Titan Dragon King

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Titan Dragon King

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This article mainly tells the story of the protagonist Ye Tianrui, who died and was reborn in an egg protected by a golden beast. After several attempts, Ye Tianrui successfully broke out of the egg. He found that his body structure was different from that of a human, with a pair of wings and a tail. Later, Ye Tianrui learned from the guardian beast that he was a human-dragon hybrid and inherited the blood and knowledge of both humans and dragons. The story takes place in a fantasy world where humans and dragons coexist. Ye Tianrui's birthplace is a mysterious egg protected by a golden beast. The background of the story is that Ye Tianrui was reborn as a human-dragon hybrid and must learn to adapt to his new identity and abilities. The climax of the story is Ye Tianrui's successful breaking out of the egg and discovering his true identity. The conflict in the story is Ye Tianrui's struggle to adapt to his new identity and abilities, as well as his relationship with the guardian beast and other creatures in the fantasy world. What attracts people about this story is its unique fantasy setting and the protagonist's journey of self-discovery. The scene description in the story is vivid, creating a rich and immersive fantasy world. The time background of the story is not specified, giving readers room for imagination.

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Chapter 0001: Breaking Out of the Shell
Bewilderment, darkness, oppression, confinement, narrowness—these were the first sensations Ye Tianrui experienced upon regaining consciousness. He felt like he was squeezed into a can filled with liquid. Indeed, Ye Tianrui couldn't breathe any air right now; he was enveloped in a viscous liquid. Initially, he felt a sense of panic upon realizing this, but then he discovered that the lack of air seemed to have no effect on him. The slightly viscous liquid didn't make Ye Tianrui feel uncomfortable at all; on the contrary, being immersed in it felt as comfortable as soaking in a hot spring. What made Ye Tianrui uncomfortable was the darkness and the narrow, cramped space in front of him. His body couldn't stretch out; he could only curl up like an unborn baby. An unborn baby! Ye Tianrui froze for a moment, and in an instant, he remembered what had happened before regaining consciousness, coupled with his current situation of being immersed in some unknown liquid and not need
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Chapter 0002: Father of Titans, Mother of Golden Dragons
"Murya Iapetos Alonsus." Involuntarily, Ye Tianrui's mouth opened, uttering a highly convoluted language. Then, Ye Tianrui blinked slightly, and without needing anyone to explain, he naturally understood what he had said: "This is my true name." As Ye Tianrui spoke his true name, two majestic streams of inheritance knowledge surged into his mind, belonging to the top races of the worlds of Dragons and Titans. A massive amount of knowledge flooded Ye Tianrui's mind, swelling it to the point of pain, contorting his young face, but the pain lasted only a short time before disappearing. "The initial inheritance of Titans and Dragons is finally over," Ye Tianrui exhaled with lingering fear. He had no doubt that if he continued to accept the knowledge of inheritance, his brain would explode. Even if he didn't die, he would become an idiot. Fortunately, the inheritance of Titans and Dragons is divided into stages, not a flood of information, but gradually unsealed as age and st
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Chapter 0003: The Name of Titan
In the dazzling room filled with crystal light, Ye Tianrui stood in front of a mirror almost as tall as the dome, silently looking at the reflection of the huge figure within.With fair cheeks looking chubby, his face retained the baby fat appropriate for his age, appearing so tender that one could almost squeeze water out of it.Shoulder-length pure black hair cascaded down, and between the strands, a pair of faint golden dragon horns extended backward, silently proclaiming the noble bloodline and non-human identity of the horn's owner.The slightly chubby baby-like body stretched the silk pajamas he wore, with a pair of wide golden dragon wings protruding from the gap intentionally left in the pajamas. Under the robe-like pajamas, a tail with sharp blade-like ends covered in golden scales swayed back and forth."How big am I now, Sofia?" Suddenly, Ye Tianrui looked down at the quiet golden-haired maid standing behind the baby in the mirror and asked her."Young Master Murya, you are
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Chapter 0004: The Guardians of the Castle
Through the expression of the head maid and her understanding of the habits of the Titans and dragons, Muria felt he had guessed what had happened at that time. After seeing the Gundam, Muria, filled with thoughts, continued to explore the Crystal Castle with Sophia."Master Muria. Maid Sophia.""Master Muria. Maid Sophia."...Following Sophia to explore the castle, they occasionally encountered some dragonborn servants with golden scales on their faces. When they saw Muria and Sophia passing by, they would respectfully stand aside and greet them with a bow after a moment of surprise."Sophia, how many dragonborn servants are there in the castle?" Muria asked curiously."There are a total of 1,856 dragonborn servants," Sophia replied without hesitation."So many?" Muria was amazed."The castle is too big, it needs so many hands," Sophia explained."Do your dragonborn serve for anything else? Like guarding or fighting?" Muria inquired."We dragonborn are only responsible for managing
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Chapter 0005: Titan's Domain
