The Invincible Arthur Gardner

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The Invincible Arthur Gardner

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Despite having a job at a renowned company, Arthur was only a janitor. His cousin, who was a senior executive in the firm, constantly harassed and badgered him to the extreme. To top it off, his cousin brazenly flirted with and kissed his fiancée right in his presence! One day, his life changed drastically. [Ding!] [Binding The VIP System... [Your mission is to become a person of great prestige, to attain wealth, fame, and to have every woman you desire.] [Bank Central World] The balance of your account ending in xxx69 is USD 10,000,000,000,000.00. This marked his turning point from his lowest to his highest point – a feat humans have never achieved before. *** This book is sure to offer a pleasurable, effortless, and enjoyable reading experience. Its captivating romance will draw you into the story, and each character is carefully crafted to be unique. The writing is exquisite and free of any grammatical, spelling, or other errors. Why not give the first 10 chapters a try?


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Chapter 1 - The Company's Garbage
Arthur Gardner attempted to stand tall and appear more self-assured, yet he could not; he felt as if he had been kneeling on both of his knees for the entire duration. "Who gave you this job here?" Marco, his cousin, who held a prestigious executive role at the company Arthur worked for, sneered contemptuously. "Someone like you only dirties this place. Why don't you leave and go back to the street life you're used to?" Arthur had endured a difficult past. His father had been disowned by his wealthy family after marrying his mother, a commoner, and had suffered in poverty since his childhood. The strain of their circumstances eventually took its toll, and his mother died when he was only ten. His father was struggling to pay the hefty medical bills incurred by his late wife. And his father's good friend finally offered to help by lending some money, even offering his daughter to be engaged to Arthur. Despite their best efforts, Arthur's and his family's lives did not improve. T
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Chapter 2 - A Cup of Dreams
"Hey, System," Arthur called out as he walked down the hallway towards the changing room, "are you listening to me?" He no longer had any excuse to remain in that place; he had just acquired a system that was way beyond his comprehension and wanted to quickly discover the truth about it. [Yes, Host, I will answer anything when you ask. I will always be with you and be loyal to you.] "Say it again, why am I able to get this system? This feels very strange, and magical, and like a fiction in the story." Arthur asked, still not fully comprehending what was happening to him. He knew it was something extraordinary and filled with limitless potential, and he had seen with his own eyes that his account balance had increased drastically. [Indeed, there can be no doubt about what I have said.] [I can guarantee that I am entirely yours. You need not worry; I shall help you to live in peace and contentment.] Arthur nodded and felt relieved after knowing the facts. "So what can I do with the
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Chapter 3 - The Sweetest Surprise
A waitress emerged from inside the restaurant and approached Arthur and the guard who was debating.Arthur was taken aback by the beauty and charm of the waitress. “Is it because this restaurant is the most expensive in the city?”"This place is not somewhere anyone is allowed to come," she said.The girl's name was Edna. Her beauty was comparable to that of public figures and celebrities. Despite this, she chose to work as a waitress in a restaurant, instead of in the entertainment world, due to the expectation of having to give up her virginity to obtain a good position.Edna's job was to meet the needs of her parents and sister, and she was well-liked by many people and men. Despite the admiration she received, Edna stayed in the job she had since it made her feel valued, even if the wage she earned was just enough to meet her own needs and help her family back in her village.Edna noticed Arthur, who appeared to be about to enter the restaurant. This was something she had seen oft
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Chapter 4 - Magnificent Entertainment
For Arthur, it was almost too good to be true to be in such an exclusive and luxurious place. He was speechless as he took in the beauty before him; a grand round dining table with lavish chairs, elegant decorations, a hot spring pool, a relaxing sofa with a big screen, and a huge glass window offering a spectacular view of the city. It was a place Arthur had only ever seen in commercials and flyers, or dreamed of.Edna guided Arthur to the table and said, "Mr. Gardner, I apologize for my previous behavior. I hope you will forgive me and not let that detract from the value of this place."Arthur could sense Edna's warmth and sincerity through her voice, and was pleasantly surprised that his difficult day had been replaced by Edna's exceptional service. She said, "Mr. Gardner, you can do whatever you want here. If you would like to eat, we can serve you the best food in the area.""Alright, thank you, Ms. Edna," said Arthur slowly. "I'd like to relax and take a bath first, as I'm cold
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Chapter 5 - The Uneasy Mind
