Author: Ir Asgar
Chapter 1

It was already eight o'clock in the evening when Alvine arrived at the Alchanery Hotel which is a Five Star Hotel located in Shavellight City, one of the three most beautiful and most expensive Towns in Nappalon State's Lamonius Province.

This hotel is also located in a well-known area which is the second best location for business in the City of Shavellight, and is always used or rented out for major events throughout Shavellight, although the price is not cheap for those who wish to use Hotel Alchanery's facilities. It was no longer a secret to everyone, that those who always held events at the Alchanery Hotel were the ones who held the title of the wealthy in Shavellight City.

Tonight, the atmosphere of Hotel Alchanery was so lively. Many luxury cars were parked in the hotel area, and many well-dressed people entered the Alchanery Hotel while some of them were holding beautiful girls. This happened because tonight, the Hanzhel family was having a party at the Alchanery Hotel. Because tonight is the first granddaughter of Albaran Hanzhel and is the Young Miss of the Hanzhel family who is having her 23rd birthday.

Wearing a beautiful Salem-colored dress, Young Miss Hanzhel named Chena Hanzhel looked so beautiful that even her beauty was able to dim the lights in the hall of the Alchanery Hotel.

“Grandfather Hanzhel, Introduce me to Rafael Yaxnnes. I have come with a special gift for your most beautiful granddaughter. This is a rare jade pendant. It will be very suitable for your granddaughter who has flawless white skin to wear and will perfect her beauty. And my father Antonio Yaxnnes, add 200,000 Dollars as a proposal for you if you allow me to have a relationship with Chena, because I love him very much, "

Of course everyone was amazed to see the gift that was given by Rafael from the Yaxnnes family. They all knew who the Yaxnnes family was, one of the top five and richest families in Shavellight City. And almost all second-class families hoped to have a relationship with the Yaxnnes family, because of the closeness of the Yaxnnes family to the Chand family.

The Hanzhel family was of course happy with the gifts given by the Yaxnnes family. After all, the Yaxnnes family was one of the five richest families in Shavellight. And by establishing a relationship with the Yaxnnes family, it was a huge advantage for the Hanzhel family which was only a second class family in Shavellight City.

"Of course you can, Second Young Master Yaxnnes, this is an honor for the Hanzhel family with the presence of the second Young Master Yaxnnes who has been able to take the time to come to the party held by the Hanzhel family," replied Albaran Hanzhel with a face so bright, because the beauty of Chena's grandson had already was able to charm one of the descendants of the Yaxnnes family.

"No need to exaggerate grandfather, Chena and I are friends from the same campus even though they have different majors. Of course, it is a must for friends to visit each other when their friends need it, whether they are happy or in a bad situation," said Rafael so straightforwardly and convincingly that Grandpa Hanzhel was even more sure that his grandson had found the right man to be him. partner.

All eyes stare in awe at Rafael who looks so elegant, someone who is still young but has broad insight and has such a great spirit of friendship. Rafael's caring soul is so handsome and dashing, it really suits Chena Hanzhel who is so perfectly beautiful.

Seeing the admiration of everyone, Rafael puffed out his chest even more. He feels proud of the wealth that belongs to the Yaxnnes family, because by being part of the Yaxnnes family, Rafael is increasingly respected and respected. Even all the girls admire him.

At the same time, a young man in shabby clothes suddenly stepped forward and said, “Grandpa Hahzel, can you allow me to have a relationship with your grandson?...”

Of course that young man is Alvine, one of the students who is Chena's friend and also Rafael, Alvine himself is still in a relationship with Chena. And his arrival tonight was at Chena's request so that Alvine would have the courage to be honest and tell his grandfather to ask for his blessing.

Hazhel's entire family was shocked by the young man's words, almost everyone was stunned. All eyes immediately turned to Alvine who looked downcast in shame, because he felt that at this moment he was the center of attention of all the invited guests.

Who's he? How dare such a poor youth attend such a lavish party? Doesn't he realize where he is right now?

Besides, he wasn't even worthy of being a maidservant's lover, but now he was shameless enough to ask permission to be Chena's lover? Is he still sane? Wouldn't this be an insult to the Hanzhel family?

Of course everyone booed and looked at Alvine with disgust. They looked down on Alvine who did look messy in appearance, didn't even show that he came from a rich family.

