who just murdered his fellow human,Kadori instead,felt no remorse. He felt like the man deserved it. Everyone was hungry,why did he chose to steal from a child? The man probably saw Kadori as a weak and feeble boy,and if he stole his food,he would be unable to fight back.Sitting there patiently,Kadori could hear his stomach rumbling loudly out of hunger and he was begining to feel extremely weak.'Why save us when we are going to eventually die of hunger?' Kadori pondered.The entrance door swung open,and in came Uncle Duncan carrying a tray full of food."He walked towards a small round table that was positioned at the center of the room,placing the tray on the t
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Island attack
Everyone divided themselves into a group of 100,and a soldier stationed in every group. After everything was all set,they began to venture into the island.Uncle Duncan guided Kadori's group as they headed further in. The island didn't look like any normal island. This one was far bigger than normal island. If they were to explore the place as a unit,it would likely take a year to cover half of the island.The weeds and tall mushrooms filled the place,making it look like a forest."So is this where we'll live for the rest of our lives?" Olivia asked,her voice low and timid."I guess so." Uncle Duncan replied,chopping off leaves blocking his path with his blade, "If we manage to find a safe spot,we'll build a small village there.""So what do you expect us to eat here? Mushrooms?" A rugged looking man with bald head and bushy beards asked."Well,if that's what is available then yes,we'll eat mushrooms." Uncle Duncan replied,giving the man a glare."I rather die than eat this stinking
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He is infected!
"General move away from the boy!" The young soldier shouted,unsheating his blade and pointing it at Modred, "He's infected."The villsges gasped in shock after hearing the young soldier's words,everyone began to move backwards."What do you mean?" Uncle Duncan asked,examining Modred to see if a change is evident on him."He was bitten right in front of me!" The young soldier replied,his blade still pointed towards Modred."Show me." Uncle Duncan demanded from Modred,his hand on the hilt of his sword."It healed up." Modred replied,revealing his neck to Uncle Duncan. There seemed to be no trace of blood or wound on it, "After i got bitten,i thought i would turn. But instead,i could feel this raw energy surging inside of me.""At first i felt extremely hot ss the energy burned inside of me,then later i began to feel cold as ice. It took few minutes before i recovered,and when i did,i felt stronger and faster." Modred explained geniuely.Hearing Modred's explanation,Uncle Duncan knew Modr
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6 years later
6 years later...The apocalypse was so long ago,people were starting to forget. After everyone was forced to flee from their home due to the strange disease that broke out and began to spread quickly,they found refuge on an isolated island.An island filled with the same infected creatures.To keep everyone safe from the creatures,they built giant walls surrounding them,shielding them from the outside worlds.The walls was built with the soil under their feet and the trees around them. It took a while until they finally completed it.After completing the walls,they began to build their shelters,and ina little while,the place turned to a small village.Everyone lived there together,feeding on the mushrooms and plants around. Digging holes on the ground to extract clean water for drinking.The so called peace lasted for a little while,until people began to go astray and doing what they were not suppose to do. Some claimed they have had enough and needed to go outside the walls to find go
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I am not weak
Agreeing to the duel,the two boys stood opposite eachother in an open area with the rest of the students surrounding them with a look of anticipation.Bjorn took put his blade and dropped it to the ground, "I don't plan on hurting you,Mate,so i'll just drop that." Bjorn spoke with a concerned expression.Kadori scoffed at Bjorn's confident words, "Too bad,because i don't plan on going easy on you." Kadori readied his blade and began to charge forward.Running as fast as he could,Bjorn still found Kadori's movement extremely slow. When Kadori got in striking distance, he swung out his blade towards Bjorn who had both of his arms folded behind him.Bjorn swrled his body to thr opposite direction,causing Kadori to slash nothing but air.Kadori retrieved his blade quickly,slashing it out aiming for Bjorn's chest Once again,he swrled to the opposite direction,evading the strike."You wish to be a Runner and yet you are slow!" Shaw commented from the side,irritated by Kadori's weak attacks
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