The Secret Successor

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The Secret Successor

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Russell Bennett has always been regarded as a lemon—a non-achieving dud—by his friends and his own parents, and yet he’s managed to get himself a girlfriend that would make men cry and die from jealousy. With Natasha, he thought he had everything he wanted, but his life somehow turns for the worst. However, neither Russell nor the people that treated him like trash had any idea just how powerful of a background he comes from. And the day when he learns about his roots also marks the beginning of the uprooting of the egos of everyone that looked down on him, an ordinary young man with extraordinary future!


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287 chapters
Russell was driving in a borrowed Range Rover, going to a familiar children's amusement park, where he was going to surprise his girlfriend by proposing to her in front of all of his schoolmates. Russell’s mobile kept ringing from the medium flood of messages his friends kept sending. Most of these same friends wouldn’t even look at his face for long in general, but things have been different ever since he started dating his current girlfriend. Though his vlog account didn’t have many followers, a few loyal followers were now wishing him good luck, and he felt grateful for their kind messages. He never felt so happy and also so anxious before, hoping that none of his friends would mess things up for him. Even though he was driving and stealing glances at the mobile fixed on a heart-shaped stand, one of his hands still held a small gray box that he kept rubbing with his fingers. It wasn’t just what his friends might do that worried him. Would his proposal get accepted or not? That was
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After leaving the park, heartbroken, Russell gave the Range Rover back to its owner, then came walking directly to a small duplex home built on top of a hill, offering a wonderful view of the suburbs.There was an old man in modest blue clothes, trying to feed biscuits to a golden retriever.“Excuse me, sir?” Russell respectfully addressed him, his voice still laced with annoyance. “Do I know you?”The old man shook his head slightly. He seemed to be in his early sixties. “I found the dog cute, so I couldn’t help myself.”“Oh, but biscuits don’t easily digest, so take care of your health.” Russell then put a dollar bill in his hand. “I wish I could give you more for feeding my dog, but that’s the best I can give.”“It’s okay,” the old man put the money in his pocket and smiled. “Thank you.” He kept staring at Russell.“Don’t want to be offensive, but you should leave,” Russell said.“Ah, yes,” the old man turned around and walked away.Russell entered through the main gate, and his do
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Though Kyra didn’t directly say it, Russell had enough functioning brain cells to use the context and figure things out. As a result, even as the seconds needle in the clock kept ticking, the shock in his face wasn’t fading away.The one his father Arnold had arranged a marriage with was Kyra who used to be called the Millenium Beauty of Meadows High School?Moreover, Russell had just told this woman that he also had a crush on her.Everything that ran through Russell’s mind made him feel so embarrassed, but he did his best to quickly collect his emotions.“Uh…” still, he was at a loss for words.“I take it that you have no issues then?” Kyra asked again since he responded with silence.“Actually, I…” Russell wanted to tell her about Natasha, and he was gathering his courage. It wasn’t easy because he was afraid of how his father would react if he were to reject Kyra. Even though, looks wise, Kyra was definitely prettier than Natasha, he had a special place in his heart for Natasha. H
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“Pfft,” Russell spilled the water on the table. “I’m sorry. You’re expecting what?” his eyes were filled with infinitely more shock than when a thorn had pierced his palm back in school.However, the same could be said for Kyra. (He didn’t know?) The frown on her face deepened. She was worried that this might be the case and came here to fully clarify things before proceeding to the next stage, but she didn’t think she would get into this situation, where a man would insensibly look at her like she needed to explain something so private to her. She swallowed all the pain and shame without showing it on her face as much as possible before saying without hesitation, “I’m pregnant, Mr. Russell Bennett.”Russell’s face looked like a frog that had been electrocuted. What the hell did she mean by she was pregnant? She must be joking to test him or something. Yeah, that must be the case, he thought. “If you’re pregnant, then I’m also pregnant,” he joked.“What?” Kyra felt more than a little
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Almost ten long minutes later, Russell stood from the sofa and picked up the plate that had four chocolate biscuits, specially made by Jennifer.He went upstairs and knocked on a door.“Come in,” a deep voice came from inside.Russell entered the room, and his dad had just come from his bath. Arnold had the habit of bathing three times a day unless his schedule was really busy. He believed bathing multiple times a day was the key to maintaining his good health. His phone rang, and it was Fredrick calling.Even though Russell tried to talk, Arnold made him wait until he finished the call. “I’ll take care of it. You don’t worry.” He hung up.“Mom told me to give you these,” Russell put the plate down on the bed. Though Jennifer hadn’t actually said that, she generally used to say ‘if you don’t want to eat, at least give them to your dad, and he’ll eat them.’Russell picked up one biscuit. “One is enough for me. You can have the rest.” Russell also grabbed a biscuit and took a bite. As h