Arthur then exited the hot pool and changed into warm clothes. As he sat on the chair, his eyes lit up as the aroma of the food tantalized his taste buds. Edna welcomed him to the meal, and the other waitresses promptly left the room."Edna, you can stay here, and eat with me," Arthur said softly.But Edna only bowed her head once. "I'm sorry, Mr. Gardner, but I feel like I'm not worthy to sit at this dining table with you. I can help you feed if you want, but I don't think it's right for me to eat at the same table as you.""Well, it's okay. I need a companion to talk to and I don't mind if you do that with me."Bob, the manager of the restaurant, heard about a guest who had come in and bought access to Platinum Membership, despite his beggar-like appearance. He also knew Edna had treated him disrespectfully before."Are you saying he bought access to Platinum Membership? Are you kidding me?" Bob asked. He then checked the identity of the card that the guest, Arthur, had used and fou
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Chapter 6 - A Perfect Fit
"Are you kidding me?" Bob questioned in disbelief. "You want to buy this place? Do you really think it was something you could just buy on the spot? Even if it was available, did you have the resources to buy it? Are you completely out of your mind?"Bob was certain that the individual before him was a scammer. He thought buying this property was the most absurd notion he had ever heard. The restaurant was connected to a seven-star hotel, the only one in the city and renowned for its extravagance and costliness. Tourists from all over the country and the world would come to this city simply to enjoy the services of the luxurious hotel. "You just need to convey my message to your boss," Arthur said firmly, his temper rising. "Explain to him that I'm serious about buying this restaurant and the hotel attached to it. Name your price."Arthur had his sights set on the place; he wanted to live in the fanciest spot in town. He thought buying both establishments was the best decision, as h
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Chapter 7 - A Winning Combination
[Host: Arthur Gardner][Balance: 9,989,994,999,995.00 USD[Body: 20 (Weak)][Mind: 35 (Good)][VIP Points: 10][Skills: Need VIP Points to unlock new skills][Partners - 1][Edna Ross (22) - 65%][System Comment: You're beginning to comprehend how to savor life, and you even managed to save your first girl! You act like a normal guy, even though you're still a virgin. It looks like you're really into women, huh?]"What the heck!" Arthur exclaimed in disbelief, staring at the comments displayed on the screen.Like any other man, Arthur desired wealth, fame, and women; it was a common ambition. He was determined to attain anything he wanted in life. To this end, he had chosen Edna as his assistant, requiring someone he could trust and rely on.Arthur noticed that his total balance in the account was reflected in the system, as well as the name of his partner. Astonished, he observed that Edna's percentage had risen from 55% to 65% in a matter of minutes. Arthur earned 10 VIP points, bu
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Chapter 8 - Compassion in a Cruel World
"What can I do with 10 VIP Points, System?" inquired Arthur. [You can add new skills with 10 points or upgrade your body or mind.] [You can do anything as long as your imagination allows it.] Intrigued, Arthur pondered, "What will happen to me if I add 10 points to the body? It looks like it's worth a try. Alright, let's add 10 VIP points to my body." [Okay, the system will process immediately.] Arthur stepped into the stunning bathroom in his room, admiring the grand bathtub made of white marble and gold. He sauntered to the tall mirror, undressing as he went. In that instant, he noticed a remarkable transformation in his physique. A surge of energy ran through his veins, and the fatigue and soreness in his body vanished abruptly. "I'm curious to see how much progress I have made in my physical transformation," Arthur said thoughtfully. "I think working out could give me some insight." He then left the room and headed straight to Edna. "Mr. Gardner," Edna said in awe, "why do
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Chapter 9 - Learning To Believe Again
Edna took a towel from a suitcase and offered to help Arthur clean the stains on his clothes. "Let me help you, sir." she said. He nodded, allowing her to do so. "I brought a change of clothes for you," she suggested. "It would be better if you changed into these, since your shirt is wet. It won't be comfortable for you."She tried to dry the wetness on Arthur's shirt, but that didn't seem to help much. "A person as rich as you should look impeccable under any circumstances," she added.Edna then took a white shirt and a black suit jacket and placed them beside Arthur."Do you mind if I take off my clothes here?" he asked, glancing briefly at Edna.Edna shook her head quickly and smiled sweetly at Arthur. "I don't mind, sir. What's more, you were also naked in front of me before when you bathed in hot water at the restaurant," she said."Is that true?" Arthur thought back to the situation. "Didn't I take my shirt off when you had gone out, and I was in the pool, when you came up and
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Chapter 10 - Luxury on Wheels
The car store was a Bugatti car exhibit, where the city's wealthiest individuals congregated to indulge their passions with their money. Edna had learned that the car store was offering a limited edition model, the Bugatti EF100 — with only 10 units created globally.Edna slowly nodded as she followed Arthur to the entrance. She pondered the extravagant pastimes of a wealthy man. He had seemingly purchased a business worth billions of dollars with ease, and now, he wanted to buy yet another car, no matter how many cars he already owned.The large glass doors of the stately building opened, and Arthur and Edna immediately stepped inside.A man in a black suit, who looked to be in his forties, greeted them. "Is there anything I can help you with, sir?" he asked.James, the venue's sales manager, tried to recognize the figure of the man before him, taking in his appearance from head to toe. He felt suspicious towards the man as he had worked there long enough to know many famous people i
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