Why were so many monsters cheering for him?Murray was truly perplexed now. Even though he was the son of a Titan and a Golden Dragon, this scene was just too exaggerated.From the edge of the castle to the edge of the island, there were monsters everywhere, bowing and worshipping him. They were packed densely, shouting his name and showing him the utmost respect.Both Titans and Golden Dragons, although rare and powerful creatures, weren't so extraordinary as to warrant such a reaction, were they?"Murray, shall we go down?" Sophia, who had appeared behind Murray at some point, asked softly."Uh, sure, do I need to say something?" Murray scratched his head with his chubby little hand."No need. You just need to stand here and prove your existence to them. That's the greatest encouragement you can give them.""Okay!" Murray reluctantly descended from the lookout. The feeling of being cheered on by numerous monsters was actually quite amazing. Although he was initially a bit overwhelme
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Chapter 0006: The Fearless Golden Dragon Mother
“Sophia,my mother, has left the castle for how long?” In the room, sitting on a wicker chair, Moria held a crystal cup in one hand and a thick metal book in the other, asking Sophia, the head maid who was standing by the desk, commanding a group of dragonspawn maids to fill his crystal cup with tea.“It's been close to three months. Based on past experience, Lady Atreus should be back soon,” Sophia replied.“What does my mother do when she's away?” In Moria's memory since birth, he had seen the golden dragon mother less than ten times, which was pitifully few, not at all like a real mother and son relationship, but quite normal for the dragon race.Of course, one reason Moria had seen his mother so few times was that he had spent most of his time sleeping before. Even if the golden dragon mother came to see him, he wouldn't know."Combatting evil and upholding justice," Sophia said solemnly."..." Moria remained silent. Although Sophia's words were so overly dramatic, the head maid sp
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Chapter 0007: The Red Dragon Eggs
Murray stared in disbelief at the two red dragons bound tightly by shimmering golden chains in the hall. The scene was spectacular, something most creatures never saw in their lifetime. However, his attention was quickly drawn to an even more imposing presence in the hall.Standing between the two red dragons, one larger than the other, was a young girl with golden hair and eyes, dressed in a magnificent golden mage robe. Despite her small stature compared to the dragons beneath her, her presence was like the sun at noon—majestic, radiant, and impossible to ignore.But what truly left Murray dumbfounded was the familiar aura emanating from the golden-haired girl. She was his mother, the legendary golden dragon, Artelis Elonsath."Well, Murray, you woke up earlier than I expected," the golden-haired girl said, her voice as warm and gentle as Murray remembered, like that of a noble lady."M-mother, I..." Murray stammered, only now realizing and reluctantly accepting the fact that the br
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Chapter 0008: The Pitiful Dragon Couple
"Sire Murya, what are these?" Sofia looked uncertainly at the red dragon eggs on the ground."Ah, yes, just as you guessed, these six are all red dragon eggs," Murya said with a look of melancholy. "They were a gift from my mother, and now they are all mine.""Ah!" Upon hearing Murya's words, Sofia's maid couldn't help but let out a shocked exclamation.Murya glanced at the shocked dragonmaid and then at her blushing face, feeling helpless. "You also think my mother's actions are unreasonable, right?""No," the maid replied firmly to Murya's question. "Lady Atalissa is a legendary mage, and she must have her reasons for doing this. It's just that we don't understand."Murya looked at the golden-haired maid with surprise. Obviously, Sofia had been charmed by the golden dragon lady and become her fanatical admirer, worshipping her crazily.However, Murya didn't mind Sofia's attitude because it was normal. A maid who served as the head of internal affairs in Crystal Castle had to ensure
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Chapter 0009: Hatching Eggs
"Don't be too harsh!" The mother Red Dragon struggled and roared as soon as she heard Muria's words. Even evil dragons had maternal instincts to protect their offspring, and the mother dragon's attention had been focused on her eggs since waking up."Don't get excited! I didn't do anything to you guys," Muria backed away again, his ears ringing from the mother dragon's roar. He had forgotten about kicking the red dragon earlier; to him, it was nothing.The mother Red Dragon, still unable to break free from the chains, suddenly choked up, "Why is this happening? Why are we facing this hardship?""Uh!" Muria watched the thirty-five-meter-long crimson giant beast, its eyes like lava balls, leaving two streams of molten liquid. "Is it crying?" he wasn't sure.After all, according to the knowledge Muria had gained from books, Red Dragons were the most proud and arrogant among the chromatic dragons. However, Muria really couldn't see how arrogant these two dragons were. Instead, he saw that
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Chapter 0010 :Eat Dragon Eggs?
"Are chromatic dragons all idiots?" Muria looked at the incredibly simple method to increase the hatching rate and could hardly believe it. Just providing an environment with abundant and stable elemental energy is not difficult for powerful dragons."These chromatic dragons, apart from hoarding wealth, do they ever think about anything else?" Muria, being half of their kin, couldn't help but feel indignant. "They lay so many eggs in one nest, probably just to cope with this pitiful hatching rate!"Considering the position of red dragons in the food chain, having six red dragon eggs in one clutch seemed somewhat unreasonable. But when one considers the hatching rate of these eggs, the number of times a pair of red dragons can lay eggs in their lifetime, plus the probability of mortality during the juvenile stage, six eggs in a clutch become necessary, or else chromatic dragons would eventually become extinct."In terms of hatching eggs, it seems that metallic dragons are doing better.
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