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By: Adorab OngoingMystery/Thriller

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Andrew Pace, a young software engineer who was adopted by millionaire Susan Pace at age 10, helps save her struggling company, Pace's Software. However, at a company party celebrating the launch of a new software, Susan is brutally murdered and Andrew becomes the prime suspect. Despite being let off the hook, Andrew spirals into despair, blaming himself for Susan's death. He hires detective Lucy Philips to help uncover the truth about his mother's murder and eventually discovers that the real culprit was her secret son, Daniel. Andrew is kidnapped while trying to inform Lucy, but she tracks him down and arrests Daniel, clearing Andrew's name. Ten years later, Andrew is finally acquitted and justified in court, thanks to the help of his lawyer Banks. Throughout the investigation, Andrew falls in love with Lucy but is too afraid to express his feelings.

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A dashed hope
June 4th, 1998 8pm, New York city. No One Cares ORPHANAGE Home. Lights shines at a old abandoned orphanage home with rain water dripping in the building even creating a mini floor down to the children’s room as the nannies plead with the children to stay strong that the rain will soon be over but it looks perhaps the nannies words were lies lightening stuck in as hit one of the nannies as no one could help her since she was on the water and children who were also in the water were also struck to death. The children who live all burst into tears and the nannies who were also alive could only weep inside their hearts as they had to remain strong and comfort the remaining children. The whole night with heavy rain falling and many tears the children all remained hopeless but to bear their loss and pain. Soon Dawn came with the cook of the cock of a nearby farm house, each of the living children helped the nannies clear the water out of the building and sort out what was left in the
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Leadership: The plan
December 24th, 1999Christmas EveNo One Cares Orphanage HomeHave you ever tried hoping for a change and discovered that you hated yourself for believing such could happen? It is winter in New York City where snowfall seems to be the only thing every child in No One Cares Orphanage looks forward to and you may wonder why? Well, Winter makes us forget we are dying but gives joy to the Christmas spirit.It is Christmas the only time we get to eat a good meal as neighbors within our vicinity send gifts and good meals to the Orphanage. Churches visits also to spread God's word sting that Jesus was born on Christmas Day to bring hope to the world, another thing we hold on to because we are here to hear good stories Despite this Christmas day enjoyment it does not change the fact that there is never hope for us, How I wish every day is Christmas.All I care about is making sure my companions live and don’t experience nor remember the tragedy that happened on June 4th, 1998. I see myself as
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The heist
December 25th, 1999, Christmas Day.I can’t wait to tell you about this day. It was the best heist in history or maybe not entirely. It was on a Saturday morning, we gathered ourselves to the dining room by 8am after we each had our bath with every one served pan cake prepared by Nanny Grace a 40 years old widow who lost had husband to a car crash and also lost her baby in a miscarriage after hear the news since then she commits herself to us with a feeling of guilt and takes us as a mother nursing the children she never had. That aside she has been a cook and I got to tell you her food taste beyond expression.You know I read an advert in a newspaper, “Never start your day without an early breakfast”, so I guess we all had to follow what the advert says now before I tell you in on the heist plan. Let me introduce you to the heist crew. This is Daniel the distraction. Well, he creates a scene of weeping so loud that crowds gather to watch him. Besides, he has cute eyes. You could say
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The turn of things
November 1st,2002Happy Orphanage HomeI woke up from a nightmare that no one could ever choose to adopt me, that I was cursed, feeling moody and sad. I walk down the stairs still feeling empty with everywhere quiet as it has been 2 years and two months since I last saw or heard from any of my companions. I felt as if I was meant to be reject, Nanny Grace died five months ago and Nanny Jane is married with kids. Though Nanny Jane does check on me everyday even when she is pregnant she also hopes that new abandoned children will be brought to the Orphanage so I won't be alone. Nanny Grace's food business died since I could not meet up to her recipe since I could not fend for myself. Nanny Jane supported me with 2 dollars everyday despite that it could not meet my daily needs so I went back to what I know how to do best, which is theft.I kept on stealing with joy that at least I have the Orphanage as a shelter because Nanny Jane almost sold it out but had to stop because I had nowhere
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The beginning of a new life
It is very because I told myself this is heaven, this has to be it, your days of poverty, theft, even smuggled goods are over. You can become whatever you choose to be. All you just have to do is be cool or maybe not, be cool just accept whatever life throws at you next. This is all good to be true. How can an orphan like me be welcomed to luxury that can only happen in movies or not?The car stop and the door was opened, I looked around and saw the beauty of Pace's Software building exterior while I was till admiring it's Mr. Banks told me she is waiting for me. What a buzzkill why interrupt my heavenly moment. I think the heavens finally had my prayer. I hope all my companions are having a good time like I am.I walked into the building with Mr. Banks and four security guards two to my left, two to my right. That wasn’t the shocking part, I was literally greeted by every staff in the building is I thought until I realized Mr. Banks was with me.Can you imagine? He just stole my sho