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Kyra came home to her estate. Her father, a tall and bulky man with a perfect mustache, was waiting for her while acting like he was watching television.Kyra ignored him and headed straight to her room.“Didn’t I tell you to not go outside until you get married?” Liam spoke just loud enough so her daughter could hear him.Kyra stopped and turned around and looked at her father who had eight platinum rings decorating his fingers, three thin platinum chains in his neck. He also had a couple of golden teeth fixed in his mouth. He would definitely pass for a gangster that could easily scare adults with his mere gaze.“Where did you go?” Liam patiently asked.“To… my fiance’s house,” Kyra responded, with her head slightly lowered.“The dead one, or the living one?” Liam’s voice grew a little harder.“I wanted to know if he wanted to marry me or not,” Kyra hesitantly stated. “As I suspected, he didn’t know I was pregnant.”Liam’s expression didn’t change. He slowly stood up and picked the
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Four days later.The Bennett family members were having a wonderful breakfast. Arnold, Jennifer, and their kids, James and Viola, were all in a good mood. James was 19, and Viola was 20. James got his mother’s features, and his face was more oval compared to Viola who got her dad’s features. She had a sharp physique compared to him.Russell came walking down the stairs slowly and occupied his seat. Russell’s biological mother was a foreigner, so he had a different skin complexion and facial structure compared to his step-siblings.Russell didn't greet anyone, and he looked dull.“Brother Russell? Why are you acting a bit strangely since yesterday?” Violo asked, looking a little worried. “Did you hurt your foot or something? Is everything alright?”Russell didn’t say anything.“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Viola pressed him for an answer.James nudged his sister and whispered, “Maybe he’s got a rash or something. Women aren’t the only ones who get moody every once in a while or fee
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Tears streamed down his cheek nonstop as Russell stared down from the clifftop. However, because he was hypnotized, his expression was flat. Nevertheless, his heart was heavy. He jumped without even closing his eyes.A fall from that height would result in a quick death for sure.However, Russell felt someone grabbing his shirt and pulling him back just in time. It was a vicious pull where he got tossed onto the ground.“Whoa, dude, you couldn’t find a better time to commit suicide than when I’m going out to make pizza delivery?” a guy removed his bike helmet and kept looking at Russell’s face to better assess his state of mind. He snapped his fingers right before Russell’s face, and Russell was snapped out of the spell he was put in.Russell, for a second, found himself staring at this man. He was so good-looking even though he wasn’t tall like Russell. He had one of those ethereal faces you wouldn’t mind looking at for hours. “W-Who are you?” he looked around, wondering where he was
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Russell’s house was on the northern side of the city, where his father and everyone else from the family except Elora lived.Elora was living in a small farm house bought on the southern side of the city. This was done so she would be staying as far away from the main house as possible. Russell didn’t like that. However, he could understand why his father had to do it. Elora was no longer Arnold’s wife. There was no need for him to take care of her, but for her sake and for Russell’s sake, he was taking care of her medical bills and other expenses. Then again, if Elora had filed for alimony, she would have made Arnold’s life difficult.Now, Arnold had spent only 10,000 dollars on the farm house in the past, and it was still his house. Its price kept increasing with every year. Today, it would sell for more than 70,000 dollars, so Arnold didn’t really lose anything, and he was also getting his mother treated by a friend, so the expenses were kept to minimum.Russell’s mother was suffer
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An Alfa Romeo SUV stopped in front of a premium Myers clothing store. Two young women got out of the car, all wearing fashionable clothing and with thick makeup on their faces and more.“You want to buy your wedding dress here?” Natasha’s elder sister, Skarlette, frowned straight away. “It’s too much for us. A single dress here might cost more than the wedding itself.”Natasha, however, waved her father’s credit card and laughed.“You’ve gotta be kidding me.” “It’s going to be fine,” Natasha assured. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I want everything to be posh and perfect.”“But you don’t want to look too rich because Denver might think you’re trying to compete with him,” Skarlette suggested. “You don’t want to make your man think that.” Her sister hadn’t even introduced him to her yet, so she had little to no idea about him other than knowing how he looked and a few other things her sister had shared with her. Denver was also Natasha’s schoolmate, and his family grew to b
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