Ancestral Heir System

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Ancestral Heir System

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Liam Winchester spent most of his life suffering from the harsh treatment of this cruel world, his father died when he sacrificed himself to kill a monster for the sake of the world that would neglect and enslave his family after his death and take away everything he ever worked for, his mother died during a monster attack. His sister contacted a disease that would slowly take her life. Hopes were lost when she reached the most dangerous stage of the disease, now he needed millions of dollars instead of thousands. He was weak, he has no one to run to, not even his clan agreed to help him because he was poor and weak He gave up on everything! But then a system was activated, with this system he can inherit the powers of Powerful being that once ruled this world, Gods, Devils, powerful warrior, trillionaire that ruled the business world and even mages. Join this exciting journey as we watch a trash bag ascend to become the greatest being the universe has ever seen.


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  • Sage_x


    Nice novel.. more chapters please

    2023-08-19 01:40:53
  • GCsage


    Again and again.... Keep soaring bro

    2023-08-11 09:16:49
  • RavenCorella


    Shifted in an unexpected direction after the first few chapters. Showed some budding promise. Be keepin' an eye on this. :3

    2023-08-11 00:47:33
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26 chapters
Painful Lost
"Hmph, who allowed this cursed child into this place?" a sinister voice emerged from a room within Crownwell Hospital. A middle-aged man dressed in a refined white laboratory coat stood tall staring down at a young man in tattered clothes and a malnourished appearance lying on the ground. The middle-aged man, Doctor Crownly, stared at his two bodyguards with a dark glint in his eyes. "Do you want me to repeat myself again, what is this bastard doing here? Who let him in?" The two guards felt the power held in his eyes and immediately knelt on the ground to explain. "Sir, he was very adamant, we even tried pushing him out and we even gave him a beating but he refused to leave, he kept saying it's urgent. He even forced his way inside." Crownly hissed then he turned his attention towards the figure on the ground who was a humanly definition of severe poverty, he was dressed in rags and his body stinks of so many foul smell. The sweat dripping from his face turned brown after mixin
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Trail of Emotions.
The formless rift suddenly formed a glowing orb that weightlessly floated toward the surface of the earth, it closed the distance in a short moment. Liam was still holding the hands Bella weeping his heart out when he was suddenly greeted with a dazzling light that almost blinded his eyes. He struggled to raise his head up and stared at the glowing entity. 'What's that?' He asked inwardly. Nevertheless before he could get his mind together, the glowing orb suddenly shot towards his chest. After the impact, his mind blacked out and his weak body fell on the ground unconsciously. Suddenly his eyes opened but he was greeted with a new view. Liam struggled to lift his body up from where he was currently lying on which was bitch black in color. "Where am I?" Liam let out with a panicky expression on his face. However, instead of his words dissipating into the void; they rebounded with an immense force, echoing across the entire space. [Sorry for the late introduction, System is s
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First Inheritance.
Currently, Liam stood in a bright room with Leon colored walls that spread far and wide. It was like a world built out of computer codes, resembling a gaming world.[Final trial: Defeat the monster][Time: 1 hour][WARNING: Death here is equivalent to death in the real world. Be careful.][Before that, you have the chance to pick two from the following skills and weapons; they will only last for one hour.][WARNING: Spells chosen are only useful in this trial, outside it's useless][Fireball | Dark shards | Bone soldier | Newbie Sword | Newbie Spear | Curse Blade]"Is this for real? Death here means death in the real world... Then I won't die here."He swore to himself and immediately selected the fireball skill and the newbie spear. Immediately a sword appeared in his hands and the spell model for fireball magic appeared in his head and his brain speedily processed the information and got used to the procedures. Out of curiosity, he chanted the incantations and visualize the magic
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Too Arrogant
This world became like this one hundred years ago in the year 2023, it first started when a portal appeared in the skies and poured out extraterrestrials and demons from the lowest faction of hell to raid and cause chaos on the earth. Nevertheless heroes rose from the shadows and saved the earth from that doom, but the chaos did not end. Every single day more than one thousand dungeon appears in each country, it is the job of the heroes to venture into these dungeons and slay the monsters inside. Currently, the richest people in the world are heroes especially the high ranking ones. 'To become a hero and get the chance to venture into Dungeons, I must first get my identity registered in CGH but who knows, they might not even accept me because of my identity but there is no harm in trying.' Liam thought to himself. He used the last $5 he had on him to board a Cab to Frieya City, the capital city of Uldra Nation and also the place where CGH is located, it wasn't that far from the