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I found home
Did you know that life is funny and most of the time cute? It has been 4 years now since I have been enlisted to this family even though my mum earns money legit through software making but behind the scenes are the drugs and weapons she is in control of. My mum does not encourage trafficking of women, children nor men but kidnapping seems a bit legit. You may be wondering if I have had my first kill and my answer will be Yes.It is a culture that if you are to be accepted into the family and me as her son I must kill five rats meaning those who tries to expose mum's secret to the outside world since mum owns the NYPD and the CIA or MI6 or any intelligence agency cannot attack though their do not know her Identity nor her face expect I, Mr. Banks and few people who she trust a lot.My mum is a ghost and she also taught me how to be since I am her son, the surprising part is she freely exposed secret information to me without thinking. And yes! she has everything I have desired in a
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Bonding with them
The Lords have the four Queens and heart tattoos at their back, mom has, so do I. As for Luca, Mr. Banks, Alexa, Elephant, Baggy Man each have three Queens and a large heart tattooed at their back to show leaders. As for the rest of the Heart family, they have just two Queens and a big heart.With this, we know our family and cannot kill or touch them. Any mistake will not be forgiven. Imbibed in the tattoos are barcodes, trackers to help send our location to the heart, grant us access in our meetings and also help send emergency signals for help from any heart member in any country in the world.I apologize I forgot to inform you that this is 2005 and mom's empire had spread globally so we no longer traffic drugs and sell weapons. We protect good people. Like mom says, just a way to quench our inner demons and let the boys have fun and play. Luckily for us we have save 300 thousands innocent civilians from bomb blast, terrorist etc. and we have lost 399 heart members doing so but n
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The amazing individuals
He is feared till today as no one wants to go to court with him because they end up losing and becoming exposed.I am glad the heart has him though he is blind as a bat but he is our batman and our beacon of justice. All my life I haven’t seen life as I have seen it now though movies tell us what they think it is but reality makes us understand what we truly do not understand.I could say my mum is very brave, doing the impossible at a little age reminds me of my little crusade at No one cares Orphanage home which at the end opened a new door for all my companions to be adopted. I guess all sacrifices are worth both good and evil. It just depends on which one brings a lasting and peace giving reward.It is not easy to lead the heart no matter how tough she will have her tearful days but nevertheless with time she grew to overcome her challenges and trust in her family to do the right thing at the right time.Pretty much every member of the heart each has a painful past that defines th
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Meeting with my crush
Even when he became mature his father never stopped. In fact he was harassed more with oral sex, journalists and news media carrying news feeds of his fathers events. Though their family became rich I mean his siblings and their father while his mother was chased out by his torturing father who accused her publicly for been a witch she wasn’t but since there was no fair justice system in the 1990s only corruption she was stoned to death without investigation and no one even was willing to accept her for who she is.In fear no to end up like his mom, he obeyed his father and did whatever he asked without objection which each night resulted in many tears. He tried so much to be strong but he kept on failing so he had to find something to comfort him and there came computers. He loved coding, hacking, passing system logs etc. So he devised a way to build his wizard's home for techs, which led him to engage in sex with his wicked father's clients and secretly earn cash behind his back.H
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Do I Love Her?
I mean my ex-crush and my ex-best friend though it hurts but it is all for the best, I just have to make sure I do nothing she asks of me. Class commenced and Lucy sat beside me calling my attention.“ Hi, my name is Lucy and that is my boyfriend Eric” Lucy greeted and introduced herself but I refused to reply and kept focusing on what the lecturer taught.Lecture finished and I left the hall only for Lucy to rush to meet me, leading almost to her death as the guard was about to shoot her until I signaled to them to stand down.“ What do you want?” I asked Lucy.“ You, sorry I meant you…no sorry… I meant your note… sorry you know there is a party coming up at my place tonight, care to join?” Lucy said.“ No, I don’t do a party thanks for the invite anyway” I replied.“ Please it is my birthday,” Lucy pleaded.“ Not interested, Can you please excuse me? I have a home to get to,” I replied.“ I promise to drive you home if you come,” Lucy said.“Thanks but I've got my own driver and be
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