Not all that glitters is gold, and most gifts have hidden prizes.

The man that was picked by Sheila and her two co-directors is a senior officer in the mafia palace.

Married with a wife and two children, he planned to spend some hours over a bottle of liquor, and then go home to meet his family.

Now that he was luckily chosen to enjoy three ladies of services for a whole night for free, the young man knew his family must pardon his absence for today.

In truth, few men can resist the temptation of a well-curved lady, but when offered two or more ladies for a night for free, then rejecting such an offer is quite impossible for a man which has blood and water flowing in his veins.

After being put on display like a roasted chicken, Garrett was informed to follow the giggling ladies to the largest room in the Inn.

Known as the royal compartment and only paid for by the richest clients that can afford the exorbitant price, the room Garrett was led into was well furnished with all the l
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