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"Why do you think someone as lowly as you would awaken abilities? I don't understand why Ms. Sasha bother to assist beggars like you." Evelyn said to Liam with a very harsh tone in her voice. "And don't think that I will treat you different just because she brought you. Get that in your head alright." Despite the harshness in Evelyn's tone, Liam maintained his composure, refusing to let her words deter him. He is doing all these for Bella and won't stop or make unnecessary trouble till his little sister is healed. Without uttering a word, Evelyn stood on her heel and walked briskly towards a nearby door. Liam followed suit, his steps determined and his mind focused on the task at hand.Entering the room, Liam's eyes were immediately drawn to the center, where a transparent crystal orb sat atop a glass box. Liam stared at it for a few seconds but he felt as thought there was nothing different about the orb. "That over there is the Enigma Orb, once you place your hands on them it w
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Liam arrived in a beautiful part of CGH, it was a place assigned to those who plan to use the special transportation of CGH. It was a train that runs on a railway connected in the air. "Liam, here is it. I have already arranged for your ride, the train will stop at the exact location but you have to wait ten minutes for the next ride to begin." Evelyn said to him with a sweet smile. Liam nodded his head and walked inside the train, there are other heroes inside the train most of them are around the same age or younger than Liam. "Eww, when has CGH started using the AeroTrains to transport beggars." All of them tilted their heads towards him and said bad words. They judged him immediately because of his appearance. He was wearing tattered clothes, and his shoes were clearly worn out, only holding on because of the tiny piece of threads holding them together.Liam decided not to reply any of them, he searched for a vacant seat. He found one at the middle of the train and walked towar
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Behold in front of them stood a monster twice as tall as the tallest among them, it has a smaller body and a very large head that has a bony structure, it's eyes were blazing red and they stared down at the three of them with mischief. The sight elated three of them and they immediately moved backward to take a proper look at the position they found themselves. After crossing the route they found themselves in this small compartment, it was as wide as ten living room combined together and there were three other monsters having the same appearance as the first. "Clara, we are doomed!" Leonardo yelled out of fear, right now he was shivering like sometimes who has just been taken out of a freezer "That's a domeskull, a fucking domeskull! Clara, this is all your fault I told you we should take the other route now we are all going to die." "Shut up, Leonardo. No one is going to die" Clara shot a glare at Leonardo, she turned to look at Liam and saw him staring at the monsters with no
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Monster core
Monster cores are the immediate benefits gained from slaying monsters; these monster cores hold more value than you can imagine, despite coming from the same entities whose only goal is to destroy the Earth.Liam looked at the monster cores. He knew only so much about them; this was his first time seeing one, but not his first time hearing about it."How can I use that to make money?" he asked Clara."You can sell it to CGH or those who need it. One of these monster cores can sell for at least ten thousand dollars or more, depending on the market rate," she explained."Oh... So cheap?""For this type of monster core, yes. But other monster cores from stronger monsters should sell for about one million to one billion per core. This one is barely a 1-star grade, so it has a very cheap price in the market."Liam placed his hand on his chin and thought, 'Hmm, then I have to slay more monsters and make money quickly. I still need to pay for Oxy-689 every day; I can't laze around now.'"Hey
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'Is this how I'm going to die?' Only that thought crossed his mind right now, he was just a few meters away from his death just a few seconds from now that energy beam would be fired at him and the only result would be death!There was no saving it now but Liam recalled that there is someone relying on him, he quickly placed his hands in front of his face even if he knew it was useless against such a powerful power beam.Meanwhile, the domeskulls kept powering up the energy beam it was holding in it's mouth, it was getting really close to shooting it at Liam.But at that moment, the ground beneath it froze up sending a chilling feels up it's large body.It looked at it's feet and saw the large mass of ice he was standing on top.It's monstrous eyes stared at the ice in confusion as though he was asking 'How did this suddenly appear here?'"Liam here is your chance." Clara alerted Liam immediately.Liam removed the hands blocking his face and saw that the domeskull was no longer aiming
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Sudden Visit
- "Congratulations, you took down the boss and completed the objective. Here's a little reward for completing the challenge."- "The exit portal is ready. You can exit the dungeon before it disappears in the next ten minutes."Aethervoice announced the end of their expenditure. At this moment, these were the words and voice they wanted to hear.Liam leaned on the body of the domeskull, panting to catch his breath, he was exhausted from fighting the domeskull.With the Aethervoice, he was assured that no challenge lay in front of him in this dungeon anymore so he could take his time to rest.After Aethervoice's announcement, a treasure chest fell out of nowhere and landed in the middle of the trio.Liam was the first to notice because he was very close to it.He was confused. Why was there a treasure chest falling out of nowhere? Who sent the treasure chest? What is in the treasure chest?Anyway, he heard Aethervoice's voice talking about rewards. He guessed that was the reward.He sto
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