Unexpectedly, Grandfather Hanzhel, who had been smiling just now, became furious at this moment.

The teacup in his hand was thrown towards the shabby-dressed Alvine until he finally fell to the ground, Grandfather Hanzhel shouted angrily: “Who is this young man! How can a poor person like him attend my grandson's birthday party?”

Chena Hanzhel quickly stepped forward and tried to explain: “I'm sorry Grandpa, he is Alvine my friend, and today is my big day, so I invited him, the problem with his words, I'm sorry, maybe Alvine thought that I loved him, so I please don't be offended by his words. And you Alvine, I hope you don't misunderstand me. I have absolutely no interest in you."

Alvine was surprised by Chena's words that did not acknowledge their relationship, "What did you say Chena? Didn't we agree that we really love each other? You yourself asked me to speak honestly to your grandfather tonight,"

"Don't make this up Alvine, since when did we start a relationship?" Chena's denial made Alvine only open his mouth in disbelief of what he was hearing.

At the same time, Leavy Xhavier said with a sneer, “look how shameless that loser is. Doesn't he realize that he is so disproportionate Even just for the size of a servant from the Hanzhel family? But why is it so bold to say the desire to date the granddaughter of a rich family, "

"Now the good name of the Hanzhel family is really embarrassed by trash like him"

“Yes, the Hazhel family has truly lost face in the eyes of all the rich families in Shavellight!”

“I can see it clearly, he's deliberately disgusting us! Better get him out of here!”

Damn, is he tired of living to say something inappropriate to Miss Chena Hanzhel? Especially now that young master Yaxnnes is trying to propose to her,”

Everyone sneered and jeered at Alvine incessantly. They also launched accusations directly at Alvin's face who could only look down in shame.

Alvine was stunned for a moment, he never thought that his feelings for Chena Hanzhel had only been one-sided. Alvine thought Chena Hanzhel's words a few weeks ago were a form of sincerity in his feelings for Alvine.

But tonight, everyone has witnessed and heard for themselves, that Chena Hanzhel did not admit that he had any connection with Alvine at all. On the contrary, Chena denied everything Alvin had said.

This incident made Alvine very sorry. Alvine didn't expect it to turn out like this. Alvine could only lower his head to hide his embarrassment, while everyone's contemptuous and condescending words continued to be hurled at him.

“Alvine …” Sherly Morgan who felt sorry for Alvine walked over and held Alvine's shoulder trying to calm him down.

Sherly didn't expect that Chena would be so strong towards Alvine. Sherly knew that the two of them had been in a relationship for a long time. Even Chena asked Alvine to come and express his feelings in front of everyone including his grandfather Albaran Hanzhel.

Alvine let go of Sherly's hand, and walked to leave the Alchanery Hotel and back to the dormitory. While Sherly was about to walk again, but stopped after hearing Alvine's words.

"It's okay Sherly, this is all I deserve. Because I never think about myself. I better just go, rather than making the atmosphere even more chaotic because of my presence," Sherly Morgan's steps froze instantly, she didn't want Alvine to leave Chena's birthday party tonight,

Sherly then said: "Okay Alvine I won't forbid you to go. But you have to remember, that my birthday is in three days, and I ask you to attend the event "

Alvin just smiled then nodded and walked away from Chena's birthday party which had just started.

Dhoroty Luis, who had been silent for a while, finally laughed and walked up to Alvine, “Alvine, do you want to go back to the hostel? By what? Do you have the money to just pay for the bus fare? Remember Alvine the distance from here to the hostel is quite far. If you walk, then you need more than an hour to arrive. But I'll be kind to you Alvine, I'll give you five dollars to get on the bus, but on one condition you have to crawl under my feet right now, how about that?”

Of course Dhoroty's words made all the guests present laugh watching Alvine who was insulted by Dhoroty Luis.

Alvine gritted his teeth in anger, but he didn't dare say a word to argue with Dhoroty who was still laughing smugly in front of him, Alvine continued walking out of Alchanery Park.

Everyone was so happy to see Alvine who had now left the Alchanery Park Hotel, they felt that now there were no more pests that would disturb the continuity of the party.

Alvine came out of the main door of Alchanery Park he continued to walk on the sidewalk to head back to campus with a heart that was so sick from Chena's insults and games that made him the butt of everyone's fun.

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