Light and Darkness: Nytri's Odyssey

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Light and Darkness: Nytri's Odyssey

By: KA_Author OngoingFantasy

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Light and Darkness: Origin The beginning Nytri Alcore Elnora, the first Calamity from the mortal realm. Her name alone birth fear and terror in the hearts of gods and devils. Born an orphan, betrayed by her adopted father and ordered by said father to die for his plan failing. Nytri survives after one faithful encounter to become a champion. Unfortunately, her memories are muddled but she knows she'll recover them because only she is capable of messing with her mind in the realm of mortals, devils and gods. Forgotten Memories, Forgotten Power, Forgotten Skills. But her will to slaughter remains etched deep in her memories. War across realities begins with Nytri Alcore Elnora. "I'm going to SLAUGHTER ALL OF THEM!" Also, There will be other books on different universes with different CHARACTERS so crossovers will happen.

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  • Patho


    Awesome book! Lots of cool fights and a surprising backstory for the final boss. It's really exciting!

    2023-12-10 23:36:42
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105 chapters
The Awakening
Darkness... A jolt of energy flashes. Breathe inhale, "Yyyhhh." Exhale, "Wwwhhh." Slits like eyes open as a dark chamber comes into view, turns to the left then to the right. People in red cloaks are bowing low as torches light the room, there are crystals before them as they bow. A right hand appears as it turns and the back is seen, followed by the left hand. "What is this?" The light in the room changes as if late in the day as everything becomes clear yet still in the dark chamber. The right hand moves closer to main perspective as it feels flesh and hair, it pulls the hair as black hair comes in the vision. The vision changes as the owner of the hands are made visible.The owner's appearance is striking and unique, the figure is female floating at a height of 1.6meters. The figure has a plumb yet athletic build, the skin being a rich shade of dark brown. The black hair that was seen actually falls down to her waist as red circuits can be seen in them on closer inspection. The eye
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A New World
Nytri feels annoyed by their constant babbling. But she also feels sad that she couldn't sympathize with humans. Then again, the world wanted her dead so that sadness was easily washed away.Nytri thoughts, "The world has really fallen this far huh. I was expecting it to grow stronger but it seems that was wishful thinking. I should get the hang of my body as soon as possible, don't want to break anything or anyone by accident." She stretches her wings up towards the sky. Then to her sides. Backwards and forward as they cover her, she starts to flaps them slowly as she ascends.While the cult members continued with their explanation, the bald man reacts. "Umm, Overlord. Do you need to- " Nytri spread her wings and took flight *WHOOOSSHH* a huge gust of wind blows them as the bald man falls breaking his butt bone. She soars through the sky, taking in the world around her. It is a world vastly different from the one she knew. Filled with towering skyscrapers and advanced technology."Fl
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Throne room
Nytri makes it to the throne room. It is very large and has banners hanging from the ceiling. Broken stone statues as knights around the room, broken glass windows, at the center of the room is a throne. The throne is big and it's adorned with many precious minerals, she is glad at the sight before her. On the throne is a black phoenix that has a white beak and talons. Its feathers towards the tips are white but its main body is black. The eyes of the phoenix is of many colors representing the various elements.The Phoenix chirps and a shockwave spreads out, "Welcome back, dearest mother." The Phoenix proclaims in an ethereal voice"Look at you being all dramatic." Nytri chuckles."I worked on this line for hours and came here after I sensed you have returned." The Phoenix flaps its wings."Am glad you worked hard for me."The phoenix then flies to Nytri and transforms in the air into a young girl and embraced her. The young girl is her daughter, Aia. She is called Aira sometimes. (It
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Memories of the Past – Orphanage, Adoption
400 and something years ago in a kingdom called Mirthendom in the capital city. On the southern side in the slums a church is sited there, the road leading to the church has cobblestone roads. The church has priests and ladies of the cloth present. They sang hymns and take care of the orphans as their own kids. After the hymn has ended, a nun walks out of the church and sees a little girl seated on the stairs looking into the sky. She is covered in dirt and tattered clothes and she just sat there. This girl so thin has brown skin and black hair, her eyes are black and she is about 4years old. The little girl looks at the sky, at the flying clouds, the birds flying and smiles, she is happy just watching them. The nun walks up to her, The Nun speaks softly with traces of warmth in her voice, "Nytri, what are you doing here?" Yes, this little girl is Nytri, Nytri Elnora Alcore, Nightmare Overlord.Nytri turns to see the nun, "The birds are beautiful, and the clouds make funny shapes. T
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Memories of the Past – Betrayal
