Chapter 156

The night air wrapped around Perry and Alonso like a comforting embrace as they sat in a contemplative silence, their thoughts swirling like the stars above them. The weight of their conversation hung between them, a delicate balance of vulnerability and uncertainty.

Alonso’s voice broke the silence, his words measured yet filled with determination. “Perry, I want you to know that my desire to have a family with you isn’t rooted in the need for biological children. It’s about creating a home filled with love, regardless of where that love comes from.”

Perry’s eyes met his, a mixture of surprise and curiosity in her gaze. “Alonso, what are you saying?”

Alonso’s fingers traced patterns on the armrest of his chair, his gaze fixed on the horizon. “Perry, there are many ways to build a family—adoption, fostering, even just being there for children who need guidance and support. It’s about the love we give and the environment we create.”

Perry’s voice held a note of wonder, her heart beginn
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