ALEXANDER CHASE: A dead man’s revenge.

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ALEXANDER CHASE: A dead man’s revenge.

By: Becca OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Fifteen years Jayden witnessed the death of his family members on Christmas Eve at the hands of the man his father called his best friend…..That night he was run over by a car and before he lost consciousness, he saw his father’s best friend smiling at him. All for what?????? Now Jayden supposedly wakes up after a long time and he finds himself in the body of another man who is supposedly going to be the son in law of his father’s best friend. Call it fate or destiny but Alexander is about to become their worst nightmare….

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68 chapters
Fifteen year old Jayden was on his bed and his eyes were glued to the screen of his computer when his door creaked open and his mum entered. She had a bright smile on her face and Jayden returned the smile when his eyes caught the gift box she was with.It was Christmas Eve by the way and it was a tradition in the house to exchange gifts on such days. His dad and his two elder sisters already gave him their first own gifts and his mum was bringing hers now. He in return made cards for them which they willingly accepted.Jayden had always been a social nerd and he didn’t even know how to mingle with people. His parents were freaking rich but that didn’t stop him from being an introverted nerd.“Won’t you even come down for dinner?” His mum asked as she perched on the bed beside him, “everyone is downstairs and you are here” her voice was filled with a lot of love and concern towards her last child and her only son, she loved him with all of her being and in return Jayden loved all of th
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Alexander Chase opened his eyes to the sound of his alarm ringing but he was feeling funny.First of all he studied the room and his face creased into a frown, how did he get here? This room didn’t even look like his room at all.He was still in his reverie when his door flung open and a man walked inside the room. He was in his late fifties and he looked dignified.“You have a meeting with the new investors sir”“Sir?” The man on the bed cringed, how did he become sir? Was this man mistaken or what?“Why are you calling me sir?” Alex asked and the man in front of him creased his face into a frown but quickly masked it up with a fake smile.“I understand you are trying to be hilarious sir but it doesn’t suit you, the maids have gotten your clothes ready. I will have it delivered”After talking, he turned on his heel and left the room.Alexander Chase was a man who commanded respect anywhere he went, one of the country's richest and most influential men but right now he was behaving like
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Gerald was having his usual evening tea when his daughter sauntered into the house looking dejected, the moment he saw her angry face he immediately dropped his tea. His family was one thing he never played with, he loved his daughter and his wife so much and was ready to give them the word, even his son was not left out. Everything he did was for them.“What happened princess?” He asked after she came to sit beside him, “why do you look so upset”Clarrisa sighed as she placed her head on his shoulder, “apparently Alex doesn’t remember anything about us dad, he has been behaving weird, I even tried making his favorite dish but he says he doesn’t like any of the dishes I made” she had a pout on her lips while talking, “I feel like I am going crazy dad”Gerald gave her a little smile, “you know how Alex is my darling” his voice was authoritative, “this is not a different Alex from the Alex we know. Remember he didn’t even want you coming near him at the beginning, you shouldn’t be both
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“What did you say?” He asked to be sure, the man who killed his family was his father in law to be? Was this a joke or something?Aiden raked his hand through his hair, this was the longest time he had spent with Alex. The man was always busy with work and never smiled, now he was like his personal assistant telling him everything he wanted to know. He felt like he was going crazy.“Are you sure you didn’t take a drug or something? How the hell don’t you remember anything?”“Is Gerald my father in law to be?” Alex questioned again, deep within his mind he was hoping that it was a lie. How would he face him? The man that massacred his own family and him inclusive ten years ago.“Yes Alex, he is”Alex was stunned, he didn’t know what to say or how to feel. Was fate trying to play a fast one on him? How did everything become like this? How did Gerald become this close to him?“Are you sure?”“I was at your engagement man” Aiden answered, he felt like giving Alex a kick to the groin and h
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“Good evening sir” one of his helpers greeted as Alex walked into the house.“Make me some coffee” Alex answered immediately and her face went haywire. Alex had told them he didn’t like coffee just yesterday right? Why did he suddenly want coffee?“Why do you look so stunned?” He asked when he noticed the look on her face, “did I say something not worth understanding?”“Not exactly sir” she quickly bowed, “I will make the coffee”Just as she saw going into the kitchen, Esmeralda was coming down the stairs. Shs had a few bedsheets with her and her face ceased into a smile.“You are finally home, do you still feel sick?” She questioned, her voice was laced with a lot of concern.“I feel better, i will be in my room”After talking he made his way upstairs and went straight into the shower while a certain thought was lingering in his mind.Alexander Chase was a no nonsense man and he single handedly made a name for himself, he didn’t have any friends but he had someone though. The person
