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El guje was seen in a spacious parlour befitting a mafia king.

Golds festoon all the furniture and on the walls were different jewels and ornaments. Two huge ancestry wall-clock were hung on the doorpost in and out of the magnificent building.

El Guje lives in luxury, which can be seen flat from his royal look.

Average in size with a flabby nose and appropriate mouth and a pot belly that must have resulted from excessive consumption of beers.

El Guje rules his franchise with ruthlessness and rigidity expected of a Mafia king.

He was seen emerging from the bathroom where he had been bathed and dressed by his palace bath maids.

Wearing green regalia decorated with shining gold buttons, white baggy trousers, and a matching crocodile skin ankle shoe. On his short left hand is a big diamond and a gold chain with ruby stone adorns his thick neck.

Despite the opulent look of El Guje, he gawks forlorn in deep thought.

"You looked bothered." Lady Cinder said. She looked young and beautiful for her age of 42.

Having to breed the two most troublesome twins on the whole island and coping with and managing the most infamous man alive on the same island is a magnitude task that had surprisingly left little or no effect on the gait and outgoing queen with a contagious smile.

El Guje nodded in response.

He had declared war on the foreign merchants and decreed to send them out of the land.

Before, he warned them of his monopoly control over the planting of opium by his people. The merchants only act as middlemen in getting the opium to the people who made it into heroin to be sold to their customers. Their presence Is unavoidable as a result of their knowledge of the ocean, and knowing where the markets are, makes them inevitable in the economy of Greenwich island. Yet their involvement in planting opium and their setting up of factories on his land to challenge his monopoly power is not only insulting but outrightly outrageous. Their ignoring of his warning and nonchalant attitude to his order is unpardonable and can only be paid for by death.

Yet El Guje had decided to be merciful and had banished the foreigners from his land, just for a year.

Of course, it's a trick, before the foreign merchants will be back in a year, all their opium farms and factories would have been taken over by the Greenwich gangs.

El Guje's wife held his hand and walked him to one of the two-seater chairs in the middle of the long hall. She smiled as she stroked his white beard with her third middle right finger.

How she loved and adore this beast of a man is purely unexplainable.

Suddenly, the telephone rang, shattering the silence of the parlour.

Lady Cinder stood from the chair, walked towards the telephone, picked it up, and listen for a few minutes. She dropped the phone, walked toward her husband, and whispered into his ear.

His gang members had caught some county P merchants who are trying to protest against his decree. Their leader, Priest was fortunately among them.

El Guje smiled, revealing brown teeth stained from nicotine. It had been easier than he thought, catching Priest had solved all his headaches. Killing the shepherd to scatter the sheep.

He picked a shotgun from his selections of guns, sauntered out of his palace, and was followed by Lady Cinder.

The island of Greenwich, according to legend belongs to the Semitic Phoenician settlers who had droved out the unknown settler occupying the island before them. Being the largest Mediterranean island and unarguably the biggest, Greenwich quickly became populated by settlers and fortune seekers from islands from far and near. The island landowner had contacted the Mafias for protection against their flourishing racketeering business and protection of their property, resulting in an alliance that lasted for almost a century, until the late 18th and early 19th centuries when the organized Greenwich gang grew so powerful that they turned against the landowner, overthrowing them and became the sole law on all the estate, controlling the economic activities on the island.

El Guje is the present Mafia king and the commander of the confederate Mafia gang. He had been the despot lord for thirty years after the death of his father, the great El Gurajah.

El Guje, simply known as Mafia King ruthlessly rule his domain and was feared and respected by all.

Ten years ago, the Country P merchants came and demanded a high quantity of Opium be ripped out to faraway land where it's costlier than gold.

El Guje had innocently accepted their generous offer and a flourishing business started between the two parties.

Soon the whole land was used for opium plantations and the land was soon filled with foreign merchants who came to buy it from the local farmers.

The arriving Country P merchants, having reached a vast size decide to go into opium planting to maximize their profits to the dismay of the local planters, and this led to conflicts and riots in the peaceful town of Greenwich.

El Guje had consecutively sent messages to the merchants' leader known as Priest but all his warnings were dismissed.

In anger, he decreed all Country P foreigners to leave the island of Greenwich for a year.

Yet this is one of El Guje's headaches and probably the least.

His house is on fire!

His two identical twins' sons were enemies even from the fetus, where they fought and kicked and have to be separated immediately after they are seven months old in the womb, to avoid further hazards to the pregnant woman and her fetus.

If love can be pre-destiny then maybe also hatred.

The twin had grown up hating but tolerating each other as long as El Guje is around but burst into uncontrollable conflicts immediately after he is on a trip or out of the scenery.

The Mafia king had done all in his power to settle the estranged brothers and is presently losing his patience at their adamant and childish assault on each other.

If all these could be happening when he is alive, then what about when he died?

Deep inside, he knew he had failed his entire household and most especially his two loving twins, his absence in their lives as he sojourned far and near, to uphold the legacy of his forefathers, who had revolted against the landowner to control this island, had probably made the twins grow up in lack of fatherly love and family value. But this is not entirely his fault.

Or, Who has ever heard of a Mafia king who rules from the comfort of his palace?


Such fantasy only exists in movies and tales.

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

In real life, he is needed ubiquitous and without him, even an ordinary transaction will fail.

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