News of her being adopted leaked, and the nobles lost their shot at a connection to a more powerful family. They began to see Nytri as useless, trash, waste of space and resources. And then they conspired to have her killed. They could have just abandoned her or even thrown her away but, they had made a proclamation that she is their daughter. They saw no need for her even after she did everything to prove her usefulness, she started doing chores with the maid who was against it, she even learned to cook and clean. The other servants ostracized her and the nobles' kid, Claine avoided her. The one maid that tried to get close to Nytri was often punished for helping and even she was forced to stay away, eventually she was alone.Nytri overheard their conversations of having her killed, but as a child, she didn't want to believe what she was hearing. She clung to the hope that they loved her as the stories she read and that everything was going to be okay, even when it looked bad. She ho
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Memories of the Past – Rise to Power
Nytri somehow survives that but her memories of how she survived is gone, she remembers eating a spider monster corpse and acquiring its skills as her own, she couldn’t use some skill because she didn’t have the body part to do it, some she made up for it with EP but some like flight was impossible since she didn’t have any wings. She found out she could absorb skills by watching and eating, if she studies a skill continuously, she can break it into components on how each section works and replicate the skill, the second way is through eating and that is obvious. After living with the monsters, Nytri realized the only way to survive is to become a monster, so she didn’t hesitate to change her body to use skills she didn’t have access to like poison manipulation, thread manipulation, energy sense, and others. After all, if everyone is becoming an animal, change into one so they don’t come and devour you.One of the challenges Nytri was facing was against golems, ***MEMORY REWIND BEGI
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Memories of the Past – Return to the World
When Nytri finally left the dungeon, she realized that she had been gone for nine years. She felt like an outcast, a stranger in a world she no longer recognized. She didn’t care.But Nytri knew that she was stronger now, and she vowed to use her abilities to survive no matter what even if it meant turning the whole world against her, at this point she was already famous among the demons so none, NONE DARED CROSS PATHS WITH HER unless they didn’t know she was the one before them. She had conversations with the monsters she encountered, including the ancient dragons who lived in the dungeon, they came to meet her after she had slain one of their kin but had no intention to fight her but became her ally and friend. When they saw how she had killed her kin, they were actually worried that they were next, they met her in hopes of not being hunted.***MEMORY REWIND BEGIN***IN the dungeon, Abyssal Sanctum. Nytri is heading to the surface as she meets some of the dragons, when they see her,
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Living Free
Nytri and Aira continue and when they are out of site, Nytri reverts back to her usual self and continues on foot. Nytri has conflicting thoughts of what just happened, “Should I have helped? They’re still weak, another disaster can happen again and their suffering would only repeat itself.” She’s so lost in thought that she flew into a rock, well a rock flew into her vision and hit her. She looks down and sees a troll giant hurling rocks at them, it probably wants to eat them. Nytri looks at the creature as it throws rocks at her and she doesn’t budge.Aia comes closer to Nytri, “Mum, what’s wrong?” Nytri saw the worried look on her face, “Oh, sorry I worried you.” She looks in the direction of the village, “Was it right to help them?” The rocks no longer touch Nytri but are erased when they reach 5 meters around her outside her vision. Aira flaps her wings at the troll, “What do you mean?” an ash statue is left staring at them.Nytri’s vision zooms on the village, “The village, w
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Memories of the Past
The duo is travelling in a random direction, Nytri reminisces of her past from when she started adventuring, she went on quests with her party and often fought monsters, it is boring but she did get to live her dream of adventuring for a while.***MEMORY REWIND BEGIN***Nytri and her party enter the guild branch and go to Liara, the guild receptionist, the building is large as it is in the capital city of Mirthendom, just a big building with a sign of a shield and 2 guild boards for missions, Nytri and her party are gold rankNytri arrives at the receptionists’ table “Hi!” she sounded chirpy,Liara’s busy writing something looks up, “Oh Nytri, how are you doing?” the quest board is right behind her.Nytri chuckles, “I’m still alive.” And strikes a pose, Liara laughs. Nytri looks across the board, “Any quest for us?”Liara turns to the board, “Ah yes, we have a request to slay a pack of wolves, they are greater wolves but I’m sure that won’t be a problem for your party.” She hands Nyt
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A Surprise Visit
Nytri and Aira walk through the forest, enjoying the serene atmosphere. They make small talk about the latest monster Nytri had faced and how Aira's training was coming along.Suddenly, Nytri stopped in her tracks and her detection abilities alerted her of someone close. She quickly turned around and tackled the person with a bear hug attack. "Emma! It's been too long," Nytri exclaimed with joy. The person turned out to be none other than Emma, the Spirit Empress of the Celestial realm.Emma hugged Nytri back tightly, "I've missed you so much, my friend. How have you been?"Nytri chuckles, “Good, good, what about you?”Emma sighs in relief, “I well. So, what happened? I came here a couple of years back and I couldn’t sense you, Aia said you’re sleeping so I didn’t ask her in details. I figured you might be sick but you don’t get sick, so I chose to wait for you to come back.” Her face darkened and she cracked her knuckles, “What is this I hear about you letting people’s opinion affec
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