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After he was sure that he was fine, Alex turned off the shower and walked out of the shower, his whole body was soaked and Clarrisa almost screamed when she saw him.“Do you want to get sick?” She immediately grabbed a towel and began to clean his body.Alex cringed at her touch and collected the towel from her. His unusual long hair was dripping wet and it made him look all alluring.“What were you even thinking?” She fumed.“Are you ready to play the game?” Alex asked after a while.Clarrisa sighed and walked into his closet to get him a fresh set of home clothes.“Here” she shoved him into his hand, “change and we will talk”After changing Alex came back into the room and Clarissa was searching through his laptop, his countenance changed and he immediately snatched it away from her.“Stop going through my things” Clarrisa rolled her eyes and sprawled herself on the bed,“What do you want to use my father’s account for?”“I told you Clarrisa, a wedding present”Her forehead creased
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The ding dong of the door made one of the workers to open the door and a certain woman walked into the living room with a smile on her face.“Hey” Esmeralda who was coming down the stairs saw her, “you didn’t tell me you were coming”“No aunt” she hugged the lady, “Alex made me come over this early”“Ughhh” Esmeralda shook her head, “he is still sleeping”“I will just check up on him” Bianca responded before making her way upstairs.The moment she threw the door open, Alex who was sleeping opened his eyes and he was struggling to understand who was standing by his bed.“Hello” Bianca rolled her eyes, “are you going to keep staring at me like that like I am some alien from another planet?” She rolled her eyes and folded her hands across her chest.This was when it dawned on Alex that it was Bianca talking and he immediately sat up. Shs was much more different than the person he imagined. She was a bit tall and had curly hair, a mixed breed and she had a calm demeanor around her.“Bianca
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“First off” Bianca began, “Alex loves his coffee”“Yeah I know that” he answered, “I hate coffee but I will have to adapt to that lifestyle because of him” he almost rolled his eyes.“Good and Alex is color blind”“What?” He almost shut out of bed, “they didn’t mention it on the blogs”Bianca had to laugh at his nativity, “because only two persons know and that is me and Clarrisa. Alex was involved in an accident when he was fifteen, he lost his parents and due to the over flow of blood that day, his brain used that as a defense mechanism for him and up till now he can’t identify color aside white and black” Bianca paused for a while and continued again, “he wears contact lenses though that helps him with that, i mean have you checked everything connected to him? It doesn’t have any other color aside black and white”Then it dawned on him, shs was right. Everything in his room was either black or white and even the decors of the house down to his offices and cars. Wow!!!“See, first th
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Gerald was having his usual evening tea while his wife was beside him, they were both engrossed in the business news when Clarrisa sauntered into the house looking all mad and angry.Lately she had been coming home like this which was making her mother too worried for comfort but Gerald knew it was all connected to Alex and his memory loss.“Mum, dad” she greeted them and made to leave for her room but her mum stopped her and beckoned her to come over.The only thing Clarissa wanted to do at that moment was just to enter her room and have a soothing shower, her day did not go as planned and it was evident on her face. Bianca stuck to Alex like glue all day and the worst part was that Alex never told her to stop or even try to caution her, at this point it was safe to say that Bianca was Clarrisa bane of existence.“Why do you look so angry?” Gerald asked when he saw his daughter’s sour expression on her face, “did Alex do something again?”“What has he not done?” She couldn’t help but
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After helping her to wipe her hair, Alex took a seat on her sofa before crossing one leg over the other. His full attention was on her which was making Clarrisa a little shy. This was the first time Alex was being sweet to her and the feeling was overwhelming for her.“Why do you look so flustered?” He asked after a while, a sly smile tugging at the edge of his lips.Clarrisa gave him a faint smile, “I am just overwhelmed, like I can’t get over the feeling of you being here”“Really?”He leaned forward before tugging at his already disheveled hair, “ you are going to be my wife though so you have to get used to this sweet side of me”“Really?” Clarrisa asked wide eyed and he nodded with a smirk.“Absolutely”Deep inside of him, he wanted to badly puke at his own display of affection towards her. If not for Bianca, he would never be here bur here he was and this whole thing was already making him tired.“Will you spend the night here?”“Should I?”Now Clarrisa was more stupified